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Weather Summary - 6/22

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I think I have about beat the heat for the valleys to death now. But, do want to touch on the why it will be so hot here. A surface thermal trough has been present along the coast over the past couple of days and it`s been quite strong, with a large pressure gradient between it and a surface high offshore. This brought the Chetco Effect again today to Brookings where the airport hit 98 degrees, good for hottest in the state. But, for the coast immediate relief is in sight as the thermal trough will gradually weaken and move inland over the next 24 hours and the low clouds down to the south near Point Reyes this evening will eventually surge up the coast bringing an end to the heat in Brookings. It still could get warm again in Brookings Friday, but it won`t be so hot, and winds turn more onshore by Friday evening bringing marine air back onto the coast in that area.

But, with the thermal trough moving inland, this means the interior will heat up......a lot. We`re looking at at least 3 days with highs in the 100s here in Medford with Saturday likely being the hottest with a high of 108 degrees. That`s 1 degree shy of the record (set in 1925), if you were wondering. Excessive heat warnings/heat advisories are up for a large part of the area. Even the Coos Bay area could see heat this weekend with highs in the low 80s possible on Saturday. Marine air will keep moving north and overwhelm the entire coast by Sunday morning.

Speaking of Sunday, with the thermal trough moving inland and a short wave riding northward into the area on the heels of another very hot day, we`re bound to get some thunderstorms popping up here and there. The area where they may happen is going to be expanded for Sunday and Monday now to include the valleys of Southwestern Oregon, with a slight chance of storms in the Southern Willamette Valley as well. With the prevailing flow aloft out the south and southeast, this may carry any storms that form over the mountains out over the valleys. Storms should be isolated, but there`s potential pretty much anywhere, except perhaps at the coast. Some thunder potential will carry into Monday, but Tuesday-Thursday should be dry with temperatures back at more reasonable levels, albeit still above normal for late June. But not by much. Expect mid to upper 80s in Medford, and look for 70s to near 80 for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnights will see good temperature drops and humidity recoveries leading to good sleeping conditions.



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