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FORECAST FOR 8/30/2015 

Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance for showers. Look for decreasing cloudiness and the showers will become very widely scattered this afternoon into this evening. Highs will be in the mid 70s for the valleys, and in the 60s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be in the low 50s for the valleys, and in the 40s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.

Need the forecast for the next week? Get it here on the Line X of Southern Oregon Weekly forecast page!

IN THE NEWS.....the Rogue River re opens to fishing at all legal hours along it's entirety. SEE STORY DOWN BELOW

WEATHER SUMMARY DISCUSSION - Presented by Pressure Point Roofing

What a delightful change that has been brought about. The storm that came through has delivered as promised. We are seeing much cooler temps, higher humidity levels, and best of all.....NO SMOKE! Wonderful, wonderful indeed. We did have another wave of moisture come through last night. The backside of this is till over our region this morning. We have been seeing scattered showers across the area. These have mostly been near and along the higher terrain. This means that while Medford has been staying dry save a few sprinkles at times, Gold Hill has been seeing showers. Perfectly illustrates what is going on. Further north they have been seeing rain. In a blessed turn of events, Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho have at last seen rainfall come in overnight, and it continues this morning. Some times that rain has been coming down at a goodly rate. Excellent news at long last in the fight against the fires there. This was the break fire fighters were going to need to get a handle on the fires. 

And locally it is official.....every single one of our local fires did get rain on them in the last 36 hours, (still getting it in some cases), and this has taken fire activity right down to minimal levels. Just smoldering and creeping being seen. 

Looking ahead this week the forecasts are solid through Friday. We stay in the cooler temps with Monday and Tuesday looking to be the warmest days of the week. Highs will be around 80 to the low 80s. This is below average for Medford for those days. Another trough will enter the Northwest Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The bulk of the action in terms of precipitation will be to the north of us. It looks like we might get some showers going Wednesday at the Coast and in Douglas County, but otherwise expect dry conditions. The higher terrain might, might see a brief shower or sprinkles. 

The big question about what Labor Day weekend is going to be like is still very unanswered at this time. The two main models are split. One gives us sunny and warm conditions, and the other brings deepening trough with more cool air and a chance for showers. That cool air with a chance for showers model has been unchanged for days now. That particular model is generally the one that gets the winter time systems down with pretty good accuracy. And, it was first to show the change in our weather that hit yesterday. For that reason, I am going to lean towards it being right. I notice National Weather Service is going the other way. Really, at this point it is coin flip time. But, considering recent performance and what the longer range trends are showing......going to keep it cooler with a chance for showers through Labor Day weekend. The highest chances will be at the Coast and in the mountains. That said, this could change as we get closer in time.

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STOUTS CREEK - Final report unless significant activity occurs: Douglas County near Milo. 26,452 acres, 90 percent containment at last report. Burning on lands protected by the Douglas Forest Protective / Oregon Department of Forestry and also on the Umpqua National Forest. Fire behavior was minimal with creeping, and smoldering observed. Rain did fall on the fire again overnight and this morning. Crews have made excellent progress on strengthening the lines and holding the fire within the perimeter. To date, approximately 52 miles of fire line surround the fire. Fire operations managers have secured the fire and are confident the fire line will hold. Crews continue to work to contain the Stouts Creek Fire strengthening control lines and conducting repair work. The level 1 evacuation notices for the fire have been dropped. Roads in the fire area do remain closed, but these are all BLM and Forest Service roads that go directly to the fire. All county roads are open with no restriction. Highway 227 is open to travel. However, it is a VERY narrow two lane highway. It is hazardous to travel under the best of conditions. Fire fighting traffic is using the highway at times. Please use extreme caution if you are going to head up there. Total personnel - 365. The fire is under the command of a national IMT 3 from Florida led by Mike Work.

NATIONAL CREEK COMPLEX / CRESCENT FIRE: 15,091 acres, 55 percent containment at last report. The complex is burning on the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest, and also within Crater Lake National Park. The fires are burning in timber. Minimal to moderate fire behavior was seen with single tree torching, creeping and smoldering. The smaller fires that helped make up the complex have all been controlled. The Crescent Fire is the one out of control and the focus of efforts. It makes up over 98 percent of the acreage in the complex. The increase in size of the fire is due to the fact that it had not been updated for 48 hours. Most of the growth that did happen was on Friday as a result of winds ahead of the rains that came in. The North Entrance of Crater Lake National park has reopened. Rain and higher humidity has continued to help out fire fighters here. There was shower activity overnight and into this morning. This has suppressed activity on the fire again today. However, in heavier fuels where the rain does not penetrate, pockets of fire do remain burning with some heat. Mopup will continue on the western flank today. A specialized crew will be deployed on the southern flank of the fire to check fire spread using minimal impact suppression tactics. On the west, north and east sides, firefighters will focus on rehab repairing areas disturbed by fireline construction. Area closure orders have been issued for the Rogue River-Siskiyou and Umpqua National Forests near Diamond Lake. There are trail closures in the National Park and on the Rogue River-Siskiyou and Umpqua National Forest. Maps and descriptions of the trail and area closures are online at incident/4463/. The National Creek Complex will burn until a season ending weather event occurs, creating smoke on the Forest and the National Park. Total personnel - 287 under the command of an Oregon IMT II. Brian Goff is the IC. 

COLLIER BUTTE FIRE - Final report unless significant activity occurs: 11,800 acres, 55 percent containment at last report. This fire is burning on the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest on the Gold Beach Ranger District. The fire is burning in timber. The Collier Butte Fire was ignited by lightning. Minimal fire behavior seen with smoldering. The fire is located within the Kalmiopsis Wilderness area. Fire managers have implemented direct and indirect containment lines to protect values at risk located to the south, west, and north of the fire while reducing firefighter exposure. Rugged terrain and abundant snags present a multitude of challenges to firefighter safety. Management of this fire is likely to endure for an extended period due to the shortage of firefighting resources and the limited access in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Smoke from the fire may be visible throughout the remainder of the fire season. Rain continues to fall on the fire and along with very high humdity levels is quashing fire activity to very minimal levels. Fire fighters are able to proceed with direct attack and they confident that they have stopped the fire's growth. The effort now switches into mop up and rehab. The weather forecasts through the week continue to call for cooler temps with higher humidity levels. Rainfall is expected again Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The fire base camp and incident command post is at Gold Beach High School. Total personnel - 155. The Rogue Siskiyou National Forest has command of the fire with Monty Edwards IC.

CANYON CREEK COMPLEX: Malheur NF. Seven miles north of Seneca, OR. 101, acres, 49 percent containment. Timber and short grass. Extreme fire behavior with wind driven runs, crowning, group torching, and long range spotting. Numerous structures threatened. This includes the cities of John Day, Prairie City, and Canyon City. Road, area and trail closures in effect. First the very good crews DID save Prairie City yesterday. For a period of time yesterday morning the entire town was at risk of being lost. The fire was active early Saturday morning south of Prairie City due to winds gusting up to 49 mph. The extreme weather, rapidly spread fire across the Shaw Gulch area from Indian Creek to Strawberry Road (CR 60). Despite the wildland crews, dozers and structure protection efforts, which included completed dozer lines, retardant drops and sprinkler systems with pumps, three structures (two primary residences and one guest house) burned. Extreme fire behavior forced firefighters to withdraw when conditions threatened to cut off their escape route. Firefighter and public safety is the highest priority when engaging fire. The fire reached the grassy fuels in the Shaw Gulch, prompting crews and engines to respond with dozers to tie a fireline into the Strawberry Road by Oxbow Ranch. Air operations could only provide limited assistance due to high winds. This enabled them to be free for other incidents. Cooler temperatures and potential rain should aid firefighters today while they continue building hand line and keeping the fire out of the Dog Creek, Pine, and Indian, and Strawberry Creek drainages.It is a priority to use dozers and engines to construct fire line in the northeast corner of the fire to minimize spread onto private lands and Prairie City. An eight-person team skilled in wilderness fire management will assess how to tie the line together through the Strawberry Wilderness to Roads End, utilizing previous burn scars to secure that flank. Protecting the Strawberry Creek watershed in the wilderness continues to be a top priority. The Oregon National Guard will continue to work on the western and southern edge of the fire focusing on suppression repair and reinforcing the line. Structural protection and wildland firefighters working the night shift continue to support and enhance work done during the day. CR 62, the 16 Road and Highway 395 are open for through travel with no restrictions. Be advised that crews may still be working on the roads and drivers are urged to use caution. Smoke will continue for some time, please do not report unless active fire is seen. Public Safety Alert: If traveling through the area that has burned, please do not leave your vehicles and walk through ashes due to hot spots, stump holes and falling trees. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reminds people to be respectful of private property and to remain on the road unless invited. Trespassing is punishable by law and violators will be prosecuted. Here are the evacuation levels in effect. Level 3 Evacuations: All of Strawberry Road. Upper Pine Creek from Berry Ranch Lane and Dean Creek/Baldy Mt. Upper Indian Creek Road from the Y south (including both the 55 and the 71) Upper Dog Creek, south of Little Dog Creek. The area west of County Road 62, south of the forest boundary (MP 12) and north of the 16 to the junction of FR 15/16 is in a level 3 evacuation. Level 2 Get Set evacuation notice / voluntary evacuations: Area South and West of the 62 Road from Prairie City to the Forest Boundary. All of Prairie City back to Level 2. Lower Pine. Lower Dog. Lower Indian Creek. Gardner Ranch Lane has dropped to a level 2. From J – L south to the end of County Road 65. The Red Cross has opened a Relief Center at the Mount Vernon Community Hall. Road Closures: County Road 60 (Strawberry Road) is closed except for fire traffic and home owners. Homeowners on the lower Little Canyon Mountain Trail area can also access their homes. The 15 Road remains closed. South from Dog Creek to Little Dog Creek is open for residents and fire traffic only. The Malheur National Forest has implemented a closure for the fire area. To see evacuation zones and other information, click on the link, or cut and paste if required...... Total personnel - 952. The fire is under the command of a national IMT 1 with Beth Lund IC.

COUNTY LINE 2: Warm Springs Reservation six miles northwest of Warm Springs. 66,963 acres, 80 percent containment. Brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with group torching, flanking, and backing. Numerous structures threatened. Road and area closures in effect. Saturday was the day fire personnel had been waiting for; lower temperatures, higher humidity, clouds and moderate fire behavior. With this weather and a can-do attitude, the crews and fire personnel had a chance to complete many of the lines they had pre-planned. There was a sprinkling of rain in fire camp on Saturday morning, but none on the active fire. Westerly winds blew the fire back onto itself and it was backing slowly with no spotting. Hand line was extended in the Peters Pasture area and dozer line was completed at the top of Shitike Butte to the lookout. Patrols will continue on the north, south, and east side of fire. Crews will continue to work any spots found; and will work to keep lines in check. Patrols will continue on the north, south, and east side of fire. Crews will continue to work any spots found; and will work to keep lines in check. Structure protection remains a top priority on the fire. ALL areas of the Reservation are at level 1 Be Ready. The Tenino Road is closed from mile post 1 to mile post 7. Total personnel - 513 firefighters under the command of a regional IMT 2 with Shawn Sheldon IC. 

EAGLE COMPLEX - PREVIOUSLY EAGLE FIRE: Wallowa-Whitman NF. The fire is burning 10 miles east of Medical Springs, Oregon. 12,504 acres, 25 percent contained. Timber, medium logging slash. Moderate fire behavior with single tree torching, short range spotting, and backing. Structures threatened. Road closures in effect. The Eagle Complex consists of five separate fires started by lightning. This complex was previously reported as the Eagle Fire. Difficult terrain combined with hot weather and wind contributed to fire growth. On Saturday, gusty winds tested the containment lines that firefighters have been constructing from the eastern flank of the fire to the natural barriers near the boundary of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Despite wind gusts of 40 mph, firefighters, working with the assistance of helicopters, kept the fire within the containment lines. Aerial resources also supported structure protection efforts in the Footbridge area as the western flank of the fire continued to back down the Two Colors and Boulder Creek drainages. In the afternoon, the fire area was blanketed with light rain and the humidity helped suppress fire activity. Rain has continued off and on today along with higher humidity assisting efforts by fire fighters to engage the fire directly. The Baker County Sheriff's Office has issued a LEVEL 3 evacuation notice to include where the intersection of the 7700 road turns to the Northeast at the intersection of the 7700 and 7015 roads up the Long Creek drainage to the wilderness. The evacuation levels for the area south of the 7735 road, South of the junction of the 7735 and 7700 road to McBride Campground and over to Carson down to the forest boundary have been increased to a LEVEL 2 (Get Set). Evacuation levels for the Eagle Complex are available on the interactive incident map ( To provide for the safety of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest visitors, an Area Fire Closure is in effect. The Emergency Closure and a map of the affected areas are available at Firefighter and public safety remain the highest priorities. Total personnel - 315 under the command of a national IMT 2. 

GRIZZLY BEAR COMPLEX: Umatilla NF. Twenty miles southeast of Dayton, WA. 74,070 acres, 10 percent contained at last report. Timber and short grass. Active fire behavior with up hill runs, single tree torching, and backing. The fire activity in the Grizzly Bear Complex has prompted forest officials to implement full closure of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness and several major forest roads that access wilderness trailheads. Firefighters have been working day and night to build direct and indirect fire lines. High winds challenged containment lines yesterday. Fortunately, no significant or large areas of fire growth were reported after yesterday’s high winds. An infra-red flight was flown last night recording any heat sources across the fire area. Most of the fire spread was observed in the northern and northeastern part of the fire, within the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. Fire crews will be assigned tasks today designed to monitor containment lines and continue to construct and improve fire lines around the perimeter of the fire. Other crews will mop-up (extinguish all burning material) near containment lines to further secure suppression efforts. “A moderate breeze” is predicted today, according to the Incident Meteorologist assigned to the fire. The winds will be slightly less than yesterday, but due to an increase in humidity and lower temperatures, the fire behavior should be mitigated. The incident meteorologist also forecast “wetting rains” of up to ¼” today, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The rainfall as been occurring as hoped. This should increase the relative humidity and fuel moisture in the light fuels (vegetation) to 40 or 50%. The Fire Behavior Analyst, notes that fuels under the tree canopy will remain dry and susceptible to active burning. Overall, the rate of fire spread will be less than in previous days, and fire crews will take advantage of these conditions when they safely continue their work to fully suppress the fire. There were reports yesterday of isolated winds gusts strong enough to blow over a remote weather station and other smaller, unsecured structures, such as tents and portable buildings. The fire lines around the Complex held the fire yesterday during the high wind event, so the evacuation levels were re-evaluated by local law enforcement officials. Along with the recommendation and support from Brian Gales, the Incident Commander of the Washington Incident Management Team 4, some Evacuation Levels have been reduced. The city of Asotin, WA no longer has any Evacuation Level. The area south of the Grande Ronde River, near Flora that was in Level 2 is now at Level 1. The area northeast of the fire, east of Highway 129 in Washington that was at a Level 2 is now at Level 1. The area along the eastern part of the fire, near Troy, OR is now set at a level 1 (ready stage). A Washington State National Guard communication unit has been set up in the community of Troy, OR to provide remote internet and telephone communications. The Oregon National Guard has deployed 155 members to support suppression efforts. They will be assisting with mop-up operations in the Troy and Grouse Flat areas. Total personnel - 749 plus under the command of a Washington IMT with Brian Gales as IC.

FALLS CREEK FIRE: Wallowa National Forest four miles southwest of Joseph, OR. 396 acres, 35 percent contained at last report. The fire is burning in timber and grass. Minimal fire behavior with creeping, backing, and smoldering seen. The fire is burning on Wallowa-Whitman National Forest lands in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, as well as private lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. The fire behavior is currently minimal with heavy fuels smoldering within the perimeter. There may be visible drift smoke seen in the surrounding area over the next few days. Ground crews and aircraft worked to combat winds and changing weather conditions, with much success, on Saturday August 29th. Crews and helicopters will began to ramp down operations on the Falls Creek Fire over the next few days. Portions of the fire have been placed in ‘patrol’ status while other areas are in the ‘mop-up’ stage. Rehabilitation has begun on large portions of the hand line put in place for containment. This rehabilitation will include: Removal of almost 5 miles of hose and fittings Placement of water bars Removal of pumps, flagging, and other firefighting/safety equipment Repair on areas of the Hurricane Creek and Falls Creek Trail is ongoing. Due to the cooler temperatures and work completed on Saturday, Aug 29th the following updates to Evacuation Levels were put in place beginning at noon on Sunday, Aug 30th.: All residents of the Upper Hurricane Creek Road who have been at Level 2 (Set) evacuation notice will be moved back to Level 1 (Ready) evacuation notice. Those residents that were placed in a Level 1 (Ready) evacuation notice on Friday August 28th have now been removed from any evacuation notice. Questions regarding evacuation notices and the evacuation process can be directed to the Wallowa County Communication Center at 541-426-3131. Any changes to the evacuation notice will be coordinate by Wallowa County Communication Center. Evacuation notices and orders are issued by the Wallowa County Sheriff’s office. Road closures remain in effect at Upper Hurricane Creek Road (Local traffic only), Forest Trail 1807 (Hurricane Creek) and Forest Trail 1753 (Falls Creek). Total personnel - 181 under the command of a type 3 IMT. Francis Tyler is the IC.


RIVER COMPLEX: 68,846 acres, 38 percent containment. The complex is burning on the Shasta Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests. All fires in the complex were ignited by lightning Between July 29th and the 31st. Minimal fire behavior today with creeping, smoldering, and backing. Today’s weather remained similar to yesterday with cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity. A trough of low pressure will continue across the Pacific Northwest with slightly below average temperatures along with a drying trend. Another weak system will be approaching the River Complex Wednesday/Thursday and could provide rain showers. Fire behavior may remain subdued for the bulk of the burn period as a result of fuel moisture increases. Although a slight chance of precipitation exists, predicted clearing along with breezy conditions may bring increased fire behavior and possible spread in the late afternoon and evening hours. As of 9 AM this morning, evacuations and road closures were lifted with the exception of a hard road closure and mandatory evacuation which will remain in effect on Denny Road between Quinby and Huddleston. Fire crews will continue to patrol and monitor the fire area and take direct suppression actions when necessary. Helicopter operations will continue scouting and aiding with suppression efforts. Fire inside the Wilderness area will fought using Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) to minimize impacts in the wilderness. Although significantly diminished, suppression resources will continue to mitigate potential spread towards the Hoopa Tribal lands and the Highway 299 corridor. . For more information on these closures, visit Total personnel - 479. The fire is under the command of a California IMT I. The IC is Rocky Oplinger.

SOUTH COMPLEX - Final report unless significant activity occurs: 29,275 acres at 80 percent containment. The fires are burning on the Shasta Trinity National Forest. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering observed. There has been no growth in the fire in the last 3 days. Last night firefighters patrolled along the fire’s containment lines for hot spots. No spots were detected outside of containment lines. Today, crews will continue repair of damage caused by fire suppression actions including approximately 80 miles of dozer and 9 miles of handline. Hose and pumps are being removed from areas where the fire is out and there is no longer a threat. Total personnel - 461 under the command the national Type 1 IMT with Jerry McGowan as the IC. This team is also in command of the nearby Fork Complex which is in mop up and rehab mode.

GASQUET COMPLEX: 26,975 acres, 35 percent containment. The complex is burning on the Six Rivers National Forest as the result of lightning strikes. The fires are burning in timber. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and isolated single tree torching seen today. After four years of drought and recent dry, hot weather, forest vegetation is extremely dry, resulting in rapid and large fire growth. Spotty rainfall continued overnight and into this morning on the fires in the complex. This along with high humidity rates continues to suppress fire activity. Coon Fire: Night shift was pulled off the line because of weather and safety conditions. Day shift will continue with mop-up, and will improve and hold all divisions. Bear Fire: Some of the night shift divisions were pulled off the line because of weather and safety conditions. Continue direct attack, firing and hold on southwest side, mop-up and hold the west and northwest fire lines. Monitor fire progression within the wilderness area. Approximately 25-30 miles of contingency line preparation is being done outside the wilderness area to the north, south and west in anticipation of fire progressing out of the wilderness. On the Peak Fire, crews continue to monitor fire progress and prepare contingency lines on the northwest and southwest sides of the fire outside the wilderness boundary. The Feeder Fire is 100 percent contained and being patrolled now. The South Fork Road, off of Highway 199, is limited to residential and fire traffic only. The east gate of Howland Hill Road has been closed. Howland Hill Road and attractions can still be accessed from the west, out of Crescent City. A closure order has been issued for the Bear Basin Lookout, Island Lake Trailhead, Doe Flat Trailhead, South Kelsey Trail, Summit Trail, and the Gasquet-Orleans Road. An additional closure has been signed to include the areas around Bear Fire, Coon Fire and some adjacent areas to the G-O Road. Highway 199 is not being impacted by any of the fires in the complex, but it is seeing heavy use by fire fighters and equipment going out to the fires. Please use caution from Oregon Mountain to Crescent City, California. Total personnel - 754 under command of a California IMT with Mark Nunez as Incident Commander. 

NICKOWITZ FIRE: 6,881 acres, 55 percent contained. The fire is burning on the Six Rivers National Forest 15 miles west of Soames Bar. The fire is burning in timber and brush. Minimal fire activity today with smoldering, creeping, and backing. The Nickowitz Fire is the largest of four fires on the Orleans Ranger District of the Six Rivers National Forest. No new information off the fire again today as command transitioned from an IMT 1 who has public information officers releasing daily information back to the local office which might or might not release information. We do know that the fire was hit with rainfall again last night, and this morning. This continues to suppress fire activity. Fire fighters will press this advantage to attack the fire directly and build more fire line in areas where they might not have been able to without the change in the weather. A really good sign came out this morning in the NIFC situation report that showed 120 fire fighters and other personnel have been released off this fire in the last 24 hours. A great sign indeed. Please remember that there is a temporary forest closure in place around the Nicowitz fire including a portion of the Siskiyou Wilderness. All roads and trails within the closure area will be restricted to authorized personnel only until the fire is declared out. Total personnel - 153 under the command of the local office.


Rainfall for the 24 hours ending at Midnight last night: 0.03

For the month of August the rainfall total is 0.04. This is 0.33 below average for the date. Normal rainfall in August for Medford is 0.50 inches. 

For the Calendar year: 7.44 inches of rainfall. Normal rainfall in Medford for a calendar year is 18.78 inches. We are 2.64 inches below average for the calendar year to date. 

For the water year since October 1: 14.32 inches. This is 3.43 inches below average to the date. 

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has re opened the Rogue River to fishing for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and trout along the entire length of the river after boosting flows out of Lost Creek Reservoir. 

ODF&W made the decision to allow angling after 2 pm due to an increase of flows out of Lost Creek Reservoir which was done to help incoming Fall Chinook Salmon in the river. Flows were increased to 1750 cubic feet per second on Thursday the 13th after ODF&W biologists determined that fall chinooks were attempting to move upriver. This increased flows in the entirety of the river, and at the same time also sends cooler water downstream. That cooler water is the key. It will drop temperatures enough to keep the waters from reaching the point where heat stress is a concern. Water temps had been reaching 75 degrees or higher in the middle and lower parts of the river. The flow increase should knock those down into the lower 60s which is within the acceptable limits. Do not however look for this to kick start fishing success which has been dreadful for weeks now for the middle and lower sections. Fishing in the Rogue will still be best in the upper section from Shady Cove on up, and down in the bay where salmon continue to keg up.

The lifting of the closure is only for the Rogue River. All other rivers and streams in Oregon continue to be under the emergency closure order. This means that fishing will still close daily at 2 pm until one hour before sunrise the next day on all other streams and rivers. That includes feeders into the Rogue like the Applegate and Illinois Rivers and the various creeks. 

Click here to the link to the ODF&W website on the matter.


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ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was useful on wildland fires he worked in Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments, and also for private wildland fire fighting companies on fire related matters.


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