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June is both the final part of spring and the beginning of summer. Meteorological summer begins Friday June 1st. Seasonal summer begins this year on Thursday, June 21st. This is the longest day of the year by daylight in the majority Northern Hemisphere. At the same time, it is the shortest day of the year, the first day of winter, in the majority of the Southern Hemisphere.

June typically in Medford is a very pleasant month. Average highs are in the 80s for Medford. 70s do happen frequently, and 90s are common. Hitting 100 is also seen in warm years. 60 degrees would be a very cool day. The highest June temp ever in Medford is 111 which happened in 1944. Average rainfall slides below an inch for the first time in the calendar year on average. Medford usually sees just over a half inch of rain. Most often that is the result of convective showers and thunderstorms.


Looking ahead to what we can expect through the end of June we see what looks like very warm temperatures, possibly even hot temps coming. Considering that averages at this time of the year will be in the 80s, it looks like we are going to be seeing 90s and possibly into the low 100s for the valleys of Jackson, Josephine, and Western Siskiyou Counties. The coastal areas also look as though they will be warmer than average. Could even see heat making it there. Especially the Curry County coast when Chetco Effects get going. For the mountains and east of the Cascades, expect very warm to hot temps as well with pleanty of 80 degree readings. And, 90s should happen based on what the data is saying. Rainfall is expected to be sparse. We do not see any well organized systems coming. What it looks like right now is a situation where we could see very isolated to very widely scattered showers and storms developing as the result of systems coming in. Mind you all of this could change. But right now the data and the trending seem very aligned in pointing us towards very warm to hot temps and little in the way of rain. 


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