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Providing you with one stop, one click access to weather forecasts, road condition reports, and outdoor recreation information. Rogueweather is also the #1 source of accurate, reliable information on wildland fires in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our founder Greg Roberts has the combination of experience in fighting fires combined with a deep network of sources on the fires to give you information ahead of any other source.


Scroll down to see today's forecast and any current weather warnings, advisories, or watches in effect. You will also find a weather summary which will tell you what is going on with our weather. Further down the page you will find a directory to other pages here at giving you information on road conditions, the weekly and longer range weather forecasts, and of course outdoor recreation of every kind. Lower down on the page you will see the fire danger levels for Southern Oregon and Northern California along with status of the local active fires during fire season. Also lower down here on the home page, you will find out what is making news, and you can find links to show you real time radar and satellite images courtesy of the National Weather Service. 

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TODAY'S FORECAST - 7/30/2016 

Presented by Apland's Auto Body

Mostly sunny and cooler. Expect buildups over the mountains, especially in Northern California. Highs will be in the upper 80s to mid 90s for the valleys of Southwestern Oregon. Highs up to the low 100s are possible in the narrower pocket valleys of Northern California. Look for 60s at the Coast, and 80s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be in the mid 50s for the valleys, low 50s at the Coast, and in the 40s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.

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NO severe weather bulletins in effect at this time

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Need the forecast for the next week? Get it here on the Line X of Southern Oregon Weekly forecast page

WEATHER SUMMARY DISCUSSION - Presented by Pressure Point Roofing

The relief from the real heat we did see this week is here. A cold front continues to work it's way in over us. Aloft temps are cooling nicely. But, here on the surface we did still see a really good run up of temps for the morning. As the colder air establishes it is going to get lower down. This means that the rate of climb for temps in the area is going to slow. Temps will be a good ten degrees cooler than they were yesterday. In many areas, much more than 10. That is especially true in Northern California. By tomorrow with the cold air firmly in place, Northern California will see temps running a good 20 - 25 degrees what they saw on Friday. The thunderstorm potential for today is so low they were taken out of the forecasts. That is a great thing! Just ONE cloud to ground lightning strike was reported in the area yesterday. That was in Modoc County. So, we do not have fire starts from lightning out there and it looks likely we will not have that to worry about. 

However, we are going to see windy conditions develop east of the Cascades for both Sunday and Monday. The winds will combine with dry air to create Red Flag Warning conditions int he afternoons and evenings. If a fire gets established, this could lead to explosive growth while these conditions exist. At this time we are not expecting the Bybee Fire at Crater Lake National Park to be impacted by these conditions. But, the usual afternoon and evening winds will be problematic for fire fighting efforts. Those winds yesterday did lead to very active behavior and growth of the fire yesterday. See todays fire information post regarding that. 

Other than the winds for Sunday and Monday we have nothing but sunny skies and very benign conditions for early August in the week ahead. Highs for Medford look to remain a tish below normal with near 90 being expected and mid 50s for overnight lows. Perfectly comfortable all the way around. There is no rain or any hint of it being seen and this is matching up well with what the long range data and models said we could expect. So a perfect week for sure for outdoor activities of any kind. 

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FIRE INFORMATION - Sponsored by:


Fire danger level in Southern Oregon for all areas west of the Cascades except the Coastal zone.


NO opening burning is allowed. No using tracer ammunition rounds or exploding targets. No campfires outside approved campgrounds. NO fireworks allowed at all in National Forest lands, BLM lands, National Park lands, and rural lands protected by State Forestry. Travel on improved fully gravelled roads only. Smoking allowed only in vehicles on improved roads, or in improved campgrounds. No use of power equipment, mowers, or weed eaters between 10 am and 8 pm. Click on danger level graphic to see full restrictions in place



Bybee Fire - burning in Crater Lake National Park. 200 acres, 5 percent containment. Fire is burning in timber with a heavy amount of downed trees in the area feeding the fire and complicating efforts. A local type 3 IMT has command. Fire behavior was active yesterday and threw a towering plume of smoke very clearly seen on the visible satellite shots. Behavior seen included torching and spotting up to a half mile. A squad of smoke jumpers and aerial resources worked on containment and limitation. Two heavy air tankers worked until late afternoon flying out of Klamath Falls. Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs) worked into the evening. The SEATs are flying out of Prospect. They will be dropping water and are able to use Prospect without needing a retardant mixer on site. This also increases how many loads they can drop as Prospect is a 5 minute flight away. The fire is burning in dead and downed timber on relatively flat terrain. The cause is under investigation, but it is believed it was caused by an improperly extinguished campfire along the Pacific Crest Trail which runs through the fire area. The fire is burning just east of last year's National Creek Complex Fire fighters will use control lines and other features used to fight the Complex where possible to try to control this fire. The area is in the Rogue River watershed. Firefighting tactics are taking sensitive aquatic resources into account. Also, fire fighters are engaging the fire using minimum suppression tactics......aka MIST. This means NO bulldozers are being used. Also no retardant is being dropped by the aerial resources. Just water. Two smaller fires started yesterday and were dealt with. The Mushroom Fire burned in the northwest corner of the park in the Crescent Fire burn area. It was contained at .55 of an acre. The 62 Fire was held at just a quarter acre in size. Fire fighters will be making sure it is dead out this morning. There are numerous public events in the area this weekend. Crater Lake National Park remains open to visitors. Special events and tours are continuing as scheduled. While visitors should not be impacted directly by firefighting activities, they may see smoke and increased air traffic. Fire danger remains high and the public should be aware of their surroundings and prepared for changing conditions. The Pacific Crest Trail is closed from Dutton Creek Camp to the PCT parking lot on the North Entrance Road of Crater Lake NP. PCT hikers will be using the Dutton Creek Trail to the Rim Trail as an alternate. The Lightning Sprigs trail and back country camp is also closed due to the Bybee Fire. All hikers in the Park and adjacent forestlands are urged to be extremely careful with camp or warming fires. Make sure they are dead out before leaving them. This means there should be NO trace of heat to them.Total personnel - 114. Resources include 3 - 20 man hand crews, 1 - 10 man squad of smoke jumpers, and 2 water tenders to support helicopter operations. 4 helicopters are assigned. 2 - single engine air tankers assigned and working from Prospect. Large air tankers available for support. A local type 3 IMT with Leland Hunter as the IC in command.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou Counties -

large fires with significant activity to report at this time.

RAINFALL SUMMARY FOR MEDFORD AS OF 7/29/2016 . Brought you by Ken Ogawa American Family Insurance

Rainfall for the 24 hours ending at Midnight last night: 0.00

For the month of July the rainfall total is 0.45. That is 0.19 inches above average for the month to this point. Normal rainfall in July for Medford is 0.27 inches. We are now 0.18 inches above average for the month of July if no more rain falls.

For the Calendar year: 10.01 inches of rainfall. Normal rainfall in Medford for a calendar year is 18.31 inches. We are 0.29 inches above average for the year. 

For the water year since October 1, 2015: 19.77 inches. That is 2.41 inches above average. 

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife finds itself with quite a quandary at some of our local lakes. At Howard Prairie and Lake of the Woods they would like to plant fingerling rainbows to help repopulate these lakes. However, both lakes are home to large populations of bass. And bass just hammer fingerling rainbows. They are like candy to them.

And there is the quandary.

Bass are classified as gamefish in Oregon. This means they have bag limits size limits, and other types of harvest restrictions. Just like trout. And that creates a big issue for ODF&W. These bass create management issues galore. But, being that they are gamefish they cannot poison them out like they could if they were tui chubs, shiners, or any ot the other kinds of fish that are non gamefish. So they have to just learn to work around the bass. And part of that solution creates a real opportunity for trout anglers!
Oregon Department of Fish and Game has decided that part of the way to address this is to just simply put in bigger rainbows right off the bat. They have been doing this at Howard Prairie and now at Lake of the Woods. Fingerlings are going to be planted in these lakes. But, they will be planted much later in the year. The hope is that the water temp of the lake will be cold enough to have the bass inactive. Cold water does to bass what warm water does to trout. It makes them lethargic and slows their metabolism way down. So, if you put in fingerlings when the water temps are in the 30s and 40s, chances increase for those little rainbows to survive.
But, another method is also being employed. And this one has trout anglers grinning ear to ear. ODF&W is also putting bigger rainbows in more frequently. These are rainbows over 14 inches in size. Many of them will also be those highly prized 18 inchers or bigger going well over a pound. Those fish are more than big enough to hold their own against the bass. The end result is a much better chance for trout anglers to go home happy with a stringer of bragging size rainbows. That has been the case at both Howard Prairie and Lake of the Woods this year. And since both lakes are also open year round for trout fishing, it looks like anglers will have more opportunities to enjoy the enhanced opportunities at both lakes.
Of course one other thing anglers could do at both lakes is this.....catch bass and take them home for dinner. Bass are good eating. Smallmouth bass especially so. If the bass are biting be sure to help out the trout populations by taking your limits of bass. And, that also helps the bass too by helping keep numbers in check. Hyatt Lake is overwhelmed with small largemouth bass running 4 - 8 inches. This has created a huge issue there. ODF&W is taking bass out of Hyatt to be used to populate other bodies of water. BUT! One major issue is that Bucket Biologists are way ahead of ODF&W. A bucket biologist is somebody who takes fish alive and dumps them illegally into a body of water where they may not be native. Bass are very hardy and survive easily being transported in buckets. This method and then natural spread through irrigation canal systems has seen largemouth bass become widely populated in bodies of water throughout Oregon. The same thing has happened with smallmouth bass. Smallmouths are spreading like wildfire across Oregon. And now you can add spotted bass to the list. Spots are smaller variants of largemouth bass. To the untrained eye, many would call them largemouths. But, they are indeed a separate species. And now spots are established in Lost Creek Reservoir. Somebody likely transported them in from Lake Shasta where spots have been for decades. Our local BASS clubs are very worried about the arrival of the spotted bass at Lost Creek. But, once again....bass are not trash fish and there is just now way to get rid of them now. So, they are just going to have to let this one ride out and see what happens.


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I highly recommend Darrin Thornton of Alternative Building Systems, Inc. His workmanship is incredible and he is as stand up a guy as I know. He can do just about anything you want to do with concrete. Stamp it, color it, decorate it in all kinds of ways. Pretty much whatever you can conceive, he can do it. He has been doing concrete work for over 35 years. He also represents BUILDBLOCK Insulating Concrete Forms, which manufactures in the USA and sells worldwide. BuildBlock is ideal for a daylight basement, climate controlled bunker, underground food storage, or bug out shelter. Also BuildBlock is the perfect safe room, or tornado shelter able to withstand 300 mph winds with all occupants safe inside. Darrin gives back more into the community than just about anybody else I know. He helps his kids put care packages together for the US Soldiers. He was instrumental in getting the group together that raised so much awareness and love for Ethan and Faith. He is also active with 4 H clubs (rifle,pistol,shotgun and archery) and other organizations (Boy Scouts) that work with kids. Just a tremendous guy and so proud to have him as a friend. Give him a call if you need concrete work done.

ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was useful on wildland fires he worked in Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments, and also for private wildland fire fighting companies on fire related matters.


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