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February is an interesting month for Medford. While on average temps get back into the 50s for highs, February has seen some of the bigger snowstorms come into the valley in the past. Normally in Medford highs are in the 50s. 54 is the average high. Precipitation in February is normally 2 inches in Medford. It would be 4 - 6 inches on the Coast. The mountains can see heavy snows with amounts measured in feet per storm cycle still possible. East of the Cascades average highs are in the 40s. 30s are not uncommon at all. Snowfall is to be expected through the month east of the Cascades on average. The Coast sees highs creeping in to the 60s on average. 

All of that said......through mid month we are going to be decidedly above average for temps across the area. We are also going to be well below normal for rain and snow. With the blocking ridge that has set up, it will feel much more like what April should be like temps wise. West of the Cascades we are looking to see plenty of 60s to even some low 70s showing up. East of the Cascades will see 50s into the low 60s. We could see even warmer temps. Over on the Coast it will be warmer there too. Brookings is already seeing low 70s. Get a Chetco Effect going and days in the 80s may even be possible.

As for rain and snow, we are not expecting to see much if any through mid month. The blocking ridge will direct storms to our north and away from us. We might get the trailing end of systems to come over us. That could give us clouds and a chance for showers. But, we do not see any storms reaching us with significant rain or snow. In fact, does not look like we will have even weak systems make direct hits on our area. One other thing we may not see much of......fog. We are past the peak of fog season now anyway. And, we just do not have that much moisture at the lower levels to help form fog. That is due to the lack of rain. The Coast and the Umpqua Basin might see more widespread fog. But, for the Rogue Valley, and the valleys in Siskiyou County west of the Cascades, it would be patchy fog at worst.  



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