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FORECAST FOR 7/2/2015 

Mostly sunny and very hot. A slight chance for an afternoon and evening thunderstorm in Northern California and east of the Cascades. Highs will be 106 - 110 for the valleys, with 90s to near 100 in the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be in the mid 70s for the valleys, and in the 60s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. 


Temperatures will be 105 - 110 for the inland valleys of Southwest Oregon and Northern California from today through Friday. In the Klamath River Valley of Northern California, highs could reach 112 in this time period. For the mountains and east of the Cascades, expect 90s to low 100s. Saturday will see highs of 102 - 106 for the valleys, with 90s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. The coastal areas will once again be the only place offering real relief from this heat. With all the outdoor activities planned for the 4th of July, use extreme caution! 

Use your hot weather precautions. Drink plenty of water. Avoid sugary sodas, caffeinated beverages, and alcoholic beverages. Wear loose, light colored clothing. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun between Noon and 7 pm. Tough to do at parades and other 4th of July activities. Seek shade where possible. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities. Use personal fans or misters. Keep an eye on children and the elderly. Never leave kids or pets in cars in heat like this. Lethal conditions for them in vehicles can develop in just minutes. Much faster than you think. If your home does not have air conditioning, use fans with containers of ice in front of them. Soak towels or clothing in ice water. Strain the water out and wear the damp cool items. Take cold showers or baths. Always check on elderly neighbors. They are very prone to becoming victims of heat waves. Heat is a real killer.......treat it with great caution.

Rogueweather followers helped the National Weather Service in Medford document just the second tornado ever in Douglas County. See that story down below in the "In the News" section.

Need the forecast for the next week? Get it here on the Line X of Southern Oregon Weekly forecast page!


The heat goes on....but good news is in sight. There will be an end to the really unusual heat come next week. But first. We saw record highs across the area yesterday. Medford, Mt. Shasta City, Klamath Falls, and Alturas all set or tied records. Medford's 108 degrees tied the record set back in 1942, and was the hottest day we have seen since we recorded a temp of 109 on July 29th, 2009. If the trend the last couple of days holds, then today will likely be pushing 110 in Medford. For the last three days the high temp for the date in Medford has been 2 - 3 degrees hotter than forecast. Yesterday was a great example. We were forecast for 106 in Medford and hit 108. This is also illustrative of why I tend to not forecast a specific number for highs and lows. There is going to be some variability. Today should be the last day of very hot conditions across the region. Friday will see our temperatures begin to gradually fall. It will be by 2 - 3 degrees per day, but by next Wednesday we will be back down to the low to mid 90s. Now that will still be above average for us.....but much more comfortable than the 107 - 110 degree temps we saw yesterday and will see again today. So now we know there is an end to the heat wave in sight. 

The next concern to address is the thunderstorm potential. This morning that has changed too. We are going to be caught on the northern edge of a low that is triggering storms in California including some of the valley areas. With the set up we are going to see, the chance for storms is going to be mostly over Northern California. Here in Southern Oregon we could see isolated storms pop over the Cascades and east of them. But, this is not looking to become widespread activity over us at all in Southern Oregon. We could see storms become more widespread over Northern California as we move towards the weekend. If we are going to see any storms in the Rogue Valley, then the best chance for that looks to be Saturday night. This means we could have fireworks of the natural kind to augment the explosive kind. 

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BUNKER HILL COMPLEX: Douglas County near LeMolo Reservoir. The main fire in the complex is the Bunker Fire at 388 acres at last report, 65 percent contained. The estimated containment date is the 6th. The fires are burning in thick timber. Active fire behavior yesterday within the perimeter with isolated torching and backing on the Bunker Fire. Minimal fire behavior on the 7 smaller fires. The complex is burning on the Umpqua National Forest. An Oregon IMT II under the command Applegate Fire District Chief Brett Fillis is in command of the complex. Fire fighters continue to be plagued by access issues as they are battling terrain, thick growth, and many snags that create hazards at the Bunker Fire. Bulldozers are being used to improve access and build fire line at the Bunker Fire. The seven smaller fires are all fully contained and will be in patrol mode. Only the Bunker Fire is presenting a challenge at this time. Progress continued to be made yesterday with fire fighters gaining even more on the fire. They did execute more burnout operations which accounted for the growth of the fire. Containment is up to 65 percent now. In addition they finished getting a scratch line in around the fire. Fire fighters also got hoses set up to attack the hottest portions of the fire. Helicopters are also assisting with the effort. A big plume of smoke came off the fire yesterday, but that was a combination of the burnout and also increased activity by the fire inside the lines. No unchecked growth was seen. Some type 1 hot shot crews were released to other fires in Central and Eastern Oregon. With the progress they are making, full containment by the target date of Monday the 6th looks very realistic. A temporary flight restriction zone is now up for the fires in the complex area. An area closure has been established for the fire. Here is link to show you the closure area....... . Resources committed: Hand Crews - 12, engines - 10, helicopters - 5. Do also know that water tenders, and bulldozers are being used. But, do not have count on either at this time. Air tankers available on request. Total personnel - 303

SUGAR LOAF: Grant County near Dayville. Fire is burning on BLM lands. 5057 acres, 65 percent contained. Fire is burning in timber, brush, and grass. Active fire behavior yesterday with single tree torching in the fire perimeter. An IMT I has command of the fire, and also has command of the nearby Corner Creek and Blue Basin fires. This fire was started by lightning. Structures are threatened, and an outbuilding has been destroyed. Fire fighters gained more ground on the fire as winds stayed favorable for them. Most of the serious fire activity occurred within the perimeter. Burnouts were executed to help shore up line building and as a result, the containment percentage increased substantially. Winds will be key again for overall success. If they stay low, fire fighters can make progress. If they come up, the fire will be prone to making big runs. Air attack is being provided by helicopters. Resource commitment: Hand crews - 13, engines - 17, and also water tenders and bulldozers. Total personnel - 408

CORNER CREEK: Grant County near Dayville. The fire is burning on the Ochoco National Forest. 7500 acres at zero percent contained. The fire is burning in timber, brush, and grass. Extreme fire behavior yesterday with crowning, uphill runs, and spotting. The IMT at the Sugar Loaf Fire has command of the fire. Fire was started by lightning. Structures are threatened by this fire. The fire roared to life driven by winds. Fire is moving rapidly giving crews on the ground little opportunity to directly attack it. The fire was hit from the air by a DC 10 Very Large Air Tanker flying out of Medford. Resources assigned to the fire include hand crews, engines, water tenders, helicopters, and air tankers flying out of both Redmond, and Medford. Additional resources are being called for. Some type I hot shot crews that had been working the Bunker Hill Complex in Douglas County were reassigned to this fire. Total personnel - 168

LESLIE GULCH: Malheur County near Arock. Fire is burning on BLM lands. 8688 acres at 70 percent containment. The fire is burning in grass, sage, and juniper. Active fire behavior yesterday. The local office has command of the fire. Fire was started by lightning. This fire is a big grass fire. If winds are on it, expect rapid growth. The size of the fire was reduced after mapping by IR last night. Air tankers dropped retardant on the fire yesterday to slow growth, and also for back up to burnouts. Burnouts were successfully conducted to stop the overall growth of the fire. Fire fighters should have the upper hand here provided winds remain favorable. Resources committed; hand crews - 3, engines - 18, water tenders, and 3 helicopters.  Total personnel - 165

JONES CANYON: Grant County near Monument. Fire is burning on BLM lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry. 840 acres at 40 percent containment. The fire is burning in timber, brush, and grass. Moderate fire behavior yesterday with isolated torching, backing, and creeping. The local office has command of the fire. Fire was started by lightning. Structures are threatened by the fire. Fire fighters had favorable conditions to work with. The fire is 100 percent lined now, with crews continuing to work on re enforcing the lines for full containment. Resources committed include; hand crews - 12, engines - 10, and also water tenders, bulldozers, and helicopters. Single Engine Air Tankers also attacked the fire. Total personnel - 316

CANDY KID:  Malheur County near Drewsy. Fire is burning on BLM lands. 462 acres at 70 percent containment. The fire is burning in brush and tall grass. Miminal fire behavior seen yesterday. The local office has command of the fire. Fire was started by lightning. As long as wind does not become an issue, it looks like things are going well here. Fire fighters made outstanding progress yesterday getting the fire fully lined. It looks like containment may happen as soon as tomorrow. Resources committed include; hand crews - 1, engines - 7, and water tenders. A helicopter is also assigned. Total personnel - 47

BLUE BASIN - Final report: Grant County near Dayville. Fire is burning on BLM lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry. 317 acres at 95 percent containment. The fire is burning in timber, brush, and grass. Minimal fire behavior yesterday with smoldering and creeping. The IMT at the Sugar Loaf Fire has command of the fire. Fire was started by lightning. Structures are threatened by this fire. Initial attack on this fire was very effective and winds were lower allowing progress to be made. Fire fighters have fully lined this fire and are mopping up the remaining hot spots on this one today. No further growth is expected. 

JACA RESERVOIR - Final Report: Malheur County near Arock. The fire was fully contained last night at 8 pm. It's final size was 13, 460 acres. The fire was started by lightning. 

HARPER COMPLEX - Final report: Grant County near John Day. The fires in the complex were fully contained yesterday. The complex burned 442.5 acres total. The fires were started by lightning. 


No major uncontained fires in the Northern California area at this time


Rainfall for the 24 hours ending at Midnight last night: 0.00

For the month of July the rainfall total is 0.00. This is 0.01 inches below normal for the date. Normal rainfall in July for Medford is 0.34 inches. 

For the Calendar year: 7.14 inches of rainfall. Normal rainfall in Medford for a calendar year is 18.75 inches. We are 2.31 inches below average for the calendar year to date. 

For the water year since October 1: 13.99 inches. This is 3.11 inches below average to the date. 

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I had multiple reports from eyewitnesses that a small tornado hit Glendale in southern Douglas County at 12:55 pm on April 13th. I even got photos of damage to a home there. I believed at that time that likely what had hit was a landspout. Landspouts are rotating vortexes, and many consider them tornadoes. I sent the eyewitness reports and the photos to NWS Medford for further analysis. NWS Medford did very detailed analysis of what I submitted, along with what happened at 12:55 PM on the radar and satellite images to see what they could determine.

I was informed by Ryan Sandler the Warning Coordinator for the National Weather Service here in Medford that the NWS is going to classify this event as a Gustnado. Gustnadoes are also rotating vortexes that can do damage. In this case equal to an EF 0 tornado. Now, because it is being classified as a tornadic event, it is going in the record book as a tornado, making it just the second tornado ever documented in Douglas County!

Much love to you Rogueweather Family! You people are just the best. Keep sending me your weather reports and photos. Who knows, in the future YOU may be the one who helps makes a significant historical report. Congratulations to Jennifer Miller, and to Debbie McBride Edington! Because of your reports and Debbie your photos, we were able to provide NWS with what they needed to determine what had happened here.


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ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was useful on wildland fires he worked in Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments, and also for private wildland fire fighting companies on fire related matters.


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