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Interstate 5 in Northern California Oregon State Line to Redding & Southern Oregon Roseburg to California State Line - 8/22


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Siskiyou County - California - Work is happening on bridge maintenance and repair over the Klamath River. Traffic is slowed to 55 miles an hour and one lane in the construction zone. No to minimal sdelays occurring.

Jackson County - Oregon - Sign installation work is occuring in the northbound lanes at mile post 6 to mile post 10. the slow lane is closed and this is forcing trucks out into the center lane creating slowing. Use caution in the area.

Night work is being done from 7 pm to 7 am in the median to install a cable safety barrier from mile post 11 to mile post 27. This will create clowing in the work area. Use caution. 

Expect intermittent work at mile post 24 the Phoenix Interchange. Finish work is being done on the Phoienix Interchange project. This is leading to eqipment and workers being on the ramps of the interchange at times. Please use caution in the area.

Douglas County - Oregon - Construction is occurring in the median from mile post 79 to mile post 119 as a cable barrier is being installed. Expect workers to be present along with equipment. Both north and south bound fast lanes may see closures at times. Watch for signs and barriers in that area and use caution. This project is expected to continue through Janurary of 2018.

Douglas County - Oregon - Construction is occurring on the ramps from mile post 118 to mile post 120. There could be lane closures for northbound I 5 in the area. Watch for equipment and workers. Flaggers, signs, and barriers are being used. Use caution in this area at all times. This project will continue through September. 


Northern California I 5 webcams

Dunsmuir -

I 5 Hwy 89 junction -

Mt.Shasta City -

Central Weed -

Yreka -

Anderson Grade north of Yreka -

Siskiyous at Hilt -


Southern Oregon I 5 webcams

Siskiyous at mile post 2 -

Siskiyou Summit -

Ashland Chain up southbound -

Medford -

Sexton Summit -

Canyon Mountain -

Roseburg -




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