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Speedy Pack and Ship

1630 Williams Hwy

Grants Pass, OR.


541- 956 - 7639

Speedy Pack and Ship is the go-to resource for packing, shipping, printing and business service needs of the residents and businesses of Grants Pass, and the surrounding area. The team of dedicated, professionally trained experts understands the meaning of Super-Star Customer Care. They focus on saving you time and money by ensuring you get the right products and services at the right price in a single, quick visit.

They can pack and ship [almost] anything to [almost] anywhere in the world, but shipping is only one way they help to make your life easier. In addition to being a pack and ship service, they also do digital fingerprinting (the in Fieldprint fingerprinting provider in Jo Co), fax, notary services and mailbox rentals.

Their customers rave about the experience here. Debi Lucas said..."Shawn and his staff (especially Jess and Talee) really care about customer service - they are kind and helpful and its always a good experience doing business there. I find that even if i am waiting in a long line - everyone in line is happy to be there and will help each other hold pkgs etc - we all know that this store has the BEST customer service in a town where that is a rare thing to find."



EcoLife Natural Pest Solutions

Central Point, Or.

541 - 265 - 9676

EcoLife is a local family owned business offering natural and eco-friendly pest control solutions. They use their exclusive Simply Natural Solutions pest control products. From ants to termites, rodents to dry rot problems, the EcoLife team doesn't just eliminate pests, they prevent them from returning using effective, natural solutions. EcoLife utilizes natural solutions to lay down barriers to prevent future issues with pests. At the same time they use methods that are safer for use around homes to eliminate the pests already there. These methods are safer for kids, pets, and the environment in general. Everything is designed to have a light touch. No toxins so common in the pest control industry are used. So while it is lethal to pests, it is not harmful to the things you want to protect. Rogueweather followers will get an automatic discount just for saying you saw them at Rogueweather. And this is an offer you are going to want to take advantage of. All of that rain and snow this winter is going to mean LOTS of bugs come spring and summer. It always happens that way. So give them a call today and get them out to take the pests away from your life.



Matthew Newman Photography

It is my pleasure to introduce a gifted artist to you that uses photography as his medium to capture amazing images. Matthew Newman is a local photographer here in Southern Oregon who specializes in capturing images of the heavens above us. He is one of the premier artists doing this. His work has been shared here before. I think so much of him and his work that I wanted to promote him more. He is a genuinely great guy. You will enjoy talking to him about his artistry. His knowledge of the heavens is very impressive indeed. Please click on his link to like his Facebook page. You  will see tremendous examples of his work there. He can also tell you how to purchase that to help support him.



Grants Pass Family Medicine PC.
1837 Nebraska Avenue
Grants Pass, OR
541 - 476 - 3000
Today's health care has become very impersonal. You are rushed through visits to the doctor. You may have questions, but it seems you never get to ask them. Having a doctor that takes their time with you would be great right? How about one who would make a house call? No, I am serious.
Let me introduce Dr. Donna Givens to you. Donna is that throw back doctor. One who takes the time to get to know you. really know you. She is a first rate listener. And that is where good diagnosis begins. She has 10 years experience as a family medicine physician. And let me tell you the really great part. She is very affordable! Donna offers and believes in the $50 a month plan for you. You might have heard about this. If you are an adult between 20 - 44 you pay $50 a month, adults 45 - 64 pay $70 a month and it gives you all the care you realistically are going to need short of a catastrophic event. You get office visits with no co pay. You can get EKGs and other tests with no co pays. Best of all, no wait to see her! You can get an appointment for the same day or the next day. Can't make it in to see her? She will make house calls! I am not kidding. She makes house calls. There is a higher fee for adults over 65. But it is just $85 a month! Kids can get this for just $10 a month with an adult who is signing up. Employers, want to be able to cover this for your employees? Grants Pass Family Medicine can assist you with that. You then can offer them healthcare that will take care of the majority of their needs and their family's needs and do it affordably! For complete details on all of this, be sure to visit the website link above.
In today's world of healthcare with coverage that does nothing for you and deductibles that will break you before they ever pay for anything, it is great to be able to present this option to the Rogueweather family. I have had the chance to get to know Dr. Donna. She is straight up awesome and I highly recommend her for you primary medical care for you and your family.



Roto Rooter of Medford / Grants Pass Oregon

1289 Bens Lane

Medford, Oregon


Medford: 541-772-6766; Ashland: 541-482-4833; Grants Pass: 541-479-2901

"Call Roto Rooter, that's the name, and away go troubles down the drain." We all grew up with that jingle. But it is true, if you are having plumbing or drain problems you do call Roto Rooter and the troubles go down the drain. Rory and Tammy Summers own the Roto Rooter franchise here in the Medford and Grants Pass area. They are wonderful people and their staff is great to deal with. If you are having problems with plumbing or a drain, they can fix it fast. They offer complete residential and commercial plumbing and drain services such as an overflowing toilet, broken pipes, clogged laundry line, backed up sewer, broken water heater, grease trap and septic pumping, backflow repairs, leaking faucets, etc. No job is too big or too small for their experienced plumbers. They handle the smallest residential problems as well as large commercial, industrial and municipal plumbing and sewer problems. Give them a call if you need plumbing repair or a drain to be unclogged.



A Affordable Royal Flush

Eagle Point, OR

541 - 772 - 3389

http://www. Affordable-Royal-Flush- 219849408092011/?hc_ref= SEARCH&fref=nf

Think about the worst times your septic system could fail. Family gathering, the holidays, the middle of the night anytime. Face it, there is NEVER a good time for it. To make sure your septic system is always functioning turn to the experts at A Affordable Royal Flush. They will make sure your septic systems are always working at their best. Do you know how often your system should be pumped out? Every 3 - 5 years. Been longer than that since yours was? Get them on the phone right now. Did you know that a septic system is a living thing? It truly is. Click on the website link to learn more. If your septic system fails, or if you have any need for them, A Affordable Royal Flush can deliver portable toilets in Jackson County. If you need a septic system installed, A Affordable can do that as well. Like Josh at A Affordable always says, "A royal flush beats a full house any time."

Steward's Porta Potties

Prospect, Oregon.

541 - 560 - 3793

Stewards Porta Potties are your portable sanitation experts in Southern Oregon. They can provide you with portable toilets and sanitation services for a wide range of needs. Personal short term use. Construction sites, large family gatherings, corporate events, and special events of all kinds. Their facilities come with a wide range of amenities including full wash basins if needed. In addition to portable toilets, Stewards can pump out RV tanks. Stewards can also clean out septic lines and pump out septic systems if your home has a septic tank., Stewards will take care of a lot of chores you would just really rather not have to deal with that is for sure. They are proud to be supporting Rogueweather. So if you need anything that they can provide, give them a call. They are great people and you will have a great experience with them.



Hudson Saw and Tool

2919 North Pacific Highway

Medford, Oregon


541 - 772 - 2293

Hudson Saw and Tool is the former Cal Ore Carbide. I have know these guys for over ten years and they are great. If you have any kind of power tools from any manufacturer they can repair it. They also have new and reconditioned power tools on sale. These include cordless. You can also find accessories to get the job done here. Hudson Saw and Tool is the official dealer for all of Southern Oregon for Hotsy Power Washers. This is where you go to get a new unit or to get factory authorized warranty and repair work done on your Hotsy washers. Hudson Saw and tool also has accessories for all kinds of uses available. Really good people that work here and they all hunt and fish so you can go in and share your stories with them while you are getting your tools repaired or getting the bits you need.



Neptune Cremation Services

Lois Hoeffler Pre-Need Counselor

License # PN-9272

Medford, OR


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is one thing we will all have to deal with regardless of who we are. The end of our lives. Very often many people have failed to plan adequately for the one thing certain to occur. That 
forces grieving family members to have to deal with the decisions that you really should make. Since 1973 Neptune Cremation Services has been the largest provider of affordable cremation services in the Nation. All details are finalized in advance so your family members do not need to worry about making decisions. I have experienced this in my own life. My grandmother on my Dad's side of the family passed away. We were literally wondering what to do next when we got the phone call from the pre-need counselor. Grandma had planned out every detail for us. The service, where she wanted to be placed, everything. All we had to do was show up to honor her. What a great relief it was to have had her make all the decisions and plans. And something else she did. She literally saved us thousands of dollars. If you pre-plan your end of life arrangements, you will lock in pricing that can save your family a huge bill just when they do not need it. Neptune secures your plan with a state required trust fund. This is held and invested for future need. This is your last gift you will give to your family. Your thoughtfulness will be so appreciated. Give Lois a call and arrange a meeting with her to work out your plan. Neptune is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and is highly rated by J.D. Power & Associates. They will be there when your family needs them and Lois will work with you to see that every detail is covered.



Cartwrights Valley Meat and Deli

825 Union Avenue

Grants Pass. Or.


541 - 479 - 0321

Cartwright's Valley Meat offers an incredible selection of the finest hand picked produce you will find around. They pride themselves on having locally produced fruits and vegetables. They work with the largest number of local growers of any store in the area. They are constantly sourcing the freshest that they can get for you.



Whitewater Worthy Equipment
Medford, Oregon
541 - 499 - 8609
You can find rafting equipment for sale at any number of retail outlets. Heck, even some grocery stores here in Medford and Grants Pass sell rafts and paddles. Rafting is great fun and many people enjoy it. But, our local rivers are not ones to venture out on with gear purchased at grocery or department stores. Our rivers are serious whitewater rivers that are difficult and a challenge even for those properly equipped. And being sure you are properly equipped is the first step to having a safe rafting experience. We are lucky indeed to have a dedicated rafting supply company right here in Medford. Whitewater Worthy Equipment is owned by serious whitewater addicts. They are pros at taking on the biggest rivers in the Western US. And because of that experience they have the finest equipment available to you to make sure you have what you need.
From rafts to rowing frames, to gear bags they have it all. They even have trailers to carry your rafts that are built right here in Central Point. These are custom built to order trailers suited to your need. And, they come with a roller system which makes loading or unloading a breeze. They can offer a complete package to you that includes your choice of a raft, and then all the gear you need to go with it. Rowing frame, paddles from Sawyer Paddles, gear bags, will be all set for your next rafting adventure. Jake and his crew will be sure you are ready for that big whitewater thrill ride, or for making a pleasure or fishing trip. I have been rafting since I was just a kid. Having a resource like this right here is a great thing indeed. So when you need rafting gear that can stand up to the challenge of our class 4 and 5 waters here in Southern Oregon and Northern California, go where the worthy gear is at. Head to Whitewater Worthy Equipment. Be sure to tell them Rogueweather sent you.


Brian & Dana Godley


RE/MAX Integrity Realty

1830 NE 7th St Ste 101

Grants Pass, OR


541 - 613 - 5336

I am very happy to introduce not just a single real estate professional, but a team to you...and one of them happens to be a guy I have known for a long time now. My friend Brian Godley and his wife Dana work as team to assist you with your real estate needs. Brian has grown up here in the Rogue Valley. He was a standout athlete at Crater High School in Central Point. He knows this valley like few others. Dana is a well known artist and glass sculptor here in the area. The great part about this team is that Brian and Dana are going to know every neighborhood in Jackson and Josephine County well. They will know how to help you find just what you are looking for. And, if you need it sold, they have the resources to make that happen. They are part of the Re Max team and that means more resources and more ways to help you. Brian is as awesome a guy as you will ever find. He is easy going and will take the stress out of everything. Dana is just like him so the two of them make a great team for you. Be sure to click on the link to see what they have available right now. Or, call them about that some place special you want. They can find the way to get it done for you.

Cerise Stephens

Broker Windemere Van Vleet and Associates Realtors

Medford, OR

541 - 601 - 6343

I am thrilled to have Cerise Stephens as a sponsor of Rogueweather. Cerise is a pros pro. She is an industry leader. Not just here in Medford mind you....but in the entire real estate industry! She has been with Windemere Van Vleet and Associates Realtors for over 20 years. She KNOWS this area. She is a source of leadership as well. She has been the President of the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors twice, including for 2016. She is the current Oregon Association of Realtors State Director. She has a long list of very satisfied clients who refer her often and then return to her for assistance with any purchase or sale. Knowing some of them and hearing what they have to say about her it is clear she is a community builder. And, she puts her effort into the community to make it better for all. She is active with the Robert and Frances Chaney Family Foundation where she is on the board of directors and assist with grant reviews. She been a participant of the Friends of the Jacksonville Cemetery. But, her mission of love is the Rogue Valley Food and Wine Classic, benefiting the Oregon Assoc. Of Realtors Home Foundation where she is the Chair. And what does that do? They raise money to be able to assist people who are at or below the median income level who might not otherwise be able to have a get them into one. All the monies raised at this event STAYS in our community. See what I mean about community builder? Give her a call to see what she can help you with.

Chris and Kim Knox

Landline Real estate LLC.

Medford, Or

541 - 890 - 7101

Home is the place we make our most precious memories, but it is also the biggest and most important investment most people will make in their lifetime. If you are considering a move, get in touch with Chris and Kim Knox, Realtors in Southern Oregon. They work as a sales team and it is obvious that they LOVE the Real Estate biz. They are experienced, high-tech, and productive. Upsizing, downsizing, or a first timer, they will guide you through the process and help you make crucial decisions. Let Chris and Kim turn their passion and energy into your biggest investment.

Cynthia Naumes


Keller Williams Realty

Medford, Oregon

541 - 944 - 0900 - Cell

It is my pleasure to HIGHLY recommend Cynthia for any of your real estate needs in Southern Oregon. Cynthia might just be one of the most highly trained real estate agents in the area. She has earned certifications as a specialist in selling million dollar residential properties along with commercial properties as well. She is also a certified residential specialist. When it comes to buying or selling any type of property, there is nothing that she cannot handle. Cynthia's family is one of Southern Oregon's most recognized names from the agricultural industry. She has spent her life here in Southern Oregon and knows the area extremely well. She is a wonderful person to know and she works very hard for her clients who usually wind up being friends. She is an agent who works for you on your side. If you have any issues at all, or have questions about real estate in Southern Oregon be sure to call her for help and advice. You will not be disappointed.

Danielle West


Keller Williams Realty

Medford, Ore.

541 - 951 - 4224

Danielle West is at Keller Williams Realty here in Medford. Danielle gets to uses her expertise to find the perfect home or property for anyone and any budget. She can generate lists of available listings for you to preview to concentrate on just what you are wanting. Locations in cities or in the country, Danielle will find them. Being a part of Keller Williams provides Danielle with more resources to help offer you a level of service beyond what you might expect. You get the resources of a team not just one person. Danielle is a native of the valley and enjoys helping people and seeing the smiles when their dream comes true. In fact, she loves that. She and her husband and their kids enjoy going to Britt, and performances at the Craterian. They also love taking time to relax in the great outdoors. If you want to have an experience where you are more than just a client, Danielle is the one to call.

Garrett Zoller

Land and Wildlife LLC Realty

Medford, Oregon


I have known Garrett Zoller for a while now. I first met him while I was working for a local manufacturing company and he was one of my accounts to service. Garrett is a Southern Oregon boy and he knows our area extremely well. If you are considering owning a piece of paradise here in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho that offers you more than just a home, this is your guy to see! Garrett is the Co-Owner and Managing Principal Broker of Co-Owner, Founder and Managing Principal of Land and With the main office right here in Medford, Land and Wildlife specializes in Farm, Ranch and Recreational Real Estate throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. They can get you set up to purchase land that will also provide you with recreation right outside your door. They can get you set up with land that has the potential to turn into income. The best part of this is it may not be nearly as much as you think. Garrett is a fellow outdoorsman and he knows what is means to find that special piece of paradise that you can call your own. If that appeals to you, give Land and Wildlife and Garrett a call at 866-559-3478.

Mark Dewey


RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate

3539 Heathrow Way #200

Medford, OR


541 - 292 - 3331

I have known Mark a lot of years now. He calls himself the Real Estate Guy. You might have seen other advertising for him where "The Real Estate Guy" just stood out. Mark loves being the Real Estate Guy. And, he wants to be YOUR Real Estate Guy. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He knows how to get it done for you. And he is relentless to make sure you are getting nothing but the absolute best he has to offer. Beyond this though, Mark is just an awesome guy. He really is one of the best. And his personality is terrific! I will tell you that being around him will have you laughing and smiling a lot. He is just a great guy to hang out with. But, when it is time to get the deal done, or get your property sold he is on it. But, you will have more fun with far less stress. And, you will make one terrific friend to have. Get in touch with Mark and see what he can do you for you.

Tammie St.Clair


Home Quest Realty

Medford, OR

541 - 941 - 3478

Tammie St.Clair with Home Quest Realty of Southern Oregon was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. Growing up in a small community you knew your neighbors and waving when they drove by was just something everyone did. She has watched Southern Oregon grow and expand and she still feels community is very important and that is what made becoming a realtor almost second nature to her. Helping people is something she is passionate about. She is determined to help her clients through the process of buying or selling. She strives to deliver an exceptional service everytime. Buying or selling a home can be a complicated and exhausting experience. But not with Tammie. She is driven to always be there and handle all the details with you. She is ready and willing to help you with all of your real estate needs and looks forward to working hand in hand with you to achieve a successful and happy experience!

Vicki Fletcher

Owner - Broker

Finish Line Real Estate

541 - 821 - 6922

When the race is on to buy or sell a home, call Vicki! This is how Vicki Fletcher the owner of Finish Line Real Estate of Medford positions herself in the marketplace. Vicki is a big race fan and has owned and driven her own cars at the local race track here in Medford. She is very driven to help you with your real estate needs. Vicki has years of experience working in the industry. She is the 2017 President of the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors. And, she is a 2016 graduate of the Oregon Leadership Academy. Vicki is another extremely knowledgeable professional that you will be very happy to sit down with when it comes to real estate in Southern Oregon.

Windemere Trails End Real Estate

21675 Highway 62,

Shady Cove, OR


541 - 878 - 2249

Windermere Trails End Real Estate’s commitment to providing the best real estate services possible has made them a leader in the Upper Rogue since 1976. Their agents understand the uniqueness of the area from riverfront properties to vacation homes, log homes, ranches, commercial properties and more. Their agents offer unsurpassed local expertise as well as experience with: HUD homes, Bank-owned properties, and Short sales. Whatever your real estate needs, they can help you reach your goals with confidence. Did you know that when you buy or sell a home through Windemere Trails End Real Estateyou are making a difference in the lives of those in your community? Every time a Windermere agent sells a home a portion of the commission goes to the Windermere Foundation, a non profit organization established in 1989. The funds in the foundation are dedicated to non profit agencies dedicated to helping low income and homeless families. Last year the agents of Windermere Trail's End Realty were able to purchase 32 pairs of shoes for children at Shady Cove Elementary / Middle School. Additionally, they have been able to purchase school supplies, and coats for children at Shady Cove schools, support the Upper Rogue Community Center's after school program, ACCESS food share, Kids Unlimited, and Rogue Valley YMCA. When you work with them, you help them do great work in our community.



At the corner of Stewart and Riverside in Medford.

541 - 779 - 4294

Arby's is actually an acronym. It stands for America's Roast Beef Yes Sir. Did you know that? All it has stood for to me is delicious sandwiches. I have long been a fan of their roast beef sandwiches piled high with tasty beef done their way. As the years have gone on, they have expanded the choices on the menu. In the last three years there have been significant changes as turkey, chicken, and fish sandwiches have made their way on the menu. Some of that is mandated, and some of it reflects changing consumer taste. But one thing is sure, it is all good! At Arby's they say we have the meats. That is sure true. It is far more than just roast beef now. The owners Bob and Cheryle have a wonderful crew there and you will have great customer service. If you have not tried Arby's is time that you should!

Dairy Queen

1078 Morrow Road.At the corner of Biddle and Morrow near Food 4 Less

Medford, OR


541 - 776 - 0844

Dairy Queen is one of the most recognized and loved fast food chains in America. From their beginnings in Illinois in 1941 Dairy Queen now has over 6000 locations across the US and Canada. And, who does not love Buster Bars, Dilly Bars, the Sundaes, and the beloved DQ Blizzards? But, have you had the meals there? Dairy Queen identifies themselves as a "Grill and Chill". That is so true. They offer a menu full of traditional favorites. Awesome hamburgers, chicken strip baskets, sandwiches, salads, sides of all kinds. The choices are endless here. Burgers can be basic or can be Dairy Queen specialties like the Flamethrower Burger. You better be able to handle hot stuff to try that. Their Mushroom Swiss burgers are awesome. In fact, there is not much on their menu I do not like. Dairy Queen is a frequent stop for our family. Joe Donnelly and his crew at the Dairy Queen at the corner of Biddle Road and Morrow Road in North Medford treat everybody awesomely. You get great food, with great service. For a full meal or for a treat, it is so hard to top Dairy Queen. Stop by and tell Joe and his team Rogueweather sent you.


Angelos Pizza

2161 W. Main Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 773 - 2022

725 N. Main Street

Phoenix, Oregon


541 - 535 -5315

I will not hide the truth......I LOVE Angelos Pizza. The food is great and they do make one of a kind pizzas here like the JJs Special which is a favorite in this house. They also offer an all you can eat lunch buffet that is the best deal in town for just $8.50. On Monday nights during the NFL season they have a special buffet at both locations where you can win prizes related to each week's team and munch on pizza, chicken, jojo potatoes, and the salad bar offerings for one low price, while you watch the game. The owner of Angelos, Pat Folger has been one of the biggest supporters of from it's earliest beginnings as an e mail weather forecasting service. So take the family, the team, or have your order delivered...but give Angelos a shot the next time you want pizza. You will not be disappointed!


Pressure Point Roofing

Medford and Eugene, Oregon

Medford Phone - 541 - 772 - 1945

Eugene Phone - 541 - 688 - ROOF (7663)

Pressure Point Roofing was started by Dave Judd here in Medford in the 1980s. Pressure Point quickly established a solid reputation for first rate work. Word about Dave and the work he could do spread quickly. Dave then launched a series of very visible TV commercials that came across more like news stories. He called these "Up on the Roof with Dave" and they launched Pressure Point Roofing into the position of being the foremost roofing company in the Rogue Valley. Dave has moved on, but the company is in solid hands with owner Matt Stone. Matt was Dave's top hand and nothing has changed at all. Same great work, same solid reputation. Matt believes strongly in giving back to the community and has done roofing jobs at no charge for families in dire need and who did not have the money to pay for it. He has also done work for the families of members of the military who are serving us. This is a company you will want to support! Pressure Point only uses the very best materials from manufacturers who stand behind their products the way that Pressure Point stands behind their work. You get a lifetime guarantee from Pressure Point on the work they perform. Try getting that out of other contractors. Pressure Point is growing, and they are now serving the Willamette Valley out of Eugene. So for the absolute best work you will ever have done, make a phone call to Pressure Point Roofing. It will be one of the best calls you have ever made.



Western Auto Sales and RVs

1492 Burlcrest Dr, Next to Highway 62 a mile north of Lowes.

Medford, OR


541 - 500 - 8555

You know Western Auto Sales is a great place to purchase pre owned vehicles, but did you know that Western is also a really great place to purchase new and pre owned RVs? True. Western Auto Sales has become Western Auto Sales and RVs. They carry new travel trailers of all kinds from Forest River, Heartland, Pacific Coachworks, Prime Time, and Riverside RV. They have many other pre owns from popular manufacturers. They also have a nice selection of 5th wheels and toy haulers....and 5th wheel toy haulers. Need financing? They have great options for you. Want to trade in your old RV? They will give you top dollar for it. They treat everybody like they are a member of the family. I can totally recommend Western Auto Sales and have to many people. I even recommend them to people I have to see everyday.....and you know you get great customer service for somebody to do that! When you go sure to tell them sent you.


Sweet Water Sanitation LLC.

White City, Or.

541 - 821 - 1426

Sweetwater Sanitation LLC has been serving Southern Oregon since 1996. They pump Septic, Grease and Holding Tanks as well as Vault Toilets, Lift Stations, and Gray Water from residences, businesses, events and fire camps. Let's face it, they do one of those things that has to get done that nobody wants to do. They are certified experts in the services they provide. Kevin and his guys are available at any time you might need them. They understand that sometimes when you need them most, it is not always between 9 - 5 Monday through Friday. When you have to have it pumped out and hauled away, let Sweetwater take care of it for you.



Southern Oregon Archery

226 E. Pine Street

Central Point, Oregon


541 - 664 - 3310

Southern Oregon Archery does have an indoor 30 yard shooting range in their shop. They will do organized shoots for fun or for real competition as they have leagues that shoot weekly. If you want to learn to shoot, instruction is offered. Stop by and see them, or check their website for the details.



BLT's Rogue River Shuttles

Galice, Oregon.

541 - 472 - 0613

When it comes to making a float trip down the river, just arranging the vehicles can be a big headache. You need to get a vehicle or vehicles at the take out point. And then there are the vehicles or vehicle left at the put in point. And then there is the driving back to the put in point from the take out point. And no matter what, you invite trouble these days leaving vehicles unattended for long at boat ramps.

And that is where BLT's Rogue River Shuttle Service comes to save the day! BLT's will pick up your vehicles at the launch point, and then take them to their home and park them there. Nice safe and secure. When the day comes that you want your vehicle or vehicles at the take out point, BLT's will have them there ready for you. No need to have to run back up to pick up a rig or rigs. They are all right there ready for everybody.

BLT's has years of experience and many happy clients. They service the Middle and Lower Rogue from Grants Pass to Gold beach. You tell them where to pick up the vehicles, and where you want the vehicles to be at the end of your float trip and they take care of the rest. They do have permits for the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue so there is nowhere they cannot go. With BLT's you are in good hands. Give them a call or visit their Facebook page to arrange their services for your next rafting or fishing trip. BLT Shuttle Service is an equal opportunity recreation service provider operating under special use permit within the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.



Rogue Ski Shop

309 East Jackson Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 772 - 8047

This is THE ski shop in Southern Oregon. Actually, no matter how you love to play in the snow, Rogue Ski Shop has what you need. Alpine, cross country, snow boards, and even snow shoes......if you ski or board, this is where you just have to go to begin your adventures. Bob and Sandy Mathews have been great friends and they have assembled the best of the best to get you the gear your need to have all the fun you want. They also have knowledgeable experts on hand to repair your equipment when it gets dinged up. I am VERY particular about my skis and Bob is one of the very few techs out there that I will trust my gear to. You will find me frequently just hanging out in there chatting with Bob. And that is the cool part about wanna just get in there and chat and learn more about the snow sports you enjoy that is ok with them too.


Waterworld Boat and Power Sports

5731 Crater Lake Highway

Medford, Oregon


800 - 247 - 7147

541 - 826 - 5535

Waterworld Boat and Power Sports is Southern Oregon's dealer for Ski Doo snowmobiles. In addition to offering the Ski Doo line, Waterworld Boat and Power Sports will also have used machines on sale. no matter what you are looking for in a snowmobile, you can be sure to find it at Waterworld. They also have accessories of all kinds available. Get everything you need to make your snowmobiling adventures enjoyable. Watwerworld Boat and Power Sports also has factory trained service technicians on hand to make sure your snowmobile is always running at it's best. Stop in and see what they are Southern Oregon's #1 Power Sports dealer.



Grandpa Graham's BBQ Sauce

125 Allenwood Drive.

Grants Pass, Oregon.


541 - 659 - 5748

This sauce is the BOMB!! We love it on pretty much everything. Michael Graham is the one behind the sauce. Michael had been following Rogueweather for awhile, and then one day he said, "I make this great barbeque sauce. You wanna try some?" Fans of barbeque that we are we said yes. What we got was amazing. Michael uses a family recipe and at it's core is blackberries. Fresh, local, wild grown blackberries. It's 100 percent natural, NO high fructose corn syrup & gluten free. We fell in love with the first bite. We have used it on beef, pork, poultry, you name it it all goes good with Grandpa Grahams. It is dynamite on wild game and if you are a hunter you will want to try this. Grandpa Grahams' is available in a variety of flavors to suit you. Original, Sweet & Spicy, Roasted Chipotle, and Hickory Smoke. I am very big on the Roasted Chipotle. Just love it. Try Grandpa Grahams'. You will get hooked on it.


Black Bird Shopping Center

1810 W. Main Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 779 - 5431

Black Bird Shopping Center is locally owned and operated since 1965. Originally an army surplus store it now is one of Medfords largest sporting goods stores. In addition to hunting, fishing, camping and water sports the store has a large automotive and RV department and is an Ace Hardware store. They have a full service screen repair department along with all your other hardware needs. In the winter they have a full service ski shop with ski, snowboard, and snow shoe rentals. A large men's clothing department including big and tall sizes has work wear and sports wear for all seasons. The shoe department has work, hiking and casual shoes for men and women.
The Black Bird also hosts the largest fishing tournament in the State of Oregon each June, the Black Bird Fishing Derby which is held at Diamond Lake. This event targets rainbow trout. Anglers compete to win the cash prizes that go along with having the biggest fish. Tagged trout are released into the lake and those fish are worth cash, (up to one million dollars), and prizes like new boats. This has become a hugely popular event here in Southern Oregon with anglers coming from all over now to compete in it.



Pacific Survey Supply

908 N Riverside Ave.

Medford, OR


541- 772 - 5777

What is in a name may not always be what the business is. Such is the case here. Since 1984, Pacific Survey Supply has served the professional surveying and engineering community with innovative new technologies. The have consistently been a leader in new and innovative technologies, from 3D construction laser equipment to precise global positioning systems, Pacific Survey Supply has been the place to find the most exciting products in the industry for over 30 years. But, as I said, survey equipment and supplies are not all they do. If you are looking for GPS devices of any kind for work, or for fun, Pacific Survey has the full line of Garmin and Trimble products. Pacific Survey will have what you need to help your find your way around quickly and with pinpoint precision. Topographical maps of the areas that you like to hike, fish or hunt in are always available. In addition, Pacific Survey Supply offers reprographic services, prints, 
reductions, enlargements, scan to print and scan to file. You can get your plans done quickly and professionally here from 6:30 AM to 6 PM M-F and 6:30 to 2 PM on Saturday. See what I mean now when I say that Pacific Survey Supply is far more than just the name? Doug Devine and his staff are great people to deal with. You will enjoy your time with them.



A Cool Pool Store

1325 Center Dr, Ste 110

Medford, OR


541 - 770 - 2665

We are thrilled to welcome Allicia Cool back as a sponsor to Rogueweather. Alicia's store is a place you will want to check out if you have a swimming pool. She specializes in helping you take good care of your pools so they are always ready to go for you to enjoy. She offers professional water testing and carries GLB, HASA, OMNI and LEISURE TIME swimming pool and spa chemicals. She will take the stress out of trying to balance and maintain your pool or spa on your own. Bring a water sample in and she will do the rest. You will get step by step instructions to help you maintain a beautiful swimming pool for your enjoyment. And, if you can't make it to her, she can come to you with her mobile service. A Cool Pool Store also carries accessories of many kinds and you will find pool toys there. In fact, you never know for sure what she might have for you. Always be checking her Facebook page now that we are coming into swimming pool time. You will find specials to help you save money, and you can see what kind of fun new things she has in.



Town and Country Taxi - formerly Double D Shuttle

Grants Pass, OR.

541 - 476 - 7773

Town and County Taxi provides 24 hour a day transportation out of Grants Pass to get you wherever you might need to go. Medical appointments for stable patients. They offer airport shuttle service to all of Josephine County, Southern Douglas County, and Western Jackson County. They also do really fun things like winery tours and transport of wedding parties. Town and Country Taxi can get it done for you. Town and Country Taxi has been in the business since 2000. They are family owned and operated. They started doing this to help people and they have never lost sight of that vision. They have 40 years of total experience in their drivers. They offer easy payment for their services including credit and debit cards. Have an elderly family member who cannot drive but needs to get to shopping and appointments? Town and Country Taxi will allow you to pre pay for their services. That way your elderly family members do not have to pay themselves at time of service. Town and Country Taxi will do this for special needs adults as well. Town and Country Taxi offers a tremendous service to Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley. I am pleased to tell you about them and hope you will utilize their service whenever you can. Just great people.


Les Schwab Tire Centers

Locations throughout the west!!

What Les Schwab Tire Centers is known for is service. They come running to meet you when you arrive. You never have to look for help. If you are on the road and have tire or battery trouble they will come to you. At any Les Schwab store the goal is to exceed your expectation on every visit. They consistently offer the highest quality for the dollar of any tire or battery retailer you will find. And they stand behind everything with a warranty that says that if there is a problem, they will take care of it. I know that is true, If they can't stand behind that promise....they will not sell it. It was true when Les Schwab himself ran the company and it is true today. But, service for Les Schwab also means service to the community. In ways large and small, Les Schwab Stores back many community groups and organizations. Where would 4 H and FFA be without their support? Where would so many programs be that help kids in our communities. Les Schwab employees volunteer thousands of hours back into their communities. So while they may be a large company and can offer the benefits of that, they are truly still a small home town business at their core. I am deeply grateful for the support they show Rogueweather. I completely recommend them for your tire, battery, brake, shock, and alignment needs.



God and Country Tree Service, LLC.

Glendale, Oregon.

541 - 761 - 5141

CCB # 205970

God and Country Tree Service offers quality tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and property thinning. Based in Glendale in Southern Douglas County, they can get to all parts of Southern Oregon. And their work does take them to all parts of Southern Oregon. They are available 24/7 for emergency services and specialize in hazardous tree services. Family owned and operated by Travis and Amy Barney, Travis has 13 years experience, and is licensed, bonded, and insured. They thrive on honest, quality work and believe in providing a great service at affordable prices. Give them a call to come take a look for free and they will come up with a solution.


Oregon Truck & Auto Authority - formerly Line X of Southern Oregon

4840 Airway Drive

Medford, Oregon


541 - 734 - 2600

Oregon Truck & Auto Authority, formerly Line X of Southern Oregon, the beast selection of truck accessories in Southern Oregon. They can set your truck up with running boards, nerf bars, and other popular accessories as well. So while you are getting a high quality Line X bedliner on your truck. Nobody offers the selection, the quality, and the outstanding service they do. My friends Justin and Mark and the whole team at Oregon Truck & Auto Authority are as great as they come. I recommend them completely knowing you will have a great experience there. Click on the link above or stop in to see what a Line X bed liner, or their complete line up of accessories can do for you.


A&M Transport

Glendale, Oregon.

800 - 547 - 1214

A & M Transport is a transportation company engaged primarily in hauling truckload shipments of general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce. A & M Transport was founded by Andy and Marian Owens on March 3, 1989 and is located in Glendale, Oregon. The Company is owned and managed by the Owens family and now proudly employs 3 generations of family members. A&M Transport operates throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada & Arizona with most of the activity occurring on the I-5 corridor. The principal types of freight transported include consumer products, retail store merchandise, food products, paper products, beverages, industrial products, steel products, lumber & other building materials.This company has established an excellent reputation for professionalism in the trucking industry. It is a wonderful thing that they are true blue Southern Oregon. I am thrilled to have their support and for Rogueweather to be a valued resource for them.



Eco Tots

131 SW G St,

Grants Pass, OR


541 - 660 - 3331

Nestled in the historic district of beautiful Grants Pass, Eco Tots is a Southern Oregon family operated earth friendly children's boutique. Since 2007, they have had the pleasure of being the Rogue Valley's one-stop-shop for natural and sustainably made children's products.

They have the largest selection of Melissa and Doug Toys in all of Southern Oregon. If you do not know, Melissa and Doug Toys are committed to making products that inspire open-ended thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities. And speaking of toys, Eco Tots has NO plastic toys. Everything is made to last many years, decades maybe. And, they have CLASSIC toys that many of you are familiar with. REAL slinkies! Not the plastic ones. The ones you remember as a kid. The have the OLD paratrooper sets. How about OLD school jack in the Boxes with the tin boxes? Got those too. They even have the old school jump ropes you grew up with. Think of how long these toys have lasted. Imagine giving your kids or gift of a toy that lasts and inspires for many years. OH! They have the ORIGINAL Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. The ones that really DO smell like strawberries.

In addition to the great toy selection, Eco Tots has a terrific selection of children's clothes in all sizes from infant all the way up to 5t. They offer the majority of their clothes in organic cotton or bamboo. Their clothing is designed to be comfortable and durable. In addition to the clothes, Eco Tots has the Minnetonka line of slippers and mocs. Minnetonka's name is well known for the craftsmanship that goes into everything they make. Their slippers and mocs come in a wide range of sizes. And, there really is a variety of styles to choose from. There is a lot to love about Eco Tots. They invite you all in to see what you will love. Great people here.