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Hudson Saw and Tool

2919 North Pacific Highway

Medford, Oregon


541 - 772 - 2293

Need to get your knives sharpened up before your next hunting or fishing trip? These are the guys to see! The crew at Hudson Saw and Tool has decades of experience in sharpening knives and saws. They can get your implements laser sharp. I trust all of my knives and other tools like bone saws to the pros at Hudson Saw and Tool to get a good sharp edge on them so they will be up to the job when I need them. They are also experts at saw sharpening and you will get professional grade saw sharpening done here. Tell 'em sent you.



Edgewater Inn

7800 Rogue River Dr.

Shady Cove, Oregon.


541 - 878-3171

The Edgewater Inn in Shady Cove gives you the chance to do more relaxing and less driving. Located along the Rogue River in Shady Cove, the Edgewater Inn offers clean, comfortable rooms at affordable rates. The rooms are set with decor that make you feel like you are in a mountain cabin. With the river right there, you do not have to go far to find great fishing. If you are planning a wedding or a family reunion, the Riverhouse is right next door. This facility is run through Jackson County Parks and the Edgewater makes a great place for everybody to stay. The Edgewater also has a large conference room so if you are looking for a place to hold a business retreat. the Edgewater has everything you need for the purpose. The tables, the chairs, and electronic capabilities. You will relax in the pool and hot tub, and the Edgewater has a barbeque for you to fire up. They also have their own fish cleaning station. This makes them the perfect headquarters for a fishing trip on the river, or the nearby lakes. Clients of guides in the area do get a break on pricing too so be sure to ask about that.

Touvelle House Bed and Breakfast

455 N Oregon St.

Jacksonville, OR


541- 899-8938

Built in 1916 in the Craftsman style, the TouVelle House Bed and Breakfast is truly a one of a kind experience. The stately house actually had it's beginnings in 1866 with the original cabin built by William Hoffman. The current house incorporated the original cabin into it as it is now the library and dining room within the house. Every bit of the house retains the original hand built craftsmanship right down to the amazing hearth around the fireplace. All the rocks hewn and placed by hand. Now that you have read this, you can see that staying here is a unique experience. The Touvelle House is located close to everything in Jacksonville, Britt Gardens is an easy walk away. Or, maybe just come to stay and enjoy the park like grounds with the magnificent valley oaks framing the house and providing cooling shade in the summer.

Touvelle House offers you a real breakfast when you stay with them. This is not pastries and juice. We are talking full breakfasts homemade with love. Perfect to start the day. The owners of the Touvelle House are Jamie and Shawn Kerr. Jamie grew up here in Medford and met Shawn when she was working in law enforcement in California and he was working as a digital forensic analyst. He still does that line of work which can make for interesting conversations. Purchasing Touvelle House was a dream come true for them. They invite you to come stay with them. Everything about your time at Touvelle House Bed and Breakfast will make you feel like you are family, not just a guest.



Rogue Health LLC.

2596 E Barnett Rd.

Medford, OR


541 - 727 - 1996



Cartwrights Valley Meat and Deli

825 Union Avenue

Grants Pass. Or.


541 - 479 - 0321

Cartwright's Valley Meat is an institution over in Grants Pass. For decades they have offered the very best quality in meats of all kinds for Rogue Valley families. Organic, free range, grain fed, grass will find all kinds of meats available for you there. And Cartwrights also offers an incredible selection of the finest hand picked produce you will find around. They pride themselves on having locally produced fruits and vegetables. They work with the largest number of local growers of any store in the area. They are constantly sourcing the freshest that they can get for you.

Cartwrights has expanded their beer and wine sections. You will always find an amazing selection to chose from perfect to compliment any meal, or just to enjoy as a drink. Cartwrights has a tap wall with dozens of hand crafted beers on tap for filling growlers. I could not believe how many there were.Cartwright's opened a satellite deli location on Beacon Road next to DMV and Yogurt Hut that provides easy in and out service if you want a sandwich.

At one time I had Grants Pass as a territory for one of our local radio stations. Cartwrights was always a favored lunch stop for a great sandwich piled high with deli meats and cheeses on fresh bread. And of course would grab steaks and other meat to bring home for the grill. You just can't go wrong at Cartwright's. Be sure to like their Facebook page. They are using this more and more to let you know what they have on sale, and what they have for daily specials. We are thrilled to have them as sponsors of Rogueweather and encourage you all to stop by and say hi to them and let them know you appreciate them supporting us.

Southern Oregon Fine Meats

885 Shafer Lane (the former Schulzke's Sausage location off Kings Highway

Medford, Oregon


541 - 773 - 8896 

Offering 30 years experience of quality custom butchering to the Rogue Valley. Southern Oregon Fine Meats has a full-service meat counter featuring steakhouse quality USDA aged beef plus an array of deli & smoked meats made right there by them. A wide variety of cuts of beef, pork, chicken & lamb, along with prime rib, ham, bacon, jerky, salami & lunch meat, etc. They also have fresh ocean caught fish available as well now. You can do Surf and Turf combos quickly and easily. In addition to that, Southern Oregon Fine Meats has meat packs, high quality fondue meat, holiday gift packs, local Buffalo meat: including steaks, salami, and jerky. They get many new items in every week. You will even find something for you dog there too. Raw, all-meat pet food & dog bones.If you have your own animals on your place, they offer friendly, professional mobile butchering services. Call them at the shop, or Bert's Custom Butchering (541-531-6592) to schedule your appointment today for processing of your animals.



Sandy Boughton

Mortgage Express

3262 Hillcrest Park Drive

Medford, Ore


541 - 245 - 4526 

Sandy Boughton brings 17 years of experience in helping people get financing for their real estate transactions in Southern Oregon. Sandy provides VERY customer focused service that will make the whole process easy. She works on your schedule. Nights, weekends, whenever is best for you, she will be there. If you are not clear on something, she will make sure you are. And, with her experience she KNOWS the different financing options out there and which ones you can qualify for. She is a purchase market specialist which means she can access many types of programs to help people get the home of their dreams. She can do any kind of financing you might be looking for. Restoration, first time purchase, multiple time purchaser, she can work with any situation. Prior clients come back to her time and again and they send their family and friends. She has built a loyal following on just that basis alone. So if you want to work with a home finance specialist that you will enjoy working with, give Sandy a call and meet with her. Be sure to check out her website for great information, and "like" her facebook page while you are there. She provides a lot of useful and fun information for you. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and I can highly recommend her not just as a professional, but as a very delightful person you will love.



Hansen's Motorcycles

3598 S. Pacific Highway

Medford, Oregon


541 - 535 - 3342

Hansen's is a small family owned business located just north of Phoenix, Oregon on Highway 99. It was started by Lee Hansen and his son Craig. Hansen's is still operated by Craig, his wife Connie, and their son. Hansen's is Southern Oregon's dealer of legendary BMW motorcycles. They give you the ability to see and own the finest touring bikes in the world along with performance bikes that have established a well deserved reputation. Hansen's has a service department staffed with factory authorized technicians. They are the very best ones to see when you need repair work done. They will also handle any factory warranty work for you. If you ride another make of motorcycle, they can repair those as well. If you need parts for BMW motorcycles this is where to go. Hansen's also has a complete accessories department. They have everything from goggles, to helmets and apparel. Live outside of Southern Oregon? No problem. Hansen's stands ready to help you too. They can ship parts and accessories anywhere in the world. If you are considering purchasing a motorcycle that can offer you a world class ride, then you need to stop in to Hansen's today. You will enjoy dealing with Craig and Connie Hansen and their whole staff.



Nature Scripts

6790 Williams Hwy

Grants Pass, Or.

541- 862 - 7420

Nature Scripts is an alternative & holistic health service that is actually in Murphy outside of Grants Pass. Let's get right to this. Yes, Nature Script's is a dispensary. Yes, they do offer marijuana and cannabis products. Nature Scripts believes in the third day goodness. On the Third day God made all of the grasses, herb yielding seeds, and trees yielding fruit. He called it good. Cannabis is an incredible creation. The medicinal properties of Cannabis are many. Providing the perfect strain for Pain, PTSD, Cancer, Insomnia, ADHD. Ending the cycle of prescription drug dependency, is their purpose and primary goal.

Confession time....I am a cannabis user. Years of pounding on my body took it's toll. The price was paid for decades of hard physical labor like wildland fire fighting and even from my ski racing career. I just did not want to put any more toxins into my body than I had to. i watched my grandmother suffer through a terrible addiction to pain pills.She wound up on Methadone. The first addict i ever saw that was "on the nod" from being overdosed was her. I knew there had to be a better way free from the side effects and other things that would result from long term pain medication use. Happily for me, cannabis has turned out to be that thing. It does provide the pain relief I need. And one other thing here. I was an EMT for 10 years with municipal fire departments. I saw a lot of devastation caused by alcohol. TONS of it. But, I never saw marijuana produce the same negative effects out on society as a whole that I saw with alcohol.

I encourage you to keep an open mind to this. Do your study. Ask your doctor. Cannabis may be right to help you too. And if this is an option you want to pursue check out Nature Scripts I know you will find their Herbal Apothecary inviting, and warm. I sure did. Great people there.



C.A.T.S. - Committed Alliance To Strays

104 N. Ross Lane

Medford, Oregon.


541 - 779 - 2916

C.A.T.S. or the Committed Alliance To Strays is a not for profit here in Medford, Oregon that does amazing work with stray or unwanted cats and kittens. They provide a safe refuge for them to try and get them into new homes. This is a NO kill facility. No cats are ever euthanized here. The work they do is vitally important. Feral or wild domestic cats are a major problem to be dealt with. They can carry a wide variety of diseases. They can be a huge nuisance, They also can be death on a wide range of wildlife. Here in the Rogue Valley domesticated cats were a huge culprit along with habitat loss in the shocking and sudden decline in the pheasant population. Locally thousands of birds are killed each year by domestic cats. C.A.T.S. helps to combat this problem in several ways. First, they take cats off the streets and out of the wild. They also prevent others from finding their way into wildness by taking in cats that people can no longer have as pets for whatever reason. To help reduce the number of cats overall, they have a spay and neuter program. In addition C.A.T.S. provides health care to all the cats in their care. They get the full range of shots and nutrition needed to make sure they are happy and healthy ready to go home with you and be awesome pets.

C.A.T.S. DESPERATELY needs your help right now to continue the work that they do. You do not need to do much, Even a $5 - $10 donation from you means a lot to them. C.A.T. S. is a registered not for profit so all donations are tax deductible. Your donation to them actually does help wildlife too because it helps keep more cats from roaming the landscape of the Rogue Valley, and in good homes were they can be well cared for. Again, not much help is required per person, but if all of us here at Rogueweather would make a $10 donation each month, they would have all the funding they need to continue the work that they do. Join Tari and me in making your donation today.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was founded in 1984 by four hunters from Troy, Montana who wanted to ensure a future for North America’s grandest game animal. From those beginnings of just four hunters in 1984, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has more than 500 chapters across the country, (including chapters throughout Southern Oregon). Chapters host annual events, including Big Game Banquets, to raise funds for conservation projects across elk country. Here in Oregon alone, the RMEF has invested over $47 million dollars into helping preserve habitat or funding projects to benefit elk and all wildlife in Oregon. They have also been instrumental in opening up previously closed land and making it accessible to everybody through purchases of land that is then turned over to the Forest Service or BLM. This of course has benefits to ALL Oregonians. We all benefit from the work that RMEF does. If you are an elk hunter, joining RMEF is something that you just have to do. Even if you are not an elk hunter, but want to help make our state a better place for all, joining RMEF is a great thing to do. Joining this great organization helps to make sure that we will always have elk roaming our wildlands, and that all wildlife benefits as a rwesult of what RMEF does.



Bob Thomas Automotive

535 Rossanley Drive

Medford, Oregon


541 - 734 - 3743 

Bob Thomas Automotive is the place to go for your routine car care needs too.

Medford Auto Care Center

3811 Crater Lake Highway #A

Medford, Oregon


541 - 776 - 5277 

Medford Auto Care Center does the basic car care services as well.

Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change

Crater Lake Highway and Delta Waters Road in Medford.

Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change offers top quality service for your vehicles. Like the name says, you get this done quickly. You can sit in your vehicles while their trained technicians perform the regular service work your vehicle needs to keep running it's best. They also have regular special days like Tuesdays which are Ladies Day. All ladies get $5 off a full service oil change and a free car wash. You also get a free flower. Be sure to like their facebook page to get other special deals. Their website also will have coupons and offers from Pennzoil so you will want to check that out. My buddy Derek Horsley and his crew do a great job. Give them a try. You will like them and keep going back for your vehicle's lube and oil service needs.

Quench and Drench

1024 S. Riverside Ave.

Medford, Oregon


541 - 608 - 2885 

Quench and Drench in Medford is a Castrol Oil Car care center. They do complete oil changes plus other lube service work featuring the quality natural and synthetic oils of Castrol. They are the experts in giving your vehicle the routine oil change service that it needs. You can also have them wash your vehicle, or do a complete detail on it while you wait. Or, if you prefer you can drop your vehicle off and they will do the service work and have it sparkling clean for you when you are ready to pick it up again.



Pacific Survey Supply

908 N Riverside Ave.

Medford, OR


541- 772 - 5777

What is in a name may not always be what the business is. Such is the case here. Since 1984, Pacific Survey Supply has served the professional surveying and engineering community with innovative new technologies. The have consistently been a leader in new and innovative technologies, from 3D construction laser equipment to precise global positioning systems, Pacific Survey Supply has been the place to find the most exciting products in the industry for over 30 years. But, as I said, survey equipment and supplies are not all they do. If you are looking for GPS devices of any kind for work, or for fun, Pacific Survey has the full line of Garmin and Trimble products. Pacific Survey will have what you need to help your find your way around quickly and with pinpoint precision. Topographical maps of the areas that you like to hike, fish or hunt in are always available. In addition, Pacific Survey Supply offers reprographic services, prints, 
reductions, enlargements, scan to print and scan to file. You can get your plans done quickly and professionally here from 6:30 AM to 6 PM M-F and 6:30 to 2 PM on Saturday. See what I mean now when I say that Pacific Survey Supply is far more than just the name? Doug Devine and his staff are great people to deal with. You will enjoy your time with them.