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Today's forecast 8/30/2014 - brought to you by Valley Immediate Care 

Partly cloudy with higher level clouds. Areas of smoke likely in Northern California, and east of the Cascades, including the Klamath Basin. Windy conditions likely for the Cascades, east of the Cascades, and in Northern California with gusts to 35 miles an hour possible, especially in the Cascades. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s for the valleys, and in the 70s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be in the mid 50s for the valleys, and in the 40s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.

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Have news and notes from the outdoors world. A long standing bird hunting season has been changed in Oregon due to an abundance of them, and Mt. Ashland returns a very popular season pass option for the first time in YEARS. Scroll down below for the story.


Right on comes the cool down. We have what feels and looks like a fall day in store for much of the area. Northwest flow aloft is pushing a great deal of high cloudiness in along with cooler temps. Further north around Portland and on up to Seattle, along with the Coast from Florence on up...some light showers are being seen. The change in the airflow over us has brought a wind shift that is forcing the smoke from the fires in Siskiyou County to the south and east away from the Rogue Valley. That was expected. Cooler temps and higher humidity levels will normally be a great help for fire fighters...but today we are still looking at seeing windy conditions over the fire areas. This will be cause for concern as the winds will overcome the cooler temps and higher humidity keeping fires very active.

But for those of us here in Western Oregon, this is going to be a great weekend with very pleasant temperatures. Makes it easy to enjoy a wide range of activities. These pleasant conditions last through Monday, and then just in time for kids going back to school, we see hot weather returning again. That will be just for Tuesday as it looks right now with highs in the mid 90s. We will see temps drop closer to normal for the rest of that short first week of school for so many kids. Next week is likely when we will see the potential for smoke to return to the Rogue Valley as the flow becomes southerly again.







I will be reporting on major fires in the region that pose a significant threat, or have not reached the point where they are of minimal stable fire activity. I will not be reporting on fires that are considered to be well under control, or not likely to be a threat to grow any longer of any size.


790 FIRE: Klamath County, in the Sky Lake Wilderness Area north of Mt. McLoughlin. Burning on the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest and Fremont - Winema National Forest. An Oregon IMT II led by Applegate Rural Fire District Fire Chief Brett Fillis has command of the fire. 2260 acres, 5 percent containment at last report. Fire is burning in timber. Active behavior with spotting and short crown runs. The 790 Fire is the last remaining fire of the Camp Creek Complex that began on July 31st from lightning. The 790 Fire is located in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. The fire is located in an area difficult for crews to access safely. The terrain is rugged and rocky with much blow down debris and standing snags, which prevent firefighters from safely and actively engaging with the fire perimeter. For fire fighters reading this...M.I.S.T. protocols are being followed. Due to firefighter safety concerns, indirect methods have been utilized to fight the fire. Crews continue to hold in check the fire’s eastern flank. It is a high priority to limit the eastern spread of the fire. Additional firefighting resources are being added as full suppression remains the objective. A new base of operations (Incident Command Post) is being established at Buck Mountain Ranch located just east of Prospect, off of Prospect-Butte Falls Highway. Within the Sky Lakes Wilderness many of the trails are closed due to the 790 Fire. This closure is for both firefighter and public safety. The trail and area closure information is located at the following web address. The fire has a primary southern edge located one mile south of Big Ben Creek and east to Snow Lakes. The northern edge of the fire remains south of Finch Lake. Fire crews ask that trail users refrain from using these trails as it places themselves and firefighters safety at risk. The hand crews on this fire are being supported by a 10-mule pack string so that the helicopters can concentrate on fire suppression. Resource mix on the fire includes 215 wildland firefighters, 12 rappellers, and 24 smokejumpers, 6 helicopters. and 3 water dropping fixed wing aircraft. 

DECEPTION COMPLEX INCLUDES PREVIOUS REPORTED STALEY COMPLEX: Willamette National Forest. Lightning caused. A, Oregon Interagency IMT II has command. 2196 acres total, 55 percent contained. Fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior was active with torching and spotting being seen. Evacuation notices are in effect and road closures are in place. There are a total of 92 currently active or contained and controlled fires making up this complex that spans the Willamette National Forest in the Cascades east of the Eugene and Salem areas. The fires in the complex all resulted from lightning activity between July 31st and August 10th. The Deception Creek Fire was buffeted by winds of up to 19 miles per hour from westerly directions on Friday afternoon. The wind caused the fire to burn more actively near the ridge tops, but the lines held and the fire did not advance to the east. Overall growth of the Deception Creek Fire was 149 acres, mostly to the southwest. Firefighters were able to accomplish some mop-up along the hand lines at the northern end of the fire. There are three area, trail and road closures related to these fires on the Middle Fork Ranger District. Check the following web site for details: mix assigned includes 19 hand crews, 40 engines, 12 water tenders, 4 bulldozers, and 11 helicopters. Total personnel - 922

NEW FIRE.......LOST HUBCAP FIRE: Grant County near, Monument. Unknown cause. Burning on lands protected by ODF. An Oregon IMT II is in command of the fire. 2500 acres, zero percent contained. Very active wind driven fire behavior with long surface runs and spotting. Fire is burning in grass, brush, and timber. The Lost Hubcap Fire, was reported around 1:30 p.m. yesterday on lands protected by ODF by evening. ODF had three heavy air tankers, four single-engine air tankers, and one helicopter fighting the fire, along with six fire engines, four bulldozers, and district hand crews. Additional resources from the South Fork Complex assisted, with the Monument and John Day Rural Fire departments protecting residences threatened by the wind-driven fire. Additional resources have been requested and will be arriving today.


HAPPY CAMP COMPLEX - FRYING PAN FIRE AND FAULKSTEIN FIRE HAVE GROWN TOGETHER INTO ONE FIRE NOW : Siskiyou County, near Happy Camp. Lightning caused. Burning on National Forest and private land. A California IMT I is in command of all fires in the complex except the Frying Pan Fire. The Frying Pan Fire is being managed independently by a California type II IMT. Joint attack between Cal Fire and US Forest Service. 57,722 acres, 15 percent contained. Numerous structures threatened including the city of Happy Camp. Fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior continues to be plume dominated with long range spotting and crown runs. Level III Go Now evacuations and road closures in effect. There will be a community meeting tonight at 6 p.m. at the Seiad fire station. Team members and Klamath National Forest representatives will present information and answer questions about the Happy Camp Complex fires. There will also be a community meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in Happy Camp at the Karuk Tribe Senior Nutrition Center. Team members and Klamath National Forest representatives will present information and answer questions about the Happy Camp Complex fires. Falling snags continue to be a significant threat to firefighters. Vehicle traffic along Highway 96 also remains a significant risk to the firefighters and community members. Please slow down, limit distractions, and help keep everyone safe when you are driving through the area. The fire is threatening approximately 200-250 structures within evacuation areas. Completed and ongoing protective actions include limbing trees, clearing brush, removing yard debris and brushing roads. A total of 131 engines are supporting fire suppression and structure protection activities within both zones of the fire. Fire activity in the south end of the fire has slowed as it moves into the 2008 Panther Fire perimeter. Tactical ignitions took place along a dozer line in this section to strengthen and extend containment lines.The fire is established in Tyler Meadows and moving east toward Middle Creek Meadow’s. The fire has reached the Klamath River just east of Grider Creek. Firefighters contained a spot fire that ignited across Highway 96 between Hamburg and Seiad. The north edge of the fire is holding west of Grider Creek, though east of Grider Creek the fire is moving to the east and northeast. Containment lines near Happy Camp and on the west side of the fire continue to hold. Air operations took advantage of the clear skies, using helicopters and air tankers to drop water and retardant on the north and south ends of the complex.Last evening fire activity was significant as the fire spread to the north and east along Highway 96. A cold front passed through the area, and shifting winds with unstable air caused a smoke plume to develop leading to an abundance of embers spreading out from the main body of the fire. Communities that are threatened by the fire are Happy Camp, Elk Creek, Seiad, Hamburg, Kelsey Creek and Scott Bar. Structure protection groups composed of hand crews and engines are engaged and are placed in strategic locations to assist in protecting homes and property should the fire move into these areas.Structure defense groups utilized hose and sprinkler systems to assist in fighting fire. Additional duties include locating water sources and clearing of combustibles around structures. Resources from the Complex will assist the local units on new fire starts. A full mix of resources including 48 hand crews, 131 engines, 27 water tenders, 18 bulldozers, 11 helicopters, and 10 air tankers. Total personnel - 1972

JULY COMPLEX...INCLUDES THE ACTIVE WHITES, AND MAN FIRES: Siskiyou and Trinity Counties, nearest Sawyers Bar and Etna. Lightning caused. A national type I IMT has command. 39,578 acres, 87 percent containment on the complex all on the Whites Fire. Evacuations have been dropped and roads are being reopened. For a complete rundown of evacuations and road closures, please click on this link.... are burning in timber. The complex in total is mostly in very rough terrain. Gaining control of fires in this area is never easy and this will be no different. Whites Fire - Last night fire activity remained quiet over the fire area, there will no longer be a night shift. Today, firefighters will continue to work the more difficult areas to access east of Yellow Dog Peak, west of Taylor Lake and north of Lower Russian Lake. Crews will continue with removal of hazard trees, rocks and rollout debris from areas adjacent to Sawyers Bar Road. Firefighters are working with Klamath National Forest resource advisors to identify and repair areas affected by firefighting activities. This includes chipping material produced during fire line construction as well as identifying needs to construct erosion control measures along fire lines throughout the fire area. The Man Fire is at 2741 acres in size with zero containment. This fire is going to be long duration as it is in rugged terrain and burning through abundant dried out fuels. The Man Fire is burning in the Marble Mountain Wilderness near Man Eaten Lake, about 14 miles northwest of Etna. This fire was caused by lightning on August 12. The fire continues to back and flank on the west, south and eastern sides, with active burning in the Wooley Creek and Big Elk drainages. On the northern edge fire activity increased as the lines were tested by the upslope winds. Today, crews will re-engage where safe and utilize air support when available to pick up any spots across the containment lines. Full suppression efforts include use of Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics—utilizing geographic features and natural barriers to reduce impacts on wilderness values. Resources from the Complex will assist the local units on new fire starts. A full resource mix of 22 hand crews, 32 engines, 30 water tenders, 7 bulldozers, and 12 helicopters. Total personnel - 997

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We are ready to be operational with the Phantom Drone aircraft provided by McMurray and Sons Roofing and Energy Management. We will change how you get immediate information from fires, floods, and other events that will impact your life in the region. This will give you much better information you will need to make decisions about evacuations or other measures to protect life and property.

The video you sill see below was shot during the thunderstorm that hit on Tuesday the 22nd of July. I was impressed by what I was seeing with the naked eye. I had NO idea what the camera was getting. What I saw was mind blowing! The video below is of one lightning strike sequence that happened over Jacksonville. Watch the difference between what your naked eye sees, and what our camera picks up. This is stunning stuff!

ALL video is property of and McMurray and Sons. NO unauthorized use without permission.

For clearance and permission, please contact Greg Roberts at 541 - 261 - 8620.

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We are working on breaking down an impressive strike sequence that shows a lightning strike from it's genesis stage to the completed strike. Now, you can see this strike in the sequence above. But, when we get finished doing the frame by frame editing you are not going to believe what the camera picked up! I am thrilled because I have never seen a lightning strike sequence this well detailed before quite like this one.



The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has made a major change to the season and limits for Mourning Doves. Years of study and tracking have shown that not only is Oregon's populations of doves very is increasing. With that data in hand, Oregon's Mourning Dove season will begin as it traditionally does on Monday September 1st, but it will now run through October 30th adding a month to the season. Bag limits increase to 15 daily, and 45 in possession. The harvest patterns are not likely to change. The biggest majority of doves taken are shot on opening day of the season. That is expected to remain the same. But, by extending the season it is thought that it will result in more opportunities for hunters and more doves harvested. The population can stand it. The studies also revealed that the Eurasian Collared Dove is expanding rapidly in numbers west of the Cascades as well. The Eurasian Collared Dove is bigger than the Mourning Dove. It is found in similar areas. As an invasive species officially, there is no season or bag limits on these doves. You are allowed to hunt them every day of the year. You only need a valid hunting license.

Mt. Ashland has seen many changes in the past few months. Kim Clark was let go as general manager, (He has since been hired by the Bluewood Ski Area in Washington State), and a new Executive Director / Manager of Operations has been hired in the person of Hiram Towie previously of Sunday River, Maine. 

But, it was a decision by the board of the Mt. Ashland Association that really got skiers and riders cheering when it was announced that after years, the Student Season Pass for those attending Southern Oregon University is coming back. The Student Pass will be $299, and will be available September 1st. The move to restore it will only generate good will for the mountain. I join those applauding the decision to bring this pass back because it never should have gone away in the first place. Well done MAA Board.


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I just cannot recommend Darrin Thornton of PolySteel enough. His workmanship is incredible and he is as stand up a guy as I know. He can do just about anything you want to do with concrete. Stamp it, color it, decorate it in all kinds of ways. Pretty much whatever you can conceive, he can do it. He has been doing concrete work for years. He also represents Polysteel which is a national company. Polysteel is ideal for a climate controlled bunker, underground shelter, or bug out shelter. Also polysteel is the perfect safe room, or tornado shelter able to withstand 300 mph winds with all occupants safe inside. Darrin gives back more into the community than just about anybody else I know. He helps his kids put care packages together for the troops. He was instrumental in getting the group together that raised so much awareness and love for Ethan and Faith. He is also active with 4 H clubs and other organizations that work with kids. Just a tremendous guy and so proud to have him as a friend. Give him a call if you need concrete work done.

ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was proven to be useful on major wildland fires in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments and agencies and also for private wildland fire fighting companies.


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