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COVID 19 has truly altered fishing in Oregon. It has created tremendous confusion out there. Hopefully you will find clairification here on what you can do. In short, in Southern Oregon all fishing is still open and legal. Nothing has been completely closed. Access to some lakes and ponds is going to be difficult. Really difficult for handicapped persons. The rivers will be next to impossible for handicapped anglers to access with the restrictions in place. Where boat ramps have been closed, you can still use canoes, kayaks, rafts, and car topper aluminum boats where you can launch them.

You are asked to 'stay home" as in stay in your home counties. Please do not travel for fishing trips. Oregon is closed to all angling and hunting by out of state residents. This is being done to curtail travel by out of state residents. 

Mainstem Umpqua River wild spring Chinook closure

Beginning with the opening of upcoming spring Chinook season, the mainstem Umpqua River will be closed to retention of all wild spring Chinook in 2020. Harvest of hatchery Chinook remains open. The North Umpqua also remains open to Chinook under permanent rule. In the North Umpqua, anglers may harvest two wild Chinook per day and ten per year from Feb. 1 through June 30.




AGATE LAKE: trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, black crappie, bluegills, perch, bullhead catfish

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AGATE LAKE ROAD ACCESS IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. You can hike, or ride bicycles in if you chose to do so. The hike will be a long one. There are no open restrooms. If you go, you better have toilet paper with you just in case. You will need to pack out whatever you bring in. The lake is 96 percent full and rising. The water is very muddy and off color. Angling for the very hardy souls hiking in is going to be slow. Bring boots because the shore can be muddy.

APPLEGATE RESERVOIR: trout, spring chinook, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie

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The reservoir is 30 percent full and has been rising. Bank anglers will encounter muddy banks, but should focus on points and the Carberry Creek area. Use nightcrawlers and power bait. There is not enough water reaching Seattle Bar yet. ODF&W is stocking Applegate per the usual spring schedules with legal and larger sized rainbow trout. But, they are not announcing when stocking is happening.

DIAMOND LAKE: rainbow trout, tiger trout, brown trout

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A recent report said the ice is too thin to walk on. Diamond is not going to have anything but bike in hike in fishing. All facilities are closed. Due to the ice situation, save yourself the 80 mile drive up here. There is no open water yet you can fish. 

Make sure to contact Diamond Lake Lodge for up-to-date conditions. Anglers can check  conditions on the Diamond Lake Resort Facebook page, or call 541-793-3333 for updates. Diamond Lake is open year-round. 

EMIGRANT RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, black crappie, perch, catfish

EMIGRANT LAKE ROAD ACCESS IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. You can bicycle in hike in if you chose to do so. The hike will be a long one. There are no open facilities of any kind. All boat ramps, campgrounds, and bathrooms are closed. If you go, you better have toilet paper with you just in case. You will need to pack out whatever you bring in. The lake is 65 percent full and rising. The water is very muddy and off color. Angling for the very hardy souls hiking in is going to be slow due to water conditions. ODF&W is stocking Emigrant per the usual spring schedules with legal sized rainbow trout. But, they are not announcing when that is. Bring boots because the shore can be muddy.

EXPO PONDS: rainbow trout, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, bullhead catfish, carp

ROAD ACCESS AND PARKING LOTS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. You can bicycle in hike in if you chose to do so. The bathrooms out here are closed. ODF&W is stocking the Isola Pond with legal and larger rainbow trout per the usual spring schedules. But, they are not announcing when that is. Fishing the ponds is generally very good at this time of the year for many of the fish in the ponds. Nightcrawlers are always a top producer. Power bait works well for trout. Tossing spinners or flies will get you action on many different species. Bass fishing should be improving on pond edges. Use bass lures like spinner baits and poppers for best success. 

The Southern Oregon RV Park developed by Jackson County offers parking in the lot to the right as you drive in Gate 5. A day use fee to park here is $4. An annual parking permit can be purchased from Jackson County Parks Department for $30. That parking permit is good for all Jackson County Parks. The Expo Ponds have plenty of good bank access, and anglers can catch many of the species present by fishing night crawlers below a bobber. This makes the ponds a great place to take kids fishing. 

FISH LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout, tiger trout, spring chinook

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FOREST SERVICE BOAT RAMP IS CLOSED, RESTROOMS AND CLEANING STATION ALSO CLOSED. Fish Lake is going to be a tough one to call. At last report there was snow around it and mushy ice on the lake. But, the water may be open now. If it is and you can hike in to reach it, then you can fish. And at this time of the year, the fishing is best right off the bank anyway. Use nightcrawlers and power bait if you find open water.. The resort status is not clear. It most likely is closed right now due to virus precautions.

Tiger trout, Chinook salmon, brook trout, and larger rainbow trout are available. Remember that tiger trout must be immediately released unharmed. Anglers are encouraged to report their catch of tiger trout to fish district staff at 541-826-8774.

FOURMILE LAKE: rainbow trout, lake trout, kokanee, brook trout


GALESVILLE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, bass, coho smolts

NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMSGalesville has a lot of direct road access along it. It does have fishing available. ODF&W is stocking it as they regularaly do in the spring with legal and larger rainbow trout. The trout wil be hitting worms, power bait, jigs, and spinners. Fishing for bass and other warm water fish species should be picking up. Plastics worked slowly around structure have produced some bass.

HOWARD PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: trout, bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegills

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4 seasons

NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMSExpect snow at Howard Prairie. This could make access to the lake tough in some places. But, the roads up around the lake are open. People are fishing here. Howard Prairie has great fishing from the bank at this time of the year anyway. Use nightcrawlers, and power bait. There are a couple areas where launching small water craft from off the roads would be possible. Directly across from Willow Point campaground and boat ramp is one such location. The marina and restaurant, and the campgrounds are closed for the season as they normally would be. Not much virus impact there. Howard Prairie was last stocked in October with 6 inch sub legal rainbows. They should all be legal sized fish now. The water level is 27 percent of full pool. It is way down. Unless an unexpected miracle happens, do not expect Howard to fill this year.

HYATT LAKE: trout, largemouth bass

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NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMSExpect snow at Hyatt Lake. Access may be difficult in places. But, if you can find your way to the water, fishing is likely going to be best in the middle of the days through the afternoon. There are some large, fat and healthy trout in Hyatt that are likely to bite on bait fished from the bottom. Hyatt Lake was stocked with the annual “fall fingerlings.” in Octrober. These trout should be legal size now. Use nightcawlers and power bait as the water temps are still on the cold side and the trout will be light biters. Bass fishing will not improve until the summer. 

LAKE OF THE WOODS: rainbow trout, kokanee, brown trout, yellow perch, brown bullhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie

According to CDC Guidelines and the State of Oregon Protocol, Lake of the Woods is completely closed. There are no facilities available. They normally close for the month of April anyway, this is just a more extreme version of that. They are hoping to open on May 15th. We have decided to push our opening back a little later than originally planned out of an abundance of caution. Updates will follow or check their website at

LAKE SELMAC: trout, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, bullheads

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NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMS..ODF&W is stocking Selmac per regular spring allotment with both legal and larger rainbow trout. Now for the good news! Anglers will do best at this time of the year fishing for trout from the bank using nightcrawlers and power bait. Selmac is one of the lakes that would be the least impacted from the virus situation.

LEMOLO RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee

NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMSNo recent reports, but, believe the lake is iced over. That ice will be too thin to be out on. The lake was last stocked before Labor Day. Kokanee in Lemolo are considered trout and therefore fall under the daily limit for trout of 5 per day with only one of those measuring over 20-inches. Contact Lemolo Lake Resort at 541-957-8354 for weather/road conditions and additional information. You may need to leave a message.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brown trout, spring chinook, bass, bullheads

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NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMS. Lost Creek is a place that you will want to ride a Mtn. Bike into. There is a lot of steep terrain here making any hike a tough one. But, if you can get to the water, fishing is allowed. ODF&W is stocking the lake per regular spring schedules. So plenty of legal, larger, and trophy sized rainbows going in. Fishing nightcrawlers or power bait behind an oval egg sinker is always a good bet. The best fishing areas will be up near the dam. But, if you can ride in on a bike, the points near the Lodge and Marina area should be very good too. Lost Creek Reservoir is 79 percent full and filling at a good clip.

MEDCO POND: rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill

Medco Pond is privately owned and so the impacts from the virus here are very minimal. The camp sites are open. The parking spots are open. Be very mindful of social distancing here. Try not to park so as to create a big group of vehicles. Keep spread out at all times. As for fishing, it should be improving for trout, especially with the sunny warm days we have been seeing this week. Use nightcralers and power bait. Small water craft of all kinds are allowed here. There is no boat launch here anyway, so no ramp closure. Gas engines are not allowed on the pond, and bank access is restricted to the west shore.

Medco Pond is not Forest Service or BLM land. The owner has said it will remain open to public access as long as people treat it respectfully and not trash it. And as long as there is public access, ODF&W will keep stocking it. There is a caretaker on site. They are putting out garbage bags for you to put your trash in, and even providing some chairs for sitting in while fishing. Some really nice touches. Let's do our part visiting there and throw all our trash away and leave only memories of our time there. By the way, when at Medco Pond, keep your eyes open when looking at the trees around the pond, especially the east side of it. Wolf sightings have happened up here. Keep your ears open too. Might hear them howling in the hills near the pond. I have had several people report they heard them, and I have heard a wolf howl up here. Best times for howling to happen are in the evening right after dusk turns to true nightfall, and again in the early morning hours just ahead of and after dawn's arrival. I saw a wolf on the Butte Falls - Prospect Highway just north of the pond. They are in the area. 

REINHART POND: rainbow trout, warm water fish

Reinhardt Park Pond is being stocked with rainbow trout on a regular basis. This is a great place for a family to explore with very easy access for everyone. A simple set up that includes either a nightcrawler or power bait fished below a bobber will get you into the trout in here. Bass and panfish are in there, but may be slow to bite now. At last report, access to the park is still good. Be very mindful about social distancing in parking and around the pond. 

WILLOW LAKE: rainbow trout, largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegills, brown bullhead, perch

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NO OPEN BOAT RAMPS, PARKING LOTS, OR FACILITIES LIKE RESTROOMS ALL JACKSON COUNTY FACILITIES ARE CLOSED AND THE GATE ON THE ROAD IS LOCKED. That sounds bad. BUT! The north side of the lake has a Forest service road that runs along it! And it is open. In fact, the road is right on top of the lake and you can have great fishing with virutally no hiking at all in some spots along it. I have several spots long it that I like to fish at. I have caught many limits of rainbows at this time of the year. The trout do tend to be closer to the bank right now anyway. Take advantage of that using nightcrawlers and power bait. Inflatables or kayaks can be launched from the shore up on the north end as well. In fact, you can launch a car topper aluminum boat from multiple spots. 



For General Recreation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,click image outdoos




RIVER REPORTS AS OF 4 / 9 / 2020

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COVID 19  has really thrown a blanet on river fishing. ALL: publicly owned boat ramps along rivers in Southwestern Oregon are closed. Boats that are being seen on rivers are putting in and taking out from private property. That is still allowed. 


To find out more about conservation, management and outreach efforts on the Rogue River, check out the Rogue River page on the ODFW Web site.

ALWAYS consult the fishing regulations before fishing rivers and streams in Southern Oregon. You can get to the regulations by clicking here.

Rogue River, lower: salmon, steelhead, trout

The flows are at 2,840 cfs this morning at Agness. As is the case now with all of the rivers, we are just not getting much information on fishing right now. I know there are anglers getting out and bank fishing the lower river below Agness. How they are doing is anybody's guess. Normally we would be looking for the springer run to be getting going. It likely has. Anglers will be tossing roe and plugs trying to get them. But, without boats, it is a tall order. Above Agness to Galice, consider the river closed. The Grave Creek trail has been closed by BLM until the virus situation is resolved. 

For a current view of the Rogue from the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge in Gold Beach, check out the ODOT’s camera.

Five hatchery trout may be retained daily. Wild rainbow and cutthroat trout must be released. Rainbow trout over 16-inches are considered steelhead.

Rogue River, middle: steelhead, chinook salmon, trout

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Dick Webster 100

At Grants Pass we have a flow of 1,600 cfs. The temp is 57 degrees.

The situation for fishing the river in the middle section is going to be much better than the lower river. Plenty of areas to access the river, and go fishing. That said.....pretty slow fishing should be expected right now. With the flows and the water temp, the springers are going to keg up down in the lower river. You can try tossing roe and plugs and see what happens. 

Rogue River, upper: steelhead, trout

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xcommercial truck consulting

The flow from the Lost Creek Dam is at 958 cfs. The flow at Dodge Bridge is at 1,330 cfs.

309 winter run steelhead and 1 spring chinook have returned to the Cole Rivers Hatchery through April 8th.

Again, with no boat ramps, angling is limited to the bank. But, there is a lot of that. You will need to do some walking. But, you can get to the water. Late winter run steelhead are still being seen. As you see, 1 springer has been counted at the hatchery. But, there likely are others scattered out in the upper river. But, these fish are in the holding mode with the low flows. It is going to take a boost in water out of the dam to really get them moving. Use beads, roe, and plugs as the way to get after the springers that might be there. Use roe to entice any of the late winter run steelhead present. 

The access to the Holy Water, the stretch of water between the hatchery and the Lost Creek Lake spillway is unknown. If you can get in there, then be sure to keep social distancing in mind. Anglers are reminded this area is fly-only and catch-and-release, and are encouraged to fill out voluntary angler creel cards (even if they didn’t catch anything) at 8 acces sites along this stretch of water.  Also, please especially fill out a card if a tagged fish was caught. The evening bug hatches of the spring are beginning out here. Would concentrate on those as that is when fishing will be best. Keep a low profile to the water. The water clarity is very good and you will spook fish easily.

ROGUE RIVER ABOVE LOST CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout

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4 seasons

Currently fishing is very slow and deep snow is hampering access to the river.

The Rogue River and feeder creeks like Mill Creek, National Creek, and Union Creek are stocked weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day with 2500 legal sized rainbows of 8 - 10 inches in size. Stocking points are at campgrounds, and access points along Highway 62, Highway 230, and Forest Service roads in the area. You will also encounter larger sized hold overs going to 20 inches in the creeks. The deep pools of the Upper Rogue holds rainbows that can get up to 5 pounds. We see a couple of those caught every year up here. In 2017 a brown trout that was nearly 24 inches long and weighing about 4 pounds was caught at the mouth of Union Creek where it enters the Rogue. That fish was released after the angler that caught it posed for pictures with it. That is the largest brown to be caught in the upper Rogue in years. But, it is proof they are in there.

In addition to the stocked trout, the river and its tributaries also support naturally produced rainbow, cutthroat, brook, and brown trout  ALL trout caught with adipose fins must be released unharmed. The best thing to use up here is without question nightcrawlers. Next would be using a single salmon egg like a Pautzke egg on a treble hook. Fly fishing can be done along Highway 230 where there is enough separation of the foliage and trees to allow for fly casting. With cold water, you’ll want to swing your lure right in front of fish, so work through a hole a bit more slowly. Anglers can cast flies or smaller lures like a Panther Martin or rooster tail. Often tipping the lure with bait helps to produce. In slower holes, fishing straight bait such as night crawler or Pautzke eggs, even Power Bait will produce.

UMPQUA RIVER, MAINSTEM: steelhead, sturgeon, chinook, bass, striped bass, shad, trout

As of this morning the height of the river is at 6.52 feet and the flow is 6,870 cfs at Elkton. That would be decent flows for springers and late winter run steelhead. Not great, but good enough. 

Chinook fishing reopened on the mainstem Feb. 1 and will remain open through June 30th. Wild harvest of Chinook is closed in 2020. Hatchery harvest is still allowed.

As is the case everywhere else, no open boat ramps will make this fishing from the banks only. With current flows, that could be tough. Be prepared for hikes to the water. Once at the water, use beads, roae, and plugs.

Trout fishing is currently closed on the Main and its tributaries, but will reopen next Memorial Day.

UMPQUA RIVER, SOUTH: steelhead, trout, smallmouth bass

As of this morning the height of the river is at 6.50 feet and the flow is 2,460 cfs at Brockway. Low flows all the way around. 

No word as to how fishing is. Again, no open boat ramps. All bank angling. That can be trickier on the SU with a greater percentage of private property. The SU is much more of a steelhead river, than a salmon river. It is open until April 30th. It closes to all angling May 1st. If you are going to go, try tossing roe. It is going to0 be the best producer from the bank.

UMPQUA RIVER, NORTH: steelhead, spring chinook, trout

As of this morning the height of the river is at 4.32 feet and the flow is 3,860 cfs at Winchester. 

The North reopened to Chinook Feb. 1 under permanent rule. Anglers may harvest up to 10 wild Chinook per year and two per day. Some of the North Umpqua and tributaries are open for trout (those above Slide Creek Dam): check the fishing regulations to see which areas are closed.

Note that as of Oct. 1, fishing in the fly water area is restricted to the use of a single, barbless, artificial fly.

CHETCO RIVER: Sea run cuttthroat trout, rainbow trout, chinook salmon, steelhead

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ELK / SIXES RIVERS: Sea run cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, steelhead

New Chinook regulations for 2020. Wild Chinook harvest is permitted May 22– Dec. 31. Please see the 2020 fishing regulation book for more details.


APPLEGATE RIVER: rainbow and cutthroat trout, steelhead


ILLINOIS RIVER: trout, steelhead


WINCHUCK RIVER: Sea run Cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, steelhead




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Last updated 4 / 9 /2020


The impacts of the virus have been profound here. ALL boat launches have been closed. If you already have a boat in the water, you can go out. But, at this time of the year, it is really only locals that have boats in the water. If you are from out of the area, the coastal communities from Astoria on the north to Brookings on the south do not want to see you. Period. Every town and county is in a state of emergency situation due to the virus. And, you are asked not to travel to do your fishing right now. So, until the virus situation improves, we will not be providing any information. And please, stay home, stay in your home communities and counties. If you do not live at the coast, there will be plenty of time to fish the ocean in 2020 to come. But, for now, this is not the time. Please do not go to the coast.




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