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Get all the latest information about outdoor activities in Southwestern Oregon. You will find useful information about both general recreation in the outdoors, and also information about hunting. It is a big world out there. We help you explore it. 





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The Corona virus situation is presenting a reality we have never seen before. 

The scope of the impact of it is affecting every single part of our lives. The challenge is going to be great to bring it under control. While that is happening social distancing is going to be key. Having space from other people is important. The virus is spread person to person. Get away from people in groups and you are better off. And this is where living in Southern Oregon offers a GREAT benefit. We are NOT in densely populated urban centers where you must travel hours to get into the outdoors and have social distancing. We literally have it right out our doors, or just a short distance away. Being able to keep your body and mind in a healthy state and environment will be key. So we will look at the opportunities still presented to us here. 


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We are seeing closures being announced right now. Parks...from state, to county, to city are the most easily accessed recreation areas. There are a lot of rumors out that parks have been closed completely. Not true. Not here in our part of the world anyway. 
This is how it works. If people can gather there in groups more than 10, it has been closed. This is impacting facilities more than parks. So if a park has something in which more than 10 people would congregate in, it has been closed and will be until such time that the all clear is given. That includes many campgrounds and public assembly points like the Riverhouse in Shady Cove. In some parks campgrounds which cater to RVs and Camp trailers are open, but tent camping is not. This is the case with Jackson County Parks. The Oregon State Parks system has shut down all of it's locations. ALL OF THEM. County and city parks will be different. If you can access them in YOUR TOWN, they will be open so you can get exercise in them. They want to give the ability to go for a walk or a run, kick a ball around with your kids, or walk your dogs in your favorite spots. That will continue. 
Medford Parks and Rec has taken the step to suspend all programs and adult sports leagues that it runs. BUT! The parks within Medford are open and will remain that way. You are urged to follow social distancing guidelines. More than 6 feet between people, and no congregating in groups bigger than 10. There is a lot of rumor out there that all parks have closed. But, that is not the case. 



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From when I posted on Thursday night, camping has changed dramatically. Because of a great er issue developing, you are now asked to forgo camping trips until the risk from the virus has past. The issue is people traveling to small communities that may take the virus with them. Communities like Glide, Prospect, Butte Falls, Chemult, and other small towns close to camping areas are going to be at high risk. The situation with the virus is going to be a fluid one. Thing like camping that may have been viewed as acceptable a day or two ago may elevolve into activities that are not going to be. 




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So now what? You are still allowed to do any kind of activity in your community that you would be doing at any other time. Again, avoid being in big groups. No more than 10 people. But, get out there and enjoy it all. That time out is going to be very helpful in keeping your spirts up, and benefitting your physical health as well. 

If you like to bike ride, the Greenway and all city bike paths in Jackson County are open for use for sure. Yoy are encourged to exercise as you always do. Most people do that as a solo activity. You will see groups of people on bikes. Limit that to no more than 10 in a group and you are still good to go doing that. Health clubs may or may not close. But, if you prefer to exercise in the outdoors in some fashion, you are not going to be restricted from that, provided you are doing at home. And in this home means in your community that you live in. 



Right now......ALL golf courses are open in Jackson and Josephine Counties per usual. It is not expected that there will be any restrictions on them to force them to close. Again, as you look at golf...a LOT of advantages right now. Avoid the clubhouse if there are more than 10 people in it. Some courses have moved their pay stations out on patios to keep you in the open air and also less likely to group up. Out on the course groups are usually not bigger than 4 at a time anyway. And then there are the benefits. Out in the fresh air. You are not cooped up inside brooding over things. And, some of you will really maximize the benefit and walk the course while you play. 

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