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Fire Report - 8/21 - 




Significant fires with high activity levels in Oregon and Northern California from Redding on up will be reported on and updated daily. Significant fires are those of 100 acres or more in timber, or 300 acres or more in grass.



CHETCO BAR FIRE - 91,551 acres estimated, 0 percent containment at last report. Fire is burning on the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest in the Wild Rivers Ranger District. It is burning southwest towards the Brookings Harbor area and is just east of the Loeb State Park. It was in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area burning in the Biscuit Fire burn scar, but has since moved southwest and out of the wilderness. The fire is under command of a National Incident Management Organization or NIMO team led by Bob Houseman, and the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office Blue IMT with Scott Magers as the IC is in command of structural protection. The fire is burning in timber with some brush. The fire has had extreme fire behavior with wind driven runs, crowning, and long range spotting.


Level 3 Evacuation Orders in effect:


All Current Level 3 Evacuations will remain in place. All residences above Da-Tone Rock a Level 3 Evacuation notice. Click here for EVACUATION MAP 

A Level 3 Evacuation (GO!) means residents within this area should LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Danger to your area is current or imminent, and you should evacuate immediately. If you choose to ignore this advisement, you must understand that emergency services may not be available to assist you further. DO NOT delay leaving to gather any belongings or make efforts to protect your home. 

Residents in Brookings south of the intersection of Carpenterville Road and Highway 101 encouraged to be ready to plan ahead and leave at a moment’s notice. Brookings Police Department, Oregon State Police, and Curry County Search and Rescue is assisting the Curry County Sheriff’s Office with making notification to residents within the affected evacuation area. Please call the fire information lines provided above, do not call Curry County Dispatch. 

Emergency Alerts: Displaced residents may relocate to the evacuation shelter at the Riley Creek Elementary in Gold Beach 94350 6th St. Gold Beach, OR 97444, (888) 680-1455. The American Red Cross is staffing this shelter. Residents should make arrangements to move property and livestock. Caged animals and livestock can relocate to the Curry County Fairgrounds (Event Center on the Beach); contact 541-425-1821 for more information. 

Residents in Curry County who have a landline will receive emergency notifications via that number. For residents who do not have a landline, or want to receive notifications on a cell phone need to sign up for Emergency Alerts. Curry County residents can sign up for Emergency Alerts on the Curry County website, or directly on the EverBridge

It is now confirmed that 3 homes were lost yesterday morning in the Gardner Ridge area. The families that lived in them were able to make an evacuation out of there before the fire arrived. Strong winds yesterday and overnight pushed the fire to the south and west. The winds have eased considerably and are now blowing lightly from in off the ocean. The fire does not appear to be making nearly as much progress as it did yesterday. However, where it is established, it is still burning very actively. This is due to the amopunt of heat it is generating. It also is able to work with terrain enchancement to have more actively burning areas. The present perimeter of the fire is in the vicinity of Nook Bar west to Ransom Ridge and north to Bosley Butte. The Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office Blue IMT is now on scene and in command of structure defense. Numerous task forces and resources from throughout Oregon have come in response to the grave threat to the cities of Brookings and Harbor. Additionally, three taks forces are coming from the Redding area in California. Structure protection equipment will focus their work around homes. Once again conditions have prevented the use of helicopters and air tankers today as a thick pall of smoke hangs over the area. The evacuation center was moved from Brookings to Gold Beach as Gold Beach is a more stable sitauation. Unstable atmospheric conditions seen for the past several days will ease as a different weather pattern moves into the area. An infrared flight estimated the size at 91,551 acres. Air quality will fluctuate between “moderate” and “unhealthy for sensitive groups” in Brookings. For more information about air quality, please visit the Oregon Smoke Blog: you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more. There has been a full resource mix assigned or are on order for the fire. Due to the risk it poses for life and property it is a high priority fire and at the top of the list. 

MILLER COMPLEX - 7,874 acres, 4 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest 17 miles east of Cave Junction in Josephine County. The fire is under the command of a type 2 IMT from out of the area with Van Arroyo the IC. The cause of the fires is lightning. The fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior was active with backing, uphill runs, and creeping. The extremely steep terrain is only part of the challenge to fire fighters. Natural hazards including bears, snakes, bees and wasps, and poison oak are also posing a threat to fire fighters. In addition, dead trees falling, snags, and rolling material such as large rocks are jeopardizing the safety of crews working in the fire area.

The Abney Fire, Creedence Fire, Burnt Peak Fire and Seattle Fire continue to be the most active fires within the Miller Complex. They are expected to remain active and spread as rolling, burning debris ignites fuels below and can lead to associated uphill runs.This common to all fires within the complex.The remainder of the fires within the complex are fairly quiet but will continue to creep and smolder throughout the day. Heavy smoke in the area is hampering the use of aircraft.

Creedence Fire: Active Fire. 3 % containment. 2,175 ac. 595 ac increase in acreage from yesterday. The Creedence fire continues to move west; O’Brian Creek is serving as the containment line on the north boundary of the fire.

Burnt Peak Fire: Active Fire. 15% containment. 1,524 ac. Increase of 24 acres from yesterday. Burnout operations were conducted yesterday, working to tie the line to the 1095 road. The fire is backing down slope and into drainages. Dozers are working on the south side of the line near Kinney Creek and are tying the line into the already burned areas.

Seattle Fire: Active Fire. 0% containment. 1,237 ac. Increase of acreage of 404 acres from yesterday. The 1040 road is now the eastern boundary of the fire. Crews are conducting direct attack along the south flank of the fire.

Abney Fire: Active Fire. 0% containment. 1,535 ac. Increase in acreage of 357 acres from yesterday. New Infrared data shows a 10% increase in size of this fire. The 1040 Road is serving as the control line and the fire is holding. Today crews are working to prepare lines along the 100 series roads running to the N and NE of the fire.

ROAD INFORMATIONAvoid Forest Roads 1040, 1005 (off of Thompson Creek Road), 1020 (off of Thompson Creek Road) and 1095 (also known as Palmer Creek Drive) in the Star Ranger District as fire crews are using them for operations.

Evacuations: None

An unauthorized incursion by two non-mechanized gliders occurred over the Miller Complex Saturday in an area where aircraft were assisting with firefighting operations. This incursion caused fire mangers to ground all of the aircraft for 45 minutes due to safety concerns.Unauthorized flights by hang-gliders, drones or other types of aircraft over or near the Miller Complex could cause serious injury or death to firefighters on the ground. A FAA Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in effect over the Miller Complex. For more information on drones, the public can visit FAA’s website at“IF YOU FLY, WE CAN’T”.

Resources assigned include: 13 hand crews, 23 engines, and 12 water tenders, and an unknown number of bulldozers. Helicopters and air tankers are assigned to the complex as well. However, due to conditions today, they were unable to fly.
HIGH CASCADES COMPLEX - INCLUDES THE BLANKET CREEK AND SPRUCE LAKE FIRES -  12,163 acres,  68 percent containment for complex. The complex is on the High Cascades Ranger District of the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest and Crater Lake National Park. The fires are burning in timber, high alpine meadows, and burn scars from past fires. These have brush fields and standing snags in them. The complex is under the command of a California type 1 IMT with Mark Von Tillow as the IC. Fire behavior has been minimal to moderate with creeping, smoldering, and single tree torching seen. Lightning storms in late July and early August ignited over 40 fires west of Crater Lake. 
An Oregon National Guard Strike Team of approximately 150 civilian-soldiers and civilian-airmen will be providing support to the High Cascades Complex.  They will be working on mop up, backhaul of equipment and supplies, and fire suppression repair. 

Blanket Creek Fire

Start Date: July 26, 2017 Cause: Lightning Size: 5,686 acres Containment: 76%

Location: Approximately seven miles east of Prospect, Oregon

Current Situation: Steep terrain, along with high standing snags from the 2008 Middle Fork Fire, prevents direct suppression activities in the Red Blanket Creek drainage. Fire activity will be in areas of heavy dead fuels causing torching which can lead to short range spotting. Fire suppression repair continues on the west side of the fire. Handlines and dozer lines will be covered with native material and regraded to return it to a natural appearance and minimize post-fire erosion.

For a more detailed operations map of Blanket Creek Fire, click here.

Spruce Lake Fire

Start Date: July 29, 2017 Cause: Lightning Size: 5,350 acres Containment: 61%

Location: West side of Crater Lake National Park

Current Situation: Crews continue to mop up and repair handlines to return the area to a natural appearance. There is a low probability for the fire to spread, and crews continue to patrol for hot spots and monitor the northern perimeter.

For a more detailed operations map of Spruce Lake Fire, click here

Sherwood Fire (formerly Roseburg Fire)
Size: 65Acres Containment: 70% Location: Approximately six miles west of Diamond Lake near Sherwood Butte. Fire crews were supported by the "super scooper" aircraft in building containment line. 

Current Situation: Isolated pockets of heavy dead and down fuels continue to burn in the interior and on steep slopes. crews are continuing to construct direct line and mop up hot spots. 

For a more detailed operations map of the SHERWOOD FIRE, click 

Broken Lookout
Size: 120 AcresContainment: 20%Location: 
Approximately six miles west of the junction of Highways 62 and 230

Current Situation: Aircraft will continue to monitor current fire activity. The neighboring Falcon Complex has two fires that have the potential to merge with Broken Lookout Fire.

Round Top, Needle, Butte, and Silent Fires -Cause: Lightning Size: Total of 25 acres Containment: 100%

Values to be protected: Communities of Prospect, Union Creek, Diamond Lake, Mazama Village and Rim Village; Park Headquarters and other infrastructure; old growth forest and northern spotted owl habitat; white bark pine and other sensitive species; visitor experience; unique volcanic ecosystems and landscapes.

Weather: Warmer temperatures and drier air today could lead to increasing fire activity.

Smoke Outlook: To see smoke visibility in the area, check out the webcams on the Crater Lake National Park website A full smoke report is posted on the inciweb website.

Crater Lake National Park Trail Closures: Pacific Crest Trail from Dutton Creek Trail to North Entrance Road and from Hwy 62 to South Park Boundary; Boundary Springs Trail; Bald Crater Loop Trail; Bert Creek Trail; Lightning Springs Trail; Watchman Trail; Union Peak Trail, Stuart Falls Trail, Pumice Flat Trail. More information at

Rogue River-Siskiyou NF Area Closures: North and south of FSR 6205 from Crater Lake NP boundary west to the Forest Boundary and Park Boundary to Hwy 62. More at

If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more.  Resources assigned include; 23 hand crews, 11 engines, and water tenders. 3 helicopters are assigned. Super scoopers are available to drop water if requested.

NORTH PELICAN FIRE - 1,200 acres estimated, 2 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Winema - Fremont National Forest 12 miles west of Chiloquin in Klamath County. The fire is under the coammnd of a local type 3 IMT with Leland Hunter as IC. The fire was caused by lightning. The fire is burning in timber. Fire activity was active with torching, spotting, and wind driven runs. Until today fire growth has been predominately along the southern and eastern perimeters. Today’s erratic and shifting winds revealed a new fire about ½ mile west of the fire’s western perimeter and within one mile of the Cold Springs Trailhead. This fire was originally detected with the same August 10 lightning storm but was never found until today. The North Pelican Fire is now estimated at 1,200 acres, including the 20 acre fire found to the west. As a safety precaution, the Fremont-Winema National Forest is finalizing an Area Closure that will close portions of the forest around the incident to all vehicle and pedestrian entry. This will include the Cold Springs Trailhead and the 3709 and 3710 Trails. The 3651 Road will be closed at the Road 3659 junction about 1.75 miles south of Cold Springs Trailhead. Pelican Butte Road remains closed. Forest Service staff are currently checking the Cold Springs Trailhead and will attempt to contact any hikers who are inside the closure area. They are also posting trailheads that provide access to the Cold Springs Trail area such as the Cherry Creek and Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest Trailheads to let folks know that they will not be able to hike into the Cold Springs Trail area. The Pacific Crest Trail is unaffected by this closure. The general perimeter of the Area Closure will include all Forest Lands west of Westside Road, east of Pelican Butte Road, north of the 3554 Road, and south of 3519 Road. The closure is currently being finalized and should be in place later this evening. We will be sharing the closure via our social media sites and e-mail once it is finalized. In other areas of the fire mop up efforts around spot fires and landing piles along the eastern flank began today. Crews will mop up ten-feet into the fire’s perimeter and will go further once hazard trees are mitigated. Hazard or snag trees are proving to be another primary safety consideration on this fire. Mop up efforts will further secure the containment lines and reduce the potential for the fire to spread. Remember, if traveling on Westside Road or through the Rocky Point area, please be vigilant and drive with caution as emergency traffic vehicles are plentiful in the area. When smoke is visible, motorists are encouraged to drive with their headlights on. Please use extreme caution when driving near firefighters and equipment. Resoures assigned to the fire include; hand crews, engines, water tenders, and bulldozers. 2 helicopters are working the fire. Super scoopers will work subject to availability with other fires in the area. 

FALCON COMPLEX - 2,500 acres, 17 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Umpqua National Forest 25 miles east of Tiller in Douglas County. The fire is under the command of a type II IMT with Doug Johnson the IC. The fires of the complex were caused by lightning. The fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior was active with flanking, running, and creeping. There are 16 fires in the Falcon Complex, ranging in size from one acre to several hundred acres. Some of these fires have been contained and are in patrol status, while others continue to spread. In the interest of safety, we ask that the public remain vigilant and informed.

The Umpqua National Forest has implemented a Forest Road Closure for public safety. The entire Closure may be viewed at Check the Umpqua National Forest website for closures due to other fires on the Forest.

The Umpqua National Forest Public Use Restrictions are in place requiring smoking be contained to vehicles, buildings or watercraft on water and no campfires in the Wilderness. Please see the link to the Public Use Restrictions.

The Umpqua National Forest increased the Public Use Restrictions requiring smoking be contained to vehicles, buildings or watercraft on water and no campfires in the Wilderness. Please see the link to the Public Use Restrictions.

Air Quality: Air quality reported from Air Now indicates good (green) air quality in the Tiller area. Those with smoke sensitivities should take appropriate precautions.

Firefighter and public safety are the priorities while fighting any fires. Fire managers assess the values at risk, risk to firefighters, and fire behavior and several other factors when determining the management actions to use on each fire. Direct tactics are used where safely feasible and indirect tactics, such as use of roads or natural features as fire line, are often used to mitigate risks to keep firefighters safe. Today and tomorrow are expected to be critical burn days. Higher temperatures and lower humidities over the past several days have dried out the fuels, making them more susceptible to burning. These critical conditions are expected to test completed containment lines on the fires. 

Current Fire Information:
Upper Ash Flat – 1,456 acres, 10% containment - this fire remains the top priority in the Complex. It is located in the upper headwaters of Ash Creek, approximately 1.5 miles from the upper end of the valley floor and the nearest private structures. Crews will work along the southern flank of the fire, utilizing burnout operations and mop up to create a reinforced fireline. 
Double Buck – 396 acres, 5% containment – located directly east of Skookum Pond. Firefighters will conduct burnout operations today as weather conditions permit. Crews will mop-up hotspots to further secure the containment lines. 
Paradise– 359 acres, 5% containment –located on the ridge between Paradise and Cougar Creeks, south of Jackson Creek. Indirect line is being prepped along the FR 500 and off the FR 68, and FR 300. Crews will conduct burnout operations as conditions permit. 
Fires in Patrol Status:
Buckskin – 52 acres – located north of Buckeye Creek along FR 730. Horse Camp – .1 acre – located at the Horse Camp Campground. Fire # 292 – 6 acres – located 2 miles from the junction of FR 530 and FR 29. Tallow – 89 acres – located between Ralph and Tallow Creeks. Freeze (#317) – 5 acres – located in the headwaters of Freeze Creek. Pup (formerly Hershberger) – 73 acres – located in the headwaters of Hershberger Creek near Pup meadow in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness. Cougar (#284) – 40 acres – located west of Abbott Creek. Fire # 280, 282 – 1 acre each – located in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness. Lone Woman (285) – .25 acre – located in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness. Fire #283 – 3 acres – located west of Abbott Creek at the junction of FR 330 and FR 331. Windy Gap – 18 acres – located in the Research Natural Area of the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness, 1 mile west of Abbott Butte. Managers have worked in concert with the District Resource Specialists and determined that no suppression tactics will be implemented on Windy Gap at this time. This fire is being monitored 

If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more.  Resources assigned include 2 camp crews, 10 hand crews, 23 engines, 14 water tenders, 2 masticators for brush clearing, and 5 bulldozers. 6 helicopters are assigned, but other helicopters have been used as needed. Air tanker support is avaiable and is being used where needed. 

UMPQUA NORTH COMPLEX10,793 acres total, 1 percent contained. The complex is burning on the Umpqua National Forest east of Glide in Douglas County. The complex is under the command of a type 1 IMT with Tom Kurth the IC. The cause of the fires in the complex is lightning. The fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior was very active with group torching, uphill runs, and spotting. Lightning on Aug. 9 started multiple fires across northern Umpqua National Forest and along North Umpqua Highway, State Route 138. Local volunteer fire departments, Douglas Forest Protective Association, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management firefighters have responded to numerous new fire starts and smoke reports.

Community Meeting

Glide Community Center 20062 N. Umpqua Highway 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Umpqua North Fire Complex fire officials will hold a community meeting. Agency representatives and fire managers will present current fire information and answer questions from community members



The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with the Umpqua North Complex Fire Managers, raised the evacuation back to a Level 3 "Go Now" Notice for the Dry Creek and Illahee areas due to increased fire activity. Highway 138 East was closed by Oregon Department of Transportation from Milepost 43 to 54. Portions of the river are closed along the North Umpqua River between Steamboat/Gravel Bin put-in and Susan Creek take-out remains closed to boaters and anglers due to falling trees and rolling debris. Residents living on Moore Hill Lane in Idleyd Park remain under a Level 2 “ Be Set” Evacuation Notice due to significant wildfire danger in the area. Level 2 means residents must be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. Residents should be aware of the danger that exists in their area; monitor emergency services websites and local media outlets for information. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office, in coordination with the Umpqua North Complex Fire Managers, have issued a Level 1 "Get Ready" Evacuation Notice for the Susan Creek residential area and the BLM Susan Creek Campground. This covers the area on HWY 138 East from Mile Marker 28 to the Forest Service/BLM Boundary. The Umpqua North Complex Fire Managers and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office also have  issued a Level 1 Evacuation Notice – “Get Ready” – for the Clearwater area, Mile Markers 58 to 61 on Highway 138 East. Residents should be aware of the danger that exists in their area. Level 1 "Get Ready"  is the time for preparation and precautionary movement of persons with special needs, mobile property, pets and livestock.

The fires within the Umpqua North Complex became very active after the inversion lifted Sunday afternoon and continued that way into the early hours of Monday. Up valley winds in the afternoon, in combination with northerly winds, contributed to the fires advancing; generally in an east direction in the valley bottoms. Later in the afternoon, swirling gusty winds caused spotting up to .25 mile, spreading fires in multiple directions. Crews again worked hard all night on the Happy Dog Fire focusing on structure protection in the Dry Creek and Illahee areas. The fire advanced north toward the Ragged Ridge Fire and east along HWY 138 E. That portion of the Happy Dog south of HWY 138 E advanced to the east and south toward FS Road 28. Monday the focus remains on structure protection and securing firelines around developed areas.

Sunday afternoon, the Fall Creek Fire experienced very active fire in multiple locations, challenging containment efforts. This activity required crews to initiate a burn out operation along the Wright Creek Road, FS Road 4711 and along roads to the south. Crews were successful holding the southeast flank overnight. The fire has crossed Fox Creek to the west, but still remains east of private and BLM lands. Helicopters dropping water are supporting efforts to hold and improve firelines. These lines will eventually connect with the contingency line constructed by Douglas Forest Protective Association. Gusty, variable direction winds will challenge firefighting efforts throughout today. In the middle of the complex, the Ragged Ridge Fire remains active moving to the north and west. The fire remains west of FS Road 4760 and east of Steamboat Falls Road, FS Road 38. The Oak Nob Fire is 90% contained and was placed in patrol status and those resources were reassigned to higher priority fires within the complex. In the Twin Lakes area the Calf-Copeland group of fires actively burned Sunday as fire managers develop management strategies. Helicopter bucket drops of water have been successful so far in protecting the structures in the area from damage. On the eastern portion of the complex, the Brokentooth and Devils Canyon fires remain active as engine crews monitor and fire managers develop plans to manage these fires. Crews have been successful in completing approximately 80% of a fireline surrounding Fire #320 in the Devils Canyon area, and suppression efforts are now focusing on Fire #305. Monday winds be from the east and swing to the northwest testing containment lines. Aircraft are a major resource which is being utilized on multiple fires within the complex; one large and two medium helicopters are providing water bucket drops in strategic locations to aid firefighters in containing and holding the lines. With no significant change in the current weather pattern many of the fires are expected to experience significant growth. Temperatures will increase slightly as relative humidity drops. Monday’s winds will be light from the east switching to the northwest in the afternoon gusting to 14 mph over the ridge tops. Valley winds will be variable and gusty at times. Tuesday will be sunny with a slight chance of afternoon dry thunderstorms and associated erratic, gusty outflow winds. 

Known fires within the complex, approximate mapped acres and current focus:

Approximate mapped acres from an IR flight on 8/21/2017 at 0231 hours, and current focus:

Fall Creek – 2,517 acres – Line improvement, holding and contingency development 
Happy Dog – 5,208 acres – Structure Protection, line construction and contingency 
Ragged Ridge – 1,256 acres – Develop control lines to west and east using roads 
Oak Nob – 59 acres – Mop-up and patrol 
Brokentooth cluster of fires – 563 acres – Assessment and line options 
Devil’s Canyon cluster of fires – 392 acres – Hold and mop-up Fire #320 and strategy 
Calf Copeland cluster of fires – 960 acres – Assessment and strategy

There are other fires within the complex that have not been mapped 

Initial Attack - Ongoing as new fires present

Highway 138 has a "HARD" closure between mile markers 43 and 54 and only emergency vehicles will be allowed access, due to debris fallout, fire and fire fighting activities. Level 3-Evacuation Notice is in place for the Dry Creek and Illahee, a Level 2 evacuation notice remains in place for the Moore Hill area, and Level 1 notifications have been made in Susan Creek residences and campground. An evacuation shelter is set up in Glide

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has closed Highway 138 East from Mileposts 43 to 54 for public safety. Alternative east/west routes are recommended to the north through Eugene/Springfield on Highways 58 or 126; or to the south through Medford on Highways 62 or 140.

Power lines in the area have been deenergized in order to alleviate further power disruption. Power poles identified as having been affected by fire are being assessed by Pacificorp.

Umpqua North Complex Closures:

National Forest System (NFS) Roads Closures:

NFS Road No. 4750 and all roads within the area closure listed above. NFS Road No. 2800-620

Trails: Trail No. 1414- The North Umpqua Trail, from the Forest Service boundary to the Mott & Panther Trailheads on NFS Road No. 4712, Trail No. 1502 - Fall Creek Falls Trail, Trail No. 1513 - Williams Creek Trail, Trail No. 1530 - Riverview Trail, Trail No. 1510 - Deception Trail, Trail No. 1521, Twin Lakes Loop, Trail No. 1500, Twin Lakes Trail.

Recreation Sites: Steamboat Falls Campground, Wright Creek Campground, and Horseshoe Bend Campground.

If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more. Resources assigned include; 18 hand crews. 66 engines, 10 water tenders, 1 masticator, and 5 bulldozers. 4 helicopters are assigned, but additional helicopters will be working. Air tankers are also available if needed..

WILLAMETTE FIRES - INCLUDES THE WHITEWATER, REBEL, AVENUE, AND BOX CANYON FIRES10,498 acres, percent contained varied at last report. But, most of the fires in the complex are 0 percent containment. The fires are burning on BLM land, and the Willametter National Forest 10 miles east of Idanha in Marion County in Northwestern Oregon. The complex is under the command of an IMT I with Chris Schulte IC. The cause of the fires is believed to be lightning. The fire is burning in timber. There has been active fire behavior with backing, running, and torching.

French Fire Today, firefighters will continue to maintain the installed sprinkler system around the fire. The 6,000 gallons of water per hour being sprayed on the fire has been effective to moderate the fire’s behavior which continues to hold at less than 2 acres. Roads above and below the fire continue to be cleared of debris so that they may serve as contingency lines should they be necessary to limit the fire’s spread. A contingency structure protection plan is being developed to protect structures located on the slope below the fire.

Whitewater and Little Devil Fires are burning in Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and adjacent national forest lands located approximately 13 miles east of Detroit. Crews reinforced control lines yesterday. Today, crews will mop up hot spots near control lines where burnout operations occurred and they will continue preparing other sections of fire line for planned burnout. Tactical firing operations may continue adjacent to prepared fire line if conditions are favorable.

Rebel Fire is burning in heavy timber and rugged terrain along the South Fork of the McKenzie River. The fire continues to flank Forest Service Road (FSR)19. Yesterday and today, firefighters continue to prepare indirect lines at the northern portion of the fire and hold the fire at FSR 19 with burnout operations as needed. As a contingency, firefighters are continuing to improve lines around structures and to scout for additional contingency lines.

Avenue Fire is located two miles south of McKenzie River Ranger District office. PNW2 team has also taken command of 4 additional fires: Fire #204 (11 acres), Fire #183 (62 acres), Separation Fire (283 acres), and Roney Fire (113 acres). Firefighters continue prepping indirect lines to keep the fires south of the McKenzie Bridge area.

Fire Closures: There are area closures in place with numerous trails, campgrounds, and roads closed. Many campgrounds and trails in the eclipse path of totality are CLOSED due to fires including access to Mount Jefferson and Jefferson Park. Make sure to check often for updates and changes. for current conditions and closure information Please visit

If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more. Resources on the Willamette Complex include: 22 hand crews, 22 engines, 13 water tenders, and 10 bulldozers. 8 helicopters are assigned. 

JONES FIRE - 5,354 acres, 12 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Willamette National Forest 10 miles northeast of Lowell in Lane County. The fire is under the command of a type 2 IMT with Mike Ciarulo the IC. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but believed to be lightning. The fire is burning in grass and timber. Fire behavior was active with running, and spotting. This fire was started on the 10th. Fire activity increased in the afternoon yesterday and remained high overnight into the early morning today. The fire backed down to Fall Creek Trail to the southeast and began moving west within containment lines towards the fire’s interior. The northeastern portion of the fire spread quickly and approached uncompleted control lines. In repsonse, operations established a plan for new control lines at the next ridgeline. In the southwest, a small portion of fire moved beyond the USFS 1817 road control line but was contained. The fire continues to be held at the USFS 1817 road in the northwest. Construction of control line at the USFS 1817 and 1830 roads will begin in the northeast. Crews will continue to hold and improve existing control lines in the southeast, southwest, and northwest. Mop up operations continue in the northwest

Closures: Campgrounds closures: Dolly Varden (5 sites), Broken Bowl (16 sites), Big Pool (5 sites), Clark Creek Organizational Camp (5 bunkhouses), Bedrock (22 sites) and Puma Creek (11 sites)
Trail Closure: Fall Creek National Recreation Trail, Johnny Creek
Area closures: Cowhorn Mountain Lookout, Tall Trees Old Growth Grove
Road Closures: 18 road and 1800 roads 1806, 1817, 1818, 1828, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834

Resources assigned to the fire include; 21 hand crews, 15 engines, 11 water tenders, and 5 bulldozers are working. 2 helicopters have been assigned. But additional helicopters and air tankers have been working the fire when available.

 MILLI FIRE - 10,496 acres, 20 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Deschutes National Forest, and in the Three Sisters Wilderness 9 miles west of Sisters in Deschutes County. The fire is under the command of a type 1 IMT with John Pierson the IC, and the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Green IMT with  Bryan Anderson the IC for structural protection. The cause of the fire is lightning. The fire is burning in timber. Fire behavior was active with torching, crowing, and short range spotting. Winds from the southeast are pushing the fire north between Lava Camp Lake and Black Crater Lake.Crews and masticators continue working along OR242 to clear heavy fuels and strengthen the control line. Fire behavior is expected to increase due to forecasted southeast winds, warmer temperatures and lower relative humidity. Securing the northern flank of the fire is the highest priority. Firefighters continue to make good progress extending and strengthening hand lines and dozer lines along the northeast, east and southeast flanks in an effort to protect private lands and communities. Aircraft continues to provide support with water drops in various locations on the fire. Shifting winds will cause smoke to move from the south to the north. Communities north and northwest of the fire should expect to experience heavy smoke in their area as a result.


Level 3 - Crossroads, Edgington/Remuda, Wildwing subdivisions; Peterson Burn Road Area, and along both sides of Three Creeks Lake Road (Forest Road 16) about one mile south of Sisters from the junction of the Brooks Scanlon logging road.

Level 1- Tollgate subdivision and the community of Black Butte Ranch.

A Red Cross Evacuation Shelter has been opened at Sisters Middle School. Evacuees are highly encouraged to register with the Red Cross Safe and Well program, which allows loved ones to check on the whereabouts of residents. Sister’s Rodeo Ground is open for large animal evacuations. For assistance with animal evacuations, please contact the Pet Evacuations Team at 541-610-6628. 

Road Closures: 
OR 242 remains closed from Sisters west to Hwy 126.

Resources assigned to this fire include 13 hand crews, 26 engines for fighting the wildland fire with another 30 engines for structure protection, 15 water tenders, and bulldozers. Helicopters and air tankers are working the fire as well.

STALEY FIRE - 864 acres, 0 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Willamette National Forest 23 miles south of Oakridge in Lane County. The fire is under the command of a type 2 IMT with Brian Goff as the IC. The cause of the fire is believed to be lightning. The fire is burning in timber. Fire behavior was active with group torching, flanking, and short range spotting. Progress was made Sunday with line construction on the southern and eastern flank of the Staley Fire and on the northeastern corner of the Tumble Bug 2 Fire. The southwest corner of the Staley fire saw some movement. Night operations will continue on both fires to monitor lines. Hazards for fire fighters today include predicted low relative humidity and an east wind. Resources assigned include: 8 hand crews, 2 falling teams, 12 engines, 1 water tender, and 1 bulldozer. Helicopters are also working the fire. 

NENE SPRINGS FIRE - 68,135 acres, 60 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Jefferson County. The fire is under the command of the Warm Springs Fire Management. The cause of the fire is being investigated. The fire is burning in grass. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering. The fire did not grow yesterday, allowing firefighters to start the work of extinguishing hot spots, removing hazard trees and removing equipment used during suppression activities. Law enforcement officers lowered all evacuation levels to 1 Sunday. Residents in the Charley Canyon, Webster Flat Road, South Junction, Culpus Bridge, and Wolf Point Subdivisions are now able to come and go freely. It also means they should be "ready" to go if conditions change.  The Red Cross Shelter at the Warm Springs Recreation Center is now closed. The remaining two task force engines and firefighters from Multnomah and Yamhill counties were released Sunday to support other area fires. In total, the 19 engines, four water tenders and 79 firefighters greatly assisted wildland firefighters in protecting structures and containing the Nena Springs Fire. Their support and work to protect the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort, homes and other area structures were greatly appreciated by all at Warm Springs. After assessing the fire’s movement overnight, firefighters chose not to conduct a burning operation yesterday that would have added 4,000 acres to the fire’s size. This decision was made after firefighters observed the fire had not moved overnight. Wind direction was also not favorable to these efforts. Interior heat along some timber stringers is remaining. Firefighters will spend the next couple shifts extinguishing stump holes and other burning logs near the fire’s perimeter to extinguish any threat to containment efforts. Fire is burning in Segment 1 on the west side of the Lower Deschutes River. It is open and fire activities should not interfere with rafters. If you have questions, please contact the BLM Prineville District office at 541-416-6700. 

Evacuation Notices: The Kah-Nee-Ta Resort & Spa, Charley Canyon, Webster Flat Road, South Junction, Culpus Bridge, and Wolf Point Subdivision are at a Level 1 Evacuation Notice. 

Road Closures: Webster Flat Road is closed to all traffic.

Resources assigned in addition to the structural protection outlined above include; 5 hand crews including the type 1 Warm Springs Hotshots, 15 engines, and water tenders. 1 helicopter is working. 


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou Counties -

ECLIPSE COMPLEX - INCLUDES THE CEDAR, OAK, CLEAR, AND PRESCOTT FIRES - 35,358 acres, 19 percent contained. The complex is burning on the Klamath National Forest east of Happy Camp in Siskoyu County. The complex is under the command of a type 2 IMT with Curtis Coonts as IC. The cause of the fires is lightning. The fires are burning in grass and timber. Fire behavior was active with torching, uphill runs, and spotting. I guess somebody just had to seize the opportunity to name something for the great eclipse. And so you take three previous fires in the Oak. Cedar, and Clear Fires, and then combine them with a new one in the Prescott Fire...and that is what you have. 

Eclipse Complex Evacuation Warning for Residents Southwest of Happy Camp

Evacuation Warnings have been issued to residents located southwest of Happy Camp, on the southwest side of the Happy Camp airport and in the Clear Creek area. Notifications are being made as appropriate, based on current fire conditions, for people in these areas to be prepared to evacuate, should it be necessary.Forest Supervisor Patty Grantham said:“While our plan is a good one, and we don’t think the fire will reach town, it is always much better to have folks prepared for leaving just in case”.The Oak Fire spotted outside of containment lines on the southeast corner due to winds on Saturday evening.Firefighters are engaged in containing the fire on an alternate line further to the east that will tie into Highway 96, keeping the fire outside of Happy Camp. An Evacuation Warning means that you should be prepared to evacuate. Law enforcement and incident personnel will attempt to make personal visits to each residence and business in the areas of concern.Residents are responsible to make arrangements to move personal property and livestock.Residents need to make sure they have all of their valuables ready, along with medications and other critical belongings in case they have to be evacuated in the future.Some residents, primarily those with special health needs or other concerns, should relocate during this stage of evacuation. Should it be required, the next stage would be an Evacuation Order. This means that evacuation is necessary in order to protect the lives of area occupants and emergency personnel responding to the incident.Law enforcement and incident personnel will attempt to convey this information to citizens door to door in person and also through telephone notifications. Siskiyou County has instituted a rapid emergency notification service called CodeRED® which would be implemented if there was an Evacuation Order. CodeRED® employs an internet mapping capability for geographic targeting of calls, coupled with a high speed telephone calling system capable of delivering customized emergency messages directly to homes and businesses at a rate of 1,000 calls per minute.For more information, or to register for CodeRED go to:

Information to help you prepare for a possible evacuation can be found at:


It is likely that traffic on Highway 96 west (south) of Happy Camp will be affected by fire suppression activities in the near future. Traffic controls will likely be implemented, in coordination with the California Highway Patrol and California Department of Transportation.Temporary road closures could be required.

If you are planning to visit the Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District for hunting, please be aware of road, trail and area closures and check with the Ranger District at (530) 493-2243 before you arrive. 
The Eclipse Complex (CA-KNF-6098) now consists of five fires and has burned a total of 35,040 acres; the complex is 19% contained, with 986 personnel assigned. The East and Cedar fires have now merged. The Prescott fire continues to grow in the Siskiyou Wilderness and south and east towards the Clear fire. The Oak fire is the highest priority for fire fighters, who are working to construct fire lines along the eastern boundary. By tonight, it will probably have reached Highway 96, where fire fighters will use strategic ignitions to hold the fire. Smoke from the complex and other fires in the region will be the main weather factor, moderating fire behavior. Staying indoors to avoid the smoke, and reducing physical activity, are the best ways to protect your lungs from wildfire smoke.
Emergency Closure Orders: Closures have been executed for roads and trails near many of the wildfires, closing them to public entry to provide for safety. If you are planning to visit the Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District for hunting, please be aware of road, trail and area closuresAdditional information about the closures and the fires is available at the Inciweb link:, and at key location is Happy Camp and Seiad Valley.Resources assigned to the fire include; 24 hand crews, 28 engines, water tenders, and bulldozers. Helicopters and air tankers will be working as well. 

RUTH COMPLEX - Final report - 4,666 acres, 85 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Six Rivers National Forest 4 miles south of Ruth in Trinity County. The fire is under the command of a type 1 IMT with Mike Minton the IC. The cause of the fires in the complex is lightning. The fires are burning in grass and timber. Fire behavior was minimal with smoldering, backing, and creeping. As repair work is completed, heavy equipment, such as dozers and chippers, will be relocated to work on the Willie Fire today. The Willie Fire is 86 percent contained. The Mendocino Hotshots, who have been camping near the fireline for several days, will be transported by helicopter back to the ICP at the end of shift today after having successfully held the fire east of Rock Creek during a critical stage in the fire suppression effort. “The priority for firefighters working on the northwest corner of the fire will be to fortify and hold the line along Rock Creek today,” said Operations Section Chief Steve Burns at this morning’s operational briefing. Elsewhere, crews and heavy equipment are repairing roads, trails, and other areas affected by fire suppression activities. Approximately 70 percent of the repair work is complete. The 1,545-acre Dutchman Fire is 100 percent contained. If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more. Resources assigned include; 6 hand crews including type 1 hotshot crews, 14 engines, water tenders, and 9 helicopters are working the complex.

SALMON AUGUST COMPLEX- INCLUDES THE WALLOW FIRE - 8,202 acres, 27 percent contained. The complex is burning on the Klamath National Forest 9 miles west of Etna in Siskiyou County. The fire is under the command of a type 2 IMT So Cal Team 1 with Chris Fogle the IC. The cause of the fires is lightning. The fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior was moderate with backing, group torching, and short range spotting. The Salmon August Complex is currently comprised of six lightning-ignited fires on the Salmon/Scott River Ranger District of the Klamath National Forest in California:

The complex contains six fires; three are 100% contained; three continue to be active. Forest and fire managers will continue to focus efforts on the Wallow Fire due to the impact the fire conditions could have on private lands if it spreads.The past two days of burnouts on the Wallow Fire have been successful and will continue to work to secure the fire’s edge at the Pacific Crest Trail. The burnouts involve ground crew using drip torches to apply fire in designated areas; aerial resources use a Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD) to drop flammable balls to areas that have been prepared for burning. By containing the Wallow Fire’s growth to the east, the threat to private lands is reduced. The area of the fires is steep, difficult to access, and filled with many other hazards. This makes burnout operations the best option for stopping the fire that is low intensity, burning undergrowth, and providing wildlife benefits. Firefighters will be assigned to the Mary Fire to assess the fire’s current condition and potential need for management actions. The increase in acreage is due to the burnouts. The percent containment change is due to more accurate mapping of the fires within the complex. Fire camp was established Saturday in Etna. Today is the first day of school; drivers need to be alert for increased bus and car traffic, as well as children crossing the streets. Please observe closed road and trailhead postings for public and firefighter safety. Since burnouts will continue, expect increased smoke impacts in the Etna-Ft. Jones and I-5 corridors. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for Tuesday and could bring some precipitation.

Wallow Fire: 2,158 acres; 0% containment. Located near Bear Wallow Peak in the Marble Mountain Wilderness on the Klamath NF and is the main fire of concern. CAL FIRE continues its work to improve access on private roads adjacent to the Marble Mountain Wilderness and to reinforce established lines to shorten the access time for crews into the site prep areas near the PCT.

Island Fire: 1,525 acres; 60% containment. Creeping and smoldering behavior; being monitored by air resources. Due to the increased fire activity, the North Fork Salmon Trail No. 5405 is closed at Mule Bridge. The fire is unstaffed.

Mary Fire: is located five miles south of Cecilville on the divide between the Klamath and Shasta Trinity National Forests. 46 acres; 0 containment. Due to this fire being distant from private property or other values, it is a low priority for firefighting resources and is currently unstaffed.

Grizzly Fire: 66 acres; 100% containment. Monitor and assess for any future operation needs.

Pointers Fire: 2.5 acres; 100% containment.

Garden Fire: 183 acres; 100% containment

Residents in Ft. Jones, and the rest of the Scott Valley can expect to see smoke for the next several days, as smoke from this complex and surrounding fires continue to affect the area.

The Pacific Crest Trail is closed from Etna Summit north to Lovers Camp Trailhead (Forest Trail No. 5532). Forest Closure Order 17-05-799 remains in effect and is being revised to include Lovers Camp Trailhead (Forest Trail No. 5532) for the Salmon-August Complex as follows:

Forest Trail No. 5419 (Cabin Gulch Trail).

Forest Trail No. 5401 (Right Hand Fork Trail).

Forest Trail No. 5405 (North Fork Salmon Trail), beginning at the Mule Bridge Trailhead Developed Recreation Site and continuing northerly to its intersection with Forest Trail No. 5401 (Right Hand Fork Trail).

Forest Trail No. 2000 (Pacific Crest Trail), beginning at its intersection with County Road No. 1C01 (Sawyer Bar Road) and continuing northerly to its intersection with Forest Trail No. 5545 (Kidder Creek Trail)

Forest Trail No. 5403 (Bug Gulch Trail), beginning at its intersection with Forest Trail No. 5401 (Right Hand Fork Trail) and continuing westerly to its intersection with Grant Creek.

If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more. Resources assigned include; 19 hand crews including type 1 hotshot crews, smoke jumpers, and helicopters are working the complex.

ORLEANS COMPLEX - 8,242 acres, with 51 percent containment for the complex total. The complex is on the Six Rivers National Forest. A type II IMT has command of the western portion of the Complex including the Ukonom Fire with Mike Wakoski the IC. The Orleans Complex is a group of fires started by lightning nearest to Orleans. The fires are burning in timber. Some of which are in difficult to access terrain. Fire behavior has been active with backing, flanking, and short range spotting.

The Orleans Complex has 19 fires for a total of 8,096 acres. Thirteen fires have been contained. Six fires remain active: the Ukonom at 3,880 acres (52% contained); the Haypress at 2,586 (0% contained); the Burney at 1,294 (0% contained); the Forks at 243 acres (0% containment); the Frank at 27 acres (0% contained); and the Hooligan at 0.1 acres (0% contained. Active fires are being fought using a combination of containment and confinement strategies. The Haypress is the most active in the complex. To the north, the fire has crept out of the Marble Mountain Wilderness and has moved across the southern portion of Forest Road 13N42. The fire has crossed a segment of Haypress Creek, but is moving slowly. Crews are preparing to conduct tactical firing operations, within the next few days, to reduce fuels and limit the fire’s rate of spread if it comes out of Haypress drainage, to the west. In Wooley Creek, to the south, fire is backing downhill toward Fowler Cabin, which has been wrapped with protective material. Yesterday, a Wildland Fire Module crew hiked into the Wooley Creek area, in the Marble Mountain Wilderness, where the mule packers had established a temporary camp close to the fire perimeter. They are evaluating fireline access and tactical options, and monitoring fire activity. The crew will stay in the wilderness for several days while they implement a strategy aimed at keeping the fire from crossing Wooley Creek. The mule team transported supplies to the camp yesterday and are planning to make another delivery today. For additional information on mule teams, please visit the Inciweb incident site at Ukonom became more active and moved slowly in a southerly direction toward the Ukonom Lookout tower. The Burney grew slightly, but growth is still slow and limited. Over the past several days, the Forks and Frank have had some interior burning, but no perimeter growth. Heavy smoke impacts will continue in the region due to several active fires in the Klamath, Six Rivers, and Rogue-Siskiyou National Forests. Most of the smoke has been produced by fires on the Eclipse Complex and Salmon August Complex. Smoke is most dense near the fires and south of the fires. The most affected communities are along the Klamath River, the Hoopa Valley, Sawyers Bar, and the Scott Valley. Smoke is also affecting the Eureka and Weaverville areas. Information on the health effects of smoke and what you can do to reduce your smoke exposure can be found here


The Six Rivers National Forest remains under fire restrictions. Details about these restrictions can be found on the Forest website at

Drivers are asked to use caution and slow down when travelling between Somes Bar and Happy Camp on Highway 96 due to heavy fire traffic. There may be traffic controls at times. The Six Rivers National Forest remains under fire restrictions. Details about these restrictions can be found on the Forest Website at  If you are a resource manager, logistics, operations, or command on this incident, there is something you are going to want to check out to aid you in fighting this fire. And, it is fully MIST protocol compliant. Click here to learn more. Resources assigned include; 19 hand crews, 7 mules, 25 engines, 8 water tenders, and 19 bulldozers have been assigned. 8 helicopters have been as well. Air tankers are available if needed. Smoke from the complex will be reaching Jackson and Josephine Counties.


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