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FOR 4/14/2019 - from Rogueweather

We are in an unsettled weather pattern that will give us cloudy skies with the chance for rain through Tuesday. Today is cloudy over all of Southern Oregon and Northern California. We have seen showers and even some periods of rain in Southern Oregon moving through. We do expect that we will continue to see shower activity today. But, in a switch of what we typically see, the chances for showers will be best east of the Cascades. In the afternoon things really become difficult to forecast. Mostly because we will see our micro climates kick in big time. I could literally do dozens of forecasts today to cover it all. The coast and Northern California is going to see the craziest swings of weather within a few miles dictated by terrain. Some areas could be sunny, and then just a few miles away it will be cloudy. And. not all cloudy areas will see showers. Just a day to drive you nuts as a forecaster.
Overnight skies will be cloudy, but it is expected to be dry for the entire area. We will see a front arrive tomorrow and this will spread rains in across all of Southern Oregon and Northern California. And while we will see rain, it will certainly be nothing like we saw last week. Not in rate and not in amount. But, it should still be an above average rainfall for mid April. Flooding is not expected to result out of this. Yes, our rivers and streams are still running high. But, they have been dropping. And we just do not expect enough rain and snowmelt to create new problems with flooding to arise.Snow levels are going to be up above 5500 feet for the accumulating snow. The Cascades will see 4 - 13 inches of snow for this event. Crater Lake National Park is going to have mid winter conditions again. I am not expecting that we are going to see any kind of travel impact however. The snow levels are going to be just high enough to prevent that. Showers will be seen over Southern Oregon and Northern California for Tuesday and then into early Wednesday morning.  
On Wednesday we will see a ridge building in over us. This ridge is going to produce a rapid change in our weather that will launch us into some really awesome and warm days to come. We are going to see temps moving up. Way up! Wednesday will see highs reaching to the low 70s west of the Cascades and the mid 60s east of the Cascades. And then on Thursday everybody bumps up about 10 degrees. Expect low 80s or really close to them for the valleys west of the Cascades, and low 70s or close east of the Cascades in the lower elevations. And how the sunshine will abound all over the area. Friday and Saturday will see temps lowering by 5 to 10 degrees on Friday and then 10 degrees on Saturday. Even when that happens, we still wind up being above average for highs at this time of the year on Saturday.
Looking ahead at the longer range data....we could see slight chances for showers coming for areas west of the Cascades starting on Saturday and then continuing through at least Monday the 22nd. Easter right now looks like it should be just fine for outdoor events like morning services and egg hunts. The best chance for showers if they happen would be at the coast and over terrain. This far out things couild easily change. But, one thing the longer range data is pointing towards is warmer temps and drier conditions than what we have been seeing. I am not seeing anything that looks like serious rain or really cold temps at all in the next 10 days. 

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