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Fire Report - 9/21/2018 - 8:30 am update


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Significant fires with high activity levels in Oregon and Northern California from Redding on up will be reported on and updated daily. Significant fires are those of 100 acres or more in timber, or 300 acres or more in grass.

This page will be updated as any significant fires are occurring that are a concern. We will not report on fires that are in mop up mode and not considered a threat any longer.

We are at National and Local Fire Preparadeness level 3. The levels were dropped as fire activity is decreasing. As a result, there is greater availablity of resources. 

Here are links that we find invaluable to what we do. I suspect you will too. 

For National Large Fire locations click here.

This next one is both a fire locator and an awesome mapping device. You can use a zoom in, zoom out feature in the upper left hand corner that allows you to really see a fire's perimeter based ont he last mapping done. It is the single greatest resource we have seen for staying on top of fires for general location, and then being able to zoom in on a fire and get specific mapping of the immediate area. Highly recommend you use this. Click here to open it.



On Sunday July 15, lightning started hundreds of fires across Southwest Oregon and Siskiyou County California. At last count 280 total. They were rapidly responded to by the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, Local Fire Districts, Tribal and Crater Lake National Park firefighting resources. The fires still being fought to stop from spreading from the July 15th lightning event are the Klondike Fire and Natchez Fire.


Klondike Fire - south of Agness in Curry County on the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest, and also private property. The Klondike fire is split into zones. “Klondike West” which is where the really active fire is under the command of a Northwest type 2 IMT, (Gales). “Klondike East” is in rehab and under the command of a type 3 IMT. The Klondike Fire in total is at 143,619 acres at 72 percent containment at last report. The fire is in timber and brush fields from prior fires in the area. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering was reported. 558 fire fighters are assigned. Helicopters of all types are fighting the fire. Additionally, drones of all kinds have been used for scouting, aerial ignition of back burns, and to map the fire. Residences threatened. Road and area closures in effect. For fire information including the latest maps, click here.  





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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou Counties - 

Delta Fire - Burning in and near Pollard Flats in Shasta County, and also over into Trinity County on trhe Shasta Trinity National Forest. 60,702 acres, 92% contained at last report. The fire is burning in brush and timber. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, backing and isolated torching. 1,339 fire fighters assigned. A California Interagency Type 1 Management Team (J. Kurth), is in command. The fire continues to burn pockets inside control lines. Interstate 5, north of Redding may be reduced to single lane traffic due to pavement repair and tree removal. A threat remains to local watershedsFor updated fire info including the latest maps, click here.

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