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Hudson Saw and Tool

2919 North Pacific Highway

Medford, Oregon


541 - 772 - 2293

Hudson Saw and Tool is now Southern Oregon's fastner and hardware source. They carry the Senco and Innercon lines. Staples, screws, fastners and hardware of all kinds they have it all. No matter what you need is they can handle it. No matter if you are a large commercial manufacturer or a weekend hobbyist, you will find the best selection and pricing here. They will meet or beat any price you will find. Need something custom? Come see them to make sure they do not have it already. If they don't, they can get it here for you.



Caveman Fence
Grants Pass, OR
541 - 474 - 0302
Caveman Fence has just what you need to keep your outdoor spaces functional, beautiful and secure. Their fences and gates are built to your specifications, and your satisfaction is paramount in all they do. Caveman Fence of Grants Pass embodies a family approach in everything they do. Established in 1999, Alan Sippola and Randy Smith created the business with a passion for making good neighbors and providing an outstanding customer experience. Alan and Randy lead the Caveman Fence team with a crew of skilled professionals who act more like longtime friendly neighbors. Alan, Randy and the whole Caveman Fence crew have been delivering exceptional craftsmanship and high quality products to customers throughout Josephine County. Read what their customers say in the testimonial on the home page of their website. You will see that they deliver on the promises they make. Be sure to call them for any of the services they can provide you.
Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors
210 W 8th st.
Medford, OR.
541 - 772 - 1116
At Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, Inc. they serve both individuals and businesses with a variety of financial services. Clients can expect an unequaled standard of excellence in personalized value-added services. They have become indispensable to their clients by assisting them in making educated, intelligent financial decisions. Let's face it, nothing about financial planning is easy anymore. The old methodology does not work as it used to. The markets are a volatile roller coaster ride. Knowing how and what to do is going to require a competent, professional assisting you. They will work with you to develop a plan that will give you as much reward possible, while keeping your risk minimized. Nobody knows for sure what the future holds. But the future can be less worrisome when you know you have a plan. All of the pros at OPFA are great people. You will be happy to sit down with them to see how they can help you.
Royal Standley is a Registered Principal offering securities through United Planners Financial Services, a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA, SlPC. Advisory Services offered through Oregon PacificFinancial Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors and United Planners are separate companies.


Bob Thomas Automotive

535 Rossanley Drive

Medford, Oregon


541 - 734 - 3743

Bob Thomas Automotive is set up to service vehicle fleets. Among their clients is the City of Medford. They have a separate facility just to handle this line of work. They can service anything up to medium duty vehicles. If you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles, check them out for pricing.



Judy's Flowers and Gifts

2 locations

Grants Pass, and Central Point, Oregon

I have used Judy's for my floral needs for years. They always deliver quality and their prices are very affordable. They are an FTD Florist and can handle your needs to have flowers sent literally anywhere in the world. They do deliveries to any location in Jackson and Josephine Counties. Their choices of flowers and plants are amazing. The quality of them is the very best. I am amazed at how long their flower bouquets last. They truly are remarkable. In addition to flowers and plants, Judy's also has gift baskets available and you will find something for anyone there. These are wonderful people to work with and they will be a business you will turn to again and again to take care of your florist needs.



Laurel Hill Golf Course

9450 Old Stage Road

Gold Hill, Oregon


541 - 855 - 7965

Laurel Hill is in Gold Hill and located right off of I - 5. This makes it easy to get to and a quick drive from Medford. The course is laid out on a former farm and it is easy to walk. It is heavily treed with Madronne and Oak trees lining every bit of the fairways and the greens. This makes well placed shots a must. Laurel Hill is a nine hole layout, with a driving range. It is a very laid back course and if you want to play in shorts and a tank top and not draw icy looks from your fellow golfers, this is your course. It is very kid friendly as well. They have summer memberships for kids. That is a wonderful way to introduce kids to golf. This is also a course where your kids have their first chance of beating you!



Pacific Survey Supply

908 N Riverside Ave.

Medford, OR


541- 772 - 5777

What is in a name may not always be what the business is. Such is the case here. Since 1984, Pacific Survey Supply has served the professional surveying and engineering community with innovative new technologies. The have consistently been a leader in new and innovative technologies, from 3D construction laser equipment to precise global positioning systems, Pacific Survey Supply has been the place to find the most exciting products in the industry for over 30 years. But, as I said, survey equipment and supplies are not all they do. If you are looking for GPS devices of any kind for work, or for fun, Pacific Survey has the full line of Garmin and Trimble products. Pacific Survey will have what you need to help your find your way around quickly and with pinpoint precision. Topographical maps of the areas that you like to hike, fish or hunt in are always available. In addition, Pacific Survey Supply offers reprographic services, prints, reductions, enlargements, scan to print and scan to file. You can get your plans done quickly and professionally here from 6:30 AM to 6 PM M-F and 6:30 to 2 PM on Saturday. See what I mean now when I say that Pacific Survey Supply is far more than just the name? Doug Devine and his staff are great people to deal with. You will enjoy your time with them.



JVM Design
Roseburg, Oregon
541 - 677 - 7440
For over 20 years, JVM Design has been helping small businesses look great and connect with customers. They specialize in handcrafted web design, graphic design, and online marketing solutions that meet your goals and connect with the customers you want to have. Isn't it a great feeling when you can take things off your to-do list? Now, imagine having a trusted partner who takes the time to understand your business, your market, and your goals. Someone you could depend on to be there to offer their expertise, answer all of your questions, make your business look fantastic, and not nickel-and-dime you. The best part of this can get a free estimate so that you know ahead of time what it would take. JVM is based in Roseburg. They know what small businesses are all about because they are one located in a small community. But, if you are a larger sized company, they have the skill level to meet your needs too. You have nothing to lose here at all, and everything to gain. Your first consultation with them is going to be free. Find out how to put more power into your business today.



 Shady Cove Market

22111 Highway 62

Shady Cove, Oregon.


541 - 878-2121

I have been going into the Shady Cove Market literally for as long as I can remember. The Shady Cove Market is a full service grocery store in which you can stock up for your major food purchases. But, they are also small enough to be very convenient as well. The best of both worlds. They have a grab and go deli for you to purchase food items, and then have a complete beverage selection so you can load up the coolers on your way to fun at the lakes, the river, or in the mountains. They are a true hometown shopping experience and serve the entire Upper Rogue community proudly. Fred Thomas and his staff are very supportive of a number of community activities and events. Please support them whenever you are in Shady Cove.



Wild Rivers Fishing

Brookings, Oregon

541 - 813 - 1082

Andy Martin is the owner of Wild Rivers Fishing and he is one of the top guides in all the Northwest. He is based out of Brookings and specializes in fishing trips on the rivers of Southwest Oregon, and also the Smith River in Northern California. And if it is giants you want, this is your guy! He can get you a chance at a 60 pound plus fall chinook, or a 20 pound plus winter run steelhead. Andy and his crew of guides have the knowledge to get you doing exactly what you need to do to get the fish of a lifetime.

Andy expanded his service to include ocean fishing trips out of Brookings. Brookings is the number one chinook salmon port on the entire Oregon coast. When that season is on from May through early September, Andy and his guides will get you into some red hot salmon fishing. You can also get a cooler full of bottomfish. When the crabbing is good, you can soak pots while you are out after salmon or bottomfish. Then when you come back in, pull your pots and enjoy fresh crab. If fishing is not your thing and you would just like to take in the beauty of the Chetco River, or do whale watching off shore of Brookings, call Wild Rivers Fishing and ask about those trips to. Andy and his guides are all awesome to spend a day with. I highly recommend them for your adventures in Southern Oregon.



Medford Gun Club
1259 E. Vilas Road.
Central Point, Ore
541 - 772 - 7817
The Medford Gun Club is focused on competitive and recreational skeet and trap shooting. The club has held countless competitions, from professional all the way to the local 4H club. From it’s inception to the present, the club’s goals have always been to inspire and promote good fellowship among those who shoot trap and skeet and to maintain a social, educational, and historical establishment for both members and the public alike. They have a range of regular shoots, and competitive shoots that happen weekly. They will host larger events that draw shooters from all over the region and even the country.
The facilities include 9 Trap Fields, 3 Skeet Fields, a Doubles Field, and Wobble Trap for use during business hours. We offer free rentals, classes, and instruction. If you have any questions, feel free to call them at 541-772-7817. I have been to the Club many times to shoot both for practice, and for competition. It really is a great way to have fun with your family, friends, and co workers. If you are new to them, mention this ad for a free round.

Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

1253 E Vilas Rd
Central Point, OR
541 - 774 - 1872
The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club is a private, not for profit, all volunteer corporation founded in 1946. It is dedicated to the safe and responsible use of firearms, the promotion of shooting sports, and good sportsmanship.The club building houses an indoor shooting range for target shooting and competition shooting of handguns. Training classes are offered for introduction to basic pistol shooting, Introduction to practical and competitive pistol shooting, and women's defensive pistol. The second Saturday of every month, Oregon and Arizona concealed carry permit classes are held. Memberships to the club are offered for families. A family is two adults and any children under 21 years old living under the same roof. They also want to promote family togetherness in what they do. The Club is affiliated with the NRA, CMP, OASR, and NSSF, Highly certified instructors will be leading all training classes they offer. Within the club they offer competition level shooting for all ages and ability levels. Knowing how to use firearms safely, and responsibly is critical. A firearm is a tool. Learn how to handle it safely and effectively. The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club is a great way to do that, and to meet great people. Click on their website link above to learn more about the club and what they offer.


Black Bird Shopping Center

1810 W. Main Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 779 - 5431

The Black Bird offers a wide selction of all kinds of firearms. In addition, they have ammo on hand for everything they sell. You will find all the popular accessories as well.


Black Bird Shopping Center

1810 W. Main Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 779 - 5431

The Black Bird Shopping Center is an Ace Hardware store. In addition, have a full service screen repair department along with all your other hardware needs.



Peace of Mind In Home Care LLC

Shady Cove, Or.
541 - 499 - 6205
Peace Of Mind In Home Care provides just that. They are in home care specialists that allow the elderly to maintain their independence longer. They also allow those convelescing to be able to do it from their home instead of in a hospital or care facility. Peace Of Mind In Home Care has been providing their services for 10 years now. They offer comprehensive care that is Medicaid approved. Many times there are no direct charges for the people they are caring for. Their services are covered by insurance, or retirement benefits. Seniors can have their services covered under Medicaid. There are many different levels of care plans they can offer. To see if they have a way to provide service to you, or to a loved one, give them a call, or click on the link to send them a message on their Facebook page.


Pressure Point Roofing

Medford and Eugene, Oregon

Medford Phone - 541 - 772 - 1945

Eugene Phone - 541 - 688 - ROOF (7663)

Pressure Point Roofing has been widely known in the Rogue Valley as one of the top roofing contractors. They have now expanded into doing light construction. They will do siding, windows, patios, decks, and timber frame structures. This makes them an all around contractor capable of giving your home a whole new look. Pressure Point continues the same level of excellence that they have in roofing into providing the siding, windows, and other exterior work on your home. They have experts that do nothing but that work. Their roofing crews concentrate on what they do best. Installing roofs. The craftsmen that work on the siding, windows, patios, decks, and the other light construction have decades of experience at just that. When you call Pressure Point Roofing you get the best of the best at what they do working on your home. You also get a guaranty that says they will stand behind their work, and make sure you are more than satisfied with the results. Pressure Point Roofing has now expanded to serve the Willamette Valley our of Eugene. These guys are absolute professionals at what they do and their work has earned them a sterling reputation and accolades from within the industry. Give them a call and you will be another very happy and satisfied customer as well.



CGS Home Inspections
Medford, Or
541 - 840 - 2584
OR CCB #218609
OCHI #2062
CGS Home Inspections is a new business owned by Chris Scott, who also owns EZ Hide It Furniture which is a name Rogueweather followers are familiar with. Chris did EZ Hide It as a sideline to his work as a contractor. As a result of his contractor business, he was always being called to inspect and repair things that had come up on inspection reports turned in to real estate agents. This lead to on the job training if you will. He decided to look into getting certified to do inspection work. He is now certified to do inspection work. Chris will do inspections for home sales, pre sale inspections, and yearly home inspections. Chris can spot trouble coming for you that may not be readily seen. And, the best time to make a repair is when it is a small one.....not a major costly one. Chris and his family love living here in the Rogue Valley. They enjoy time in the outdoors camping. Chris and his son are also avid anglers, especially for bass. And, Chris is a die hard barbequer. He is a great guy to get to know. I am happy to call him a friend, and I know you will be too.


Brian Moreau

Allstate Insurance

1590 Delta Waters Rd #114

Medford, OR


541 - 772 - 4521

I am pleased to introduce my friend Brian Moreau to you. Brian and I have known each other for over 10 years now. Brian has been a long time insurance agent here in Medford working in one of the largest offices in Medford. I have had him assist me on many matters with my insurance over the years. He is very professional at what he does. He always got back to me in a very timely fashion, usually within minutes. His follow up to see that all was handled properly was exceptional. He made sure to let me know that he did care deeply about what was going on in my life and to make sure we had covered everything. He is also the kind of guy you want as a personal friend and I am happy that he is to me. So stop in and see Brian at his office behind Lowe's on Delta Waters in North Medford or give him a call. He will be happy to give you a quote. But, know this. if you go with Brian, he is going to put real meaning behind what Allstate says...."you're in good hands." With Brian you are in excellent hands. You can trust me on that. I know it for a fact.

Rory Wold - State Farm Insurance

2019 Aero Way

Medford, Oregon


541 - 773 - 1404

State Farm is a leader in the insurance industry. And locally Rory Wold of State Farm is a leader. Rory and his staff will always be ready to take care of you no matter what your needs are. I have my insurance through Rory and State Farm. No matter what time of the day or night I need them, Rory and his brother Troy always promptly return my call, and if they cannot, one of their licensed assistants will. They go above and beyond to make sure that if you have a claim it's get processed and then paid out to you quickly. If there is a problem they will handle it. Just great people to work with. And obviously many of you in Southern Oregon agree. Rory has won many people's choice awards for best insurance agent. If you want service that makes you feel like a real person and not just a Rory today.



Father and Son Jewelry

126 East Main Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 774 - 8900

Father and Son Jewelry in Medford is VERY well known for their television commercials. But, they are also very well known for their customer satisfaction. Those who do business with Father and Son return again and again. Family owned and operated since 1958, they have provided excellent customer service and great pricing through four generations. Father and Son will beat any legitimate price. They have master jewelers on hand to help you find the right piece of jewelry for you. If you cannot find it, not to worry, they can custom design just what you want. In addition to jewelry, they offer men's and women's watches in a wide range of styles from sporty to elegant. Father & Son Jewelry also buys and sells gold, silver, diamonds, and gems. Bob Sr. the Father in Father and Son is no longer with us, but the legacy lives on with Bob Jr, the Son....and now daughters Wendy and Deb. They look forward to meeting you and helping you with your jewelry needs.