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FOR 4/19/2018 - 

Since the last summary and discussion posted on the 16th, there has been a slew of changes. And if you are ready for spring to truly arrive and stick around....these changes are just what you have been wanting to see! There is a low exiting to the east of us today. That is giving us a slight chance for morning sprinkles or flurries from the Cascades east. But, the incoming high is going to shove that out of here to give us dry conditions over the entire area by this afternoon. And, the data and models are showing that the high will entrench and persist over us. In fact, what it looks like is what we expect to see at this time of year. We are going to be looking at days and days of sunshine coming up. It really does appear that Sprinter, (to use a phrase coined by one Rogueweather follower), is over. It looks like we are going to be moving into those pleasantly warm days that invite long strolls in parks and firing up the barbeques on delightful evenings.
And, in yet another development that looks like spring should around here......our next shot at seeing something that will trigger showers will come on Tuesday of next week. We look to have a cutoff low develop off the Coast of California. This low will throw moisture up that will give the mountains, east of the Cascades, and Northern California a chance for showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday. Like I said, this is what we expect to see for weather makers at this time of the year. What we do not see today ANYWHERE in the short or long term projections is any hint of winter type system. This turn of events has been a pretty rapid one. It was being hinted at in some outlier data and model suites. But, now all the main models have picked up on this. And, to match that, every climatology center I have looked at yesterday and today is going with this. NOAA in fact completely changed everything they had for the 6 - 10 day, 8 - 14 day, and then for the month of May in terms of projections. We are now firmly expected to be dry with above average temps for as far as we can see at this point. Like I said, this has been a real big change over the last 72 hours. One I suspect a great many of you are going to welcome with great glee. 
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