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The General Recreation Page will feature activities that everybody enjoys doing in the outdoors of Southern Oregon. That will vary by season. But, we will give you a lot of information on all kinds of ways that you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors in this special part of the world that we live in.




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With Memorial Day in the review mirror now, we have reached what most people consider the start of summer. And this means camping season is here for a great many people. The where to camp choices here in Southern Oregon and Northern California are quite literally endless. There are very well developed campgrounds that get very busy/noisy. There are developed campgrounds that are developed, but are far less crowded. And, there are dozens of small campgrounds around that provide picnic tables, fire rings, and vault style toilets. Beyond this there are many, many spur roads on BLM and Forest Service lands that always seem to have a camping spot or two established on them. When fire season is truly in full swing with campfires prohibited outside of developed campgrounds, that kind of camping becomes more of a no go situation. I am going to share information about some of myfavorite campgrounds at developed sites where campfires will generally be allowed regardless of the fire danger. Besides, what is camping really without the campfire? 






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I will begin with campgrounds that are on National Forest lands. 

Whiskey Springs Campground - This has always been a favorite campground of mine. It is a well developed campground with a host. This means that rules of civility are enforced here. It also situated perfectly for accessing the trails to Mt. McLoughlin if you are wanting to hike it. For the complete rundown on information about it, click here

Wrangle Campground - Situated right on the spine of the Siskiyous, the views from this campground are awesome. This campground lends itself well to those wanting to hike as the chgoices here are many. You also can literally hike over into California from here. If there is a meteor shower going on, this is a great campground to be at to observe that. For more information, click here.

Mt. Ashland Campground - Yes, Mt. Ashland has one. It is located on the backside of the mountain. It offers great views out to the east including Mt. Shasta. When temps are reaching triple digits in Medford, this makes a great campground to get to quickly to beat the heat. For information, click here.

Three C Rock Campround -  This is a campground that can offer you the chance to fish as well as camp. It is located right on the South Umpqua River. But, while you might be thinking trout or steelhead fishing, in reality during the prime camping season what you catch here are smallmouth bass. And you can catch LOTS of them. The good news? Smallmouth Bass are very good eating! This campground is not too awfully far out of Canyonville. So if the desire for some night life suddenly hits, you can get to 7 Feathers without making too long a drive to do it. For more information, click here.

Broken Arrow Campground - This is the large campground to the south of Diamond Lake. This campground offers some respite from bugs and especially mosquitoes. It is not right near the lake as other campgrounds are up there. And that is why you have less bug issues. It also catches winds coming through better than the Thielsen View Campground on the west side of Diamond Lake. This also helps make it a much more enjoyable campground. For more information, click here.

Union Creek Campground - Yes, it is popular.....VERY popular. You will most likely need a reservation during the main camping season. BUT! What this campground offers makes it worth it. First of all, it sits in very dense canopy old growth that keeps it well shaded. When the heat of summer is on, this is a great natural air conditioner to go sit in. Fishing is a major draw to this campgroun. Union Creek flows right through it. They stock Union Creek right in the campground weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. That means you can almost count on perfect pan sized rainbow trout to have for dinner, or breakfast even. The Rogue River and additional fishing opportunity is a short hike. The Union Creek Resort with the store, Barbeque, and Beckie's cafe is right there. For more information, click here


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Oregon State Parks offer many choices in camping. Easily onbe of the most popular state parks in the entire Oregon State Park system is Harris Beach State Park in Brookings. Demand for campsites there are sky high. Resevations are an absolute MUST for the main camping season. For the upcoming 4th of July and Labor day holidays, it is likely already far too late to get a camping spot there. But, there is far more to camping at Oregon State Parks in Southern Oregon. I will identify some options for you.

Cape Blanco State Park - This campground is located on the western most tip of both Oregon and the continental US. It is also a place that you can bring your horse. Yes, I said your horse. There are corrals there for horses and there are trails for riding that will take you both inside and outside the park. The iconic Cape Blanco Lighthouse is located here as well as other historical buildings and sites. This is a true first come, first served park. No reservations accepted here. If the urge to camp on the coast for the 4th of July or Labor Day, this could be your best option for a camping site. For more information, click here.

Collier State Park - This state park is located in Klamath County north of Klamath Falls along Highway 97. I know, being in a campground located right next to the busiest highway east of the Cascades may not sound that great, but Collier is a great place to camp. It is also a great place to fish with both the Williamson River and Spring Creek flowing through the park. The Williamson is well known as a trophy trout fishery. It is a mecca for fly fishing anglers. Spring Creek is a gin clear stream that is amazing to float on and then to see all the features you can under the water. Collier State Park is also home to the state's finest logging museum. There is a lot to take in here. I highly recommend this park if you have never camped here. For more information, click here.

French Glen Hotel State Heritage Site - So it is not a campground. BUT!! It can make an interesting stopover on the way to camping in the Steens or Trout Mountains of Southeastern Oregon. You don't need to drive to the Sierra Nevada or Montana to get that glorious wide-open sky feeling. You will find it right here. They do rent rooms here and the rates are set by size of the bed and number. There are no more than two beds per room, with one of those a single. This means it is not well suited to larger sized families. It is perfect though as a romantic get away for two. Take my word for that. They do serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. Dinners will require reservations. The food is awesome. Good down home cooking is what you get. You will not leave hungry. So why include this in camping? Because the isolation here will make you feel like you are camping. You take a folding camp chair out on the grounds, close your eyes....and it will sound and feel like you are in wilderness. For more information, click here.  



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Jackson County is blessed with a very good parks system that includes several campgrounds. You will find this in most of our counties here in Southern Oregon. Here are my favorite Jackson County Parks campgrounds. All of these are going to have one big thing in common. They offer you great fishing year round.
Rogue Elk Park - It's easy to get to. It's quick to get to. And it offers one of the best swimming holes around as Elk Creek joins the Rogue River at the park. It also has a boat ramp for launching boats and rafts to head out on the river to fish, or just for fun. Rogue Elk happens to be a year round facility. In the spring when we get some nicer weather and the urge to camp starts biting, this is a great choice. This park has plenty of amenities to go with it. It is very popular so being able to get in there can be a challenge at times. For more information, click here.
Willow Lake - At one time this was the most popular campground in Jackson County. As the years have gone by, fewer and fewer people are coming up here. Why? I would bet not having a resort and a marina with boat rentals could be a big reason. But, that just means fewer crowds to enjoy a gorgeous setting and a lake chock full of fish of all kinds. Something is always biting at Willow Lake. Trout, bass, perch, crappie, catfish....the lake has plenty of them. Willow Lake also has cabins and yurts for those who are interested in utilizing them. There is a well developed swimming area up here. For more information, click here.
Willow Point Campground - Now, this sounds like it should be at Willow Lake. But, it is at Howard Prairie Reservoir in Southeastern Jackson County. This campground has it all. There is a boat ramp here. There is also a fish cleaning station. It is back off the main roads up to Howard Prairie and Hyatt lake so road noise is minimal. It is also removed from the central resort and all the traffic and activity there. The cove right there offers great swimming......but if nobody is swimming there, it makes one heckuva fishing spot as well. As it sounds, the big draw for people camping here is fishing. Howard Prairie will crank out rainbow trout for sure. But, it also has a thriving bass population of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. The fishing right from the bank in the park is quite good. For more information, click here

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