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August is usually our hottest month on average here in Medford. The average high is 91. August is also usually dry in any year. We will typically see about a half an inch of rain that is the product of thunderstorms. Every so often, a rare early storm from the Gulf of Alaska will come in at the end of the month. Daytime highs are usually in the 90s to low 100s at the beginning of the month, becoming 80s and 90s by the end of the month. The second highest temperature ever recorded in Medford was 114 which was recorded in 1981 on August 9th. 

So what can we expect through the middle of the month?


Of course we will start things off sizzling with record to near all time hottest temps recorded records. Depending on where you are, this will be anywhere from the upper 90s to near 115 in the inland areas. And in looking at the latest data, expect heat to continue. maybe not as hot, but we will still be above normal for temps. This means that mid 90s to low 100s can be expected west of the Cascades where 80s, and 90s would be more typical. East of the Cascades be expecting 80s and 90s after the early very hot weather. The Coast is the one part of the region that looks to be holding closest to average without much fluctuation. But, even there, could be seeing the odd hot weather in Brookings as Chetco Effects come and go.

As for rainfall......the data is showing us that we are going to continue to be dry across the entire region. This is looking very much to be a situation where the only rainfall that we could see would be from heavy drizzle at the Coast and in the Coast Range, and from convective showers and thunderstorms in the inland areas. 

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