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FOR 9/19/2018 - 

The outlook for what to expect now through the first week of October has changed yet again. At one time just three days agoi it appeared that we would enjoy cool, wet weather the last few days of September and into early October. The exact opposite is now expected to be the case. We are going to remain in a persistent ridge situation through at least the first week of October as it now appears. We will be warmer than average as well, and we might even see some days that could be considered hot. 90s in early October have happened in Medford. I am not expecting them right now.....but 80s look almost certain to happen. You can expect to see 80s west of the Cascades. Coos and Douglas Counties will see fewer days with 80 or higher. But, it looks like they will be seeing them. East of the Cascades we do expect that there could be some days reaching 80 as well. But, look for a lot of 70s. All of this does not sound all that bad really, until you remember that in late September and early October we really should be seeing 60s and 70s west of the Cascades and 60s to even upper 50s east of them. It is the longer nights and lower sun angles that are helping to keep temps down now.
Rainfall through that first week of October is going to be sparse here in our part of the world. Coos and Douglas Counties have the best chance of seeing any kind of rain come down. And right now that looks far more like glancing hits from systems going by to the north. One of those arrives Friday and then departs the area Saturday. That is the only system being seen right now. Otherwise, rainfall could happen out of strong marine layers coming in and being wrung out by terrain. That is really more of a very heavy mist, take what you can get. What very little you can get. The marine air pushes should make it to the Klondike Fire helping to subdue activity in the overnight hours when that does happen. But, until the rains come, expect the Klondike Fire to get active on warm to hot afternoons. And, if there is any wind to go along with the warmer temps, we would see the fire get very active. Especially inside the perimeter in areas of unburned fuels. 

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